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Today's "Galaxy" Stream --The Story So Far: Intelligent Life Beyond Earth (VIEW)


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One question rises above all others when it comes to our place in a vast and ancient Universe, 'Are we alone?' With a billion habitable locations in the Milky Way galaxy, and more than ten billion years for biological experiments to play out, a search for intelligent life beyond Earth is well-motivated. Unfortunately, the single example of life on Earth gives no clear indication of whether intelligence is an inevitable or an extremely rare consequence of biological evolution.




Chris Impey, University of Arizona, Distinguished Professor, Astronomy takes us on a fascinating tour of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, or SETI, is more appropriately called the search for extraterrestrial technology. So far, the search for intelligent aliens by their electromagnetic communication has met with half a century of stony silence. It's challenging to define life, and even more difficult to make general definitions of intelligence and technology. We'll look at the premises and assumptions involved in the search, the strategies used, and the profound consequences of making contact.


The search is "well motivated"?? Only if you're logically inept and numerically incompetent. I agree that the search for extra-solar LIFE is justified (to a modest extent), but the search for technologically intelligent life is motivated by nothing more than delusional thinking.

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