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Siberia's "Portal to the Underworld" -- Clues to the Global History of Earth's Climate

StarTalk Radio --Neil deGrasse Tyson: "There Might Be More of Our Universe Beyond the Known Horizon"




Fasten your interstellar seatbelt and flip your brain into overdrive. Neil deGrasse Tyson and co-host Godfrey are here to answer fan-submitted Cosmic Queries on the fabric of spacetime. Explore the edge of the known universe and whether there might be more unknown universe waiting beyond the horizon.

You’ll learn about the fascinating theory describing our universe as a 3-D holographic projection of another higher-dimensioned reality. You’ll hear why dark matter could be “gravitational bleeding” from another dimension and how it’s possible that the study of dark matter and dark energy will unlock the secrets to traveling backwards in time. Investigate the connections between dark matter, Newtonian physics, and Occam’s razor.


Neil also explains why the curvature of space is hard for us to see given that we are embedded in space itself. Find out about the Fermi paradox and the idea that extraterrestrial life might have already visited Earth and deemed life unintelligent. Discover more about Sir Isaac Newton: the problems Neil would ask him to solve today, how he invented calculus on a dare, and why Godfrey thinks he might be annoying to talk to in the modern era. All this, plus, a fan asks Neil, “How many physicists does it take to change a light bulb?” and his response is something you will not want to miss.



So space is curved again? Curious.

It annoys me when learned people speak of "The Universe". It is a symptom of our inflated hurbris to think that we, at this primitive stage in our evolution, can state that what we perceive around us is "The Universe".

With nothing more than the principle of Occam's Razor to support my claim, it is my opinion that the universe is infinite. And that given our present primitive state we have a limited ability to differentiate between what is real and what is perceived.

The Big Bang is just a convenient interpretation of so-called "facts" that matches our flawed perception of what is real. When scientists currently refer to the “big bang”, and the beginning of the existence of “everything” they should explain that they are talking about just the limited universe that we see around us.

It is most likely that the TOTAL universe has always existed and will continue to exist for an infinity of time. And that there are an unending number of “universes”, all in their turn experiencing their own "big bang" moment. Our solar system, our Milky Way, our galaxy, our “universe” all exist in an infinite soup of “universes”, just a mote, in time without end.

We are but a primitive species, trying our simple best to understand the little bubble that surrounds us. So, let’s stop talking about “the universe” and substitute “our local universe". How about it?

Charles O. Slavens

I believe that there is positively more beyond our known universe. It does not matter how powerful future instruments will grow, these will continue looking into more and more distant galaxies and celestial objects. I also believe that our current universe is not one, but several physical universes crashing into one another, passing thru, mingling, making it appears as though our universe is one and expanding in all directions. Also, I believe that dark matter and energy do not exist, contrary to what this new theory purports as unknown and mysterious matter . Soon it will be accepted that, the missing matter unaccounted for, is simply made up of celestial objects, that is, galaxies, black holes, stars, planets, etc., which science has not been able to detect so far. Also, almost every visible or not visible star in galaxies or intergalactic void has planetary systems, just like our local star has.

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