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Until now, scientists assumed that a dense region of the universe is pulling us toward it, in the same way that gravity made Newton's apple fall to earth. The initial "prime suspect" was called the Great Attractor, a region of a half dozen rich clusters of galaxies 150 million lightyears from the Milky Way. Soon after, attention was drawn to an area of more than two dozen rich clusters, called the Shapley Concentration (image above), which sits 600 million lightyears beyond the Great Attractor, which is not an object but a instead point in the center of the supercluster of galaxies in which our Milky Way exists.

Although we can't feel it, we're in constant motion: the earth spins on its axis at about 1,600 km/h; it orbits around the sun at about 100,000 km/h; the sun orbits our Milky Way galaxy at about 850,000 km/h; and the Milky Way galaxy and its companion galaxy Andromeda are moving with respect to the expanding universe at roughly 2 million km/h (630 km per second). But what is propelling the Milky Way's race through space?




Exciting new research shows that our galaxy is not only being pulled, but also pushed. In a new study in the forthcoming issue of Nature Astronomy, researchers describe a previously unknown, very large region in our extragalactic neighborhood. Largely devoid of galaxies, this void exerts a repelling force on our Local Group of galaxies.

"By 3-d mapping the flow of galaxies through space, we found that our Milky Way galaxy is speeding away from a large, previously unidentified region of low density. Because it repels rather than attracts, we call this region the Dipole Repeller," said Prof. Yehuda Hoffman. "In addition to being pulled towards the known Shapley Concentration, we are also being pushed away from the newly discovered Dipole Repeller. Thus it has become apparent that push and pull are of comparable importance at our location."

"We live in a universe that is expanding and has been ever since the Big Bang," Hoffman explains. The basic theory of cosmology states that to a very good approximation the universe is uniform - the same everywhere - a perfect symmetry.
If everything were uniformly dense, there would be nothing to cause a galaxy to deviate from its original trajectory and speed, Hoffman says.  "But, the universe is not homogenous. It is not uniform in the distribution of material: some areas are denser, more crowded with material and galaxies. Some areas are emptier relative to the mean density of the universe. Nor do all galaxies move at the same speed. Some deviate from the speed that would have resulted from a uniform universe."

The Milky Way is moving at 2.3 million kilometers an hour in respect to the expanding universe. "Effectively, if all directions are pulling hard but from one direction, there is only a weak gravitational force, it behaves relatively like a repellent," Hoffman explains. Ergo, the great Dipole Repeller that the team found is actually a region pulling more weakly relative to two dense areas powerfully pulling the Milky Way and a host of other galaxies, which have been dubbed the "Great Attractor" and the "Shapley Concentration." 



The presence of such a low density region has been suggested previously, but confirming the absence of galaxies by observation has proved challenging. But in this new study, Hoffman, at the Hebrew university's Racah Institutes of Physics, working with colleagues in the USA and France, tried a different approach.
Using powerful telescopes, among them the Hubble Space Telescope, they constructed a 3-dimensional map of the galaxy flow field.

Flows are direct responses to the distribution of matter, away from regions that are relatively empty and toward regions of mass concentration; the large scale structure of the universe is encoded in the low field of galaxies.

They studied the peculiar velocities - those in excess of the Universe's rate of expansion - of galaxies around the Milky Way, combining different datasets of peculiar velocities with a rigorous statistical analysis of their properties. They thereby inferred the underlying mass distribution that consists of dark matter and luminous galaxies—over-dense regions that attract and under-dense ones that repel.

By identifying the Dipole Repeller, the researchers were able to reconcile both the direction of the Milky Way's motion and its magnitude. They expect that future ultra-sensitive surveys at optical, near-infrared and radio wavelengths will directly identify the few galaxies expected to lie in this void, and directly confirm the void associated with the Dipole Repeller.

The Daily Galaxy via Hebrew University of Jerusalem and nature.com


What kind of object would be giving off such a strong anti-gravity force? I would be wary of this guy
Hoffman. It is far to easy to say that there is another attractor from another angle that causes the galaxy to move the way that it does.

All the bodies in space have some electromagnetism, all have a magnetic field with a south pole and a north pole, if we add electromagnetic points their charges add up, the larger the body the bigger the charge, and a very large body can Generate more magnetism than a smaller one, all galaxies are large Spins that generate magnetism, as all galaxies turn to the same side, the polarity that is generated is the same, and in magnetism, different poles are attracted and poles are equal They reject, and that causes the galaxies to reject one another, this we call Gravity.

The universe was born spinning and continues to make it around a preferred axis, is the bold conclusion of the physicists of the United States who have studied the rotation of more than 15,000 galaxies. While most cosmological theories have suggested that, on a large scale, the universe is the same in all directions, these recent findings suggest that the primitive universe was born revolving around a specific axis. If correct, this also means that the universe does not have mirror symmetry, but rather has a right or left hand

When the earth was in formation billions of years ago, its size was not the one it has nowadays, it could be like the moon, or smaller, the gravity of the earth at that moment was much lower than the one we have Nowadays, as Gravity’s force was lower than the one we experience today, living beings of the time were reptiles floating, that low gravity made these reptiles grow enormously and in turn their enormous weight kept them subject to The earth, was the time of the great dinosaurs, it was at this time in our history that many small reptiles that glided floating aimlessly felt the need to have a control over their direction, and that was where the rudimentary wings began to appear, Those first wings were heavy and very cortical, they helped to direct and perhaps to plan, many reptiles could plan, but as the earth became bigger, Gravity became stronger and the rustic wings of our first living beings had what to change. They grew bigger, the bones of those wings were hollowed out, an adaptation was formed for the new Gravity that was making the bodies heavier, the feathers appeared and some succeeded in being able to remain in the air and became birds and Others who could not fly became mammals doomed to roam the surface of the earth.

They do not seem to want to put them together but this great repeller and great ATTRACTOR when put together bring only one thing to my mind, that when you look at the lines or veins if you will they look like electric lines, they also resemble the veins in a plant, which has been proven is electricity, repeller and attractor sound like magnetism which can only exist in an electric field Oester 1820, they can not tell you that though because that implies the universe is electric. Which Velikovsky has proven. He finally got Einstein on his side but sadly Einstein died. The standard model won't go there because they know the ramifications of that. It will put them and all their fairytales to bed for good. Which will happen eventually. It took 2 generations for the Ptolemaic system to finally be put down due to the scientists of the day pushing back, not the church who gets the blame. It is the same thing here, See Halton C. Arp Wal Thornhill, Immanuel Velikovsky.

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