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China Probing Spacetime in Tibet's Himalayas --Constructing What Could Become the World's Top Gravitational-Wave-Telescope Complex




China constructing world's highest altitude gravitational-wave observatory in Tibet, 5,250 meters above sea level near the Line of Actual Control with India which will help Beijing gather data on primordial gravitational waves in the Northern Hemisphere. Yao Yongqiang chief researcher with the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said the telescope has been code-named Ngari No 1. The second phase will have a series of telescopes placed about 6,000 meters above sea level. The first telescope is expected to be running by 2021.

Yao said the Ngari observatory will be among the world's top primordial gravitational wave observation bases, alongside the South Pole Telescope and the facility in Chile's Atacama Desert. Ngari is a vast barren plateau and renowned as the Roof of Tibet. Ngari is a holy pilgrimage destination of both Tibetans and Hindus.

With its high altitude, clear sky and minimal human activity Ngari is said to be one of the world's best spots to detect the ripples in spacetime in cosmic light. Yao said the Ngari observatory will be among the world's top primordial gravitational wave observation bases, alongside the South Pole Telescope and the facility in Chile's Atacama Desert.

The project was initiated by the Institute of High Energy Physics, National Astronomical Observatories, and Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology.

Gravitational waves, first predicted by Albert Einstein in 1916, are ripples in the curvature of space-time, which is the very fabric of the universe. These waves are actual physical ripples that move away from each other and closer together, thus stretching and squeezing the space they exist in.

However, it was only in February 2016 that Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory scientists established the existence of gravitational waves with their first detection.

The discovery of ripples in space-time — gravitational waves — shook the scientific world this year," Science reporter Adrian Cho wrote in an article about LIGO explaining why the research earned the Science magazine's top honor. "But instead of the end of the story, scientists see the discovery as the birth of a new field: gravitational wave astronomy."

Science magazine bestowed its 2016 Breakthrough of the Year Award upon the collaboration of scientists who built and operate the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO), the journal announced today (Dec. 22). This is one of many awards and recognitions that the collaboration and its scientists have already won.



“When we get this new window on the universe, history and experience has shown us that we find something totally different, something totally unexpected," said Perimeter Institute for Theorectical Physics faculty member, Avery Broderick. "This has happened over and over again in astronomy, where we’ve opened up windows in the X-ray and the radio, and we see a totally different universe,” Broderick said. “I would be shocked if we don’t see the same thing when we look with gravitational eyes, and see the gravitational wave universe as totally different. This is going to be absolutely critical to understanding how the dark universe and the light universe fit together.”

The Daily Galaxy via ptinews.com and ndtv.com



Gravity is not caused by mass / matter or by space time. Gravity is caused by the 'shell-'electrons of atoms and speed of the atom in universe. These 'shell'-electrons generate: a) gravity, b) 2 physically forces and c) 2 chemically forces.
For gravity see documents E3 and E3-1 (figures) www.uiterwijkwinkel.eu . Gravity has nothing to do with Einsteins spacetime. For the periodic tabel and other forces document F1d.

If You add a factor cos a to the gravitational formulas of Newton and Einstein the universe contains 4 - 6 x more gravity and thus 4 - 6 x more mass / matter and kinetic energy. Then the problem with 'dark' matter is solved completely and most of the 'dark'energy. The rest of the missing energy is gravitational energy!

Gravity show no waves and moves with infinitive speed through the universe. Gravitional energy however manifest as waves and these waves passes only through matter. Gravitational energy manifest as waves limited with the speed of light!
So LIGO didn't measured waves of gravity but only skock-waves of gravitational energy!

Advise: first have a good explanation of gravitaty before you spend a lot of money.

Also have a look at the energy-neutral cycle of the universe in 29 phases! Documents G7 and G8.

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