News Alert --Today's NASA & Space Headlines
Exotic Double-Ring Galaxy Unlike Any Observed Before --"Blue Ring Around an Ancient Red Core"

NASA's 2016 Rewind --"Observations, Discoveries and Milestones" (VIEW VIDEO)




NASA Goddard's rewind is just a small sampling of the center's highlights and memorable moments, including their first asteroid sampling mission when they launched OSIRIS-REx into space, Operation IceBridge measuring the Antarctic ice for the eighth year in a row, Hubble helping us confirm that the observable universe contains 10 times more galaxies than we previously thought, and finally, mapping the gravity field of Mars (humanity’s possible future home shown above). Plus, NASA finished building the James Web Space Telescope, which is set to launch in 2018 and search for life on other planets.


Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/Clare Skelly, Jenny Hottle and Rebecca Roth

Music, Illuminating via Killertracks.

The Daily Galaxy via


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