Chinese Scientists Have Restored Cells of the Woolly Mammoth --"Disappeared After Ice Age 4,000 Years Ago"
"The Hole in the Universe" --Relic of the Big Bang

Daily Galaxy Twitter Followers Soar Above 390,000




Join the 399,000 Daily Galaxy fans around the world who follow us via their Twitter page. Our followers include many of the planet's leading astronomers and scientists, astronauts, space observatories, news organizations, universities and governmental space organizations such as NASA, JPL, Goddard Space Flight Center, ESO, SETI, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) and Royal Astronomy Society members as well as celebrities Mia Farrow, musican David Crosby, and Star Trek's William Shatner. Follow us daily at


If they bought followers at a reputable place like Mohr Publicity, their pages will do well. Other promotions are not as good IMHO

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