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ESO's "Band Five" --Faint Radio Signals of Water Can Now Be Detected in Remote Regions of the Universe

Today's "Galaxy" Stream --The Strange, Unsolved Case of the Alien Megastar (VIEW)




Penn State and UC Berkeley astronomer Jason Wright has been fixed on solving the enduring mystery of star KIC 846285 (but informally called "Tabby's Star" or "Boyajian's Star") located deep in an outer spiral arm of our Milky Way galaxy, some 1,480 light-years from Earth. This strange object is acting in ways the world's astronomy community has never seen before, defying all known explanations. At random intervals, its light dims by as much as 22 percent, and appears to have gotten dramatically darker over the past century.

Wright has pointed out that these light patterns are similar to what we might expect if aliens built a Dyson Sphere, a megastructure around the star to harvest its energy. But the mystery persists as the search for natural explanations intensify.

Since August 2016, Wright has rounded up and analyzed some of the most common explanations from being an artifact of the instruments, to a solar system cloud, a comet swarm, the interstellar medium or Bok globules, to black holes. Read all of Wright's possible scenarios in at his  blog, AstroWright

The image at the top of the page is an artist’s impression of a Dyson Swarm (Dyson Sphere) – a megastructure made by a super-advanced civilization that completely surrounds a star and harnesses its power, proposed by Princeton physicist Freeman Dyson.



If the alleged aliens had the tech to build a Dyson Sphere, surely they'd be able to send out radio (or laser) signals for SETI.

Oh please stop it with this Star Trek fantasy crap.

Well, maybe the chatty aliens get cleaned up, and only the taciturn remain...

Even Dyson views a solar system sized, mega-construct as a personal whimsy he mostly regrets being labeled with his name. time passes, the concept of attenuating starlight as a signaling mode seems very reasonable. As for Tabby's Star (Kepler 8462852), apart from its production mode, the nature (shape, frequency, etc) of its starlight might be analyzed from a linguist's perspective by first assuming the star's variations in signal result from intelligent manipulations. Then modern linguistic analysis tools might be applied, especially transform theory and analyzing for language-entropic characteristics and especially Zipf's Law mapping.

I thought that we were done with #FakeNews because the story we're supposed to believe is that it led to her losing the election. And now we get this.

The Russians are making it blink.

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