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China's Largest Telescope Sights an Asteroid Approaching Earth




The telescope at China's Purple Mountain Observatory in Nanjing has captured images of an asteroid approaching Earth. The asteroid, coded as 2009ES by the Minor Planet Center (MPC), was observed Wednesday night. This is the first time that a telescope in China has captured images of the asteroid, one of 1,640 minor bodies listed by MPC that could have a close encounter with the Earth.

Scientists estimate that should an asteroid measuring 10,000 meters collide with Earth, the impact would equal the explosion capacity of 3 billion atomic bombs. Astronomers widely believe that such an asteroid hit the Earth 65 million years ago, wiping out the dinosaurs.

The observatory's 1.2-meter Schmit is the largest telescope of its kind in Asia.
The observatory was notified by MPC on Sept. 5 to observe the asteroid. It passed Earth within a range 18.8 times of the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

Zhao Haibin with the observatory said minor planets' trajectories could be changed by stellar attraction from planets such as Mars. Continuous observation is needed to keep track of any changes.

"With the help of our images, astronomers across the globe have a more accurate moving trajectory of the asteroid," he said. Previously, eight other telescopes around the world had captured images of the asteroid.

The Daily Galaxy via Chinese Academy of Science and Xinhua 

Image credit: eaae-astronomy.org


"trajectories could be changed by stellar attraction from planets such as Mars" is not too likely, but gravitational attraction probably will do something, be it ever so minor depending up the asteroids proximity to an outer planet.

What do we know about the asteroid:
its name 2009ES
its closest distance to earth: 7 million km (some 20 times the distance earth-moon)
no estimated size.
- So where is the news.

"should an asteroid measuring 10,000 meters collide with Earth..."

but this asteroid's diameter is estimated to be 220 meters*.
So this is at best misleading. And, why didn't you give us the calculations for a 220 meter impact? That would have given this article something, at least.

* http://smallbodies.ru/en/asteroids/info/general/2009_ES/

Its a hard won ton type asteroid, soft hard interior, harder outer shell.

So if this sucker passes Sept 5 why post this on Sept 9? Also Sept 5th passer was 2016 RBI

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*The Atlantic Ocean*,
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_The Book Of Revelation, Chapter 18 verse 21_

and,,,,, when did they say it might arrive???


This is just a NEO like many others, I'm not sure why it has hit the news - seems to be rather random whether this happens or not. It is just a photograph by a not very large telescope 1.2 meters in diameter. Large compared to most amateur instruments but small compared to the largest optical telescopes of the professional astronomers in Hawaii and South America. Amateurs and professionals world wide constantly photograph and track asteroids.

Anyway - yes it's true that asteroids are deflected by Mars and other planets - but that part of their trajectory is easy to calculate for thousands of years into the future. The harder part to calculate is the effect of the solar wind, and of any outgassing ice in the case of comets, and the effect of sunlight warming up the day side and radiating thermal energy from the night side as it rotates - a tiny effect but over long periods of time can change its orbit.

These things can change an orbit very slightly. After a long enough observation arc you can work out how strong all those components are and get a more accurate prediction of its trajectory. You also need lots of observations just to deal with experimental error and the limited resolution of the telescopes.

But if an asteroid is predicted to miss Earth by hundreds of thousands of kilometers, or more usually, by millions of kilometers, these tiny effects are not going to change that into a hit. They just swerve it very slightly so only matter if it's going to do a very close flyby of Earth or if it goes through a "gravitational keyhole" which might set it up for an encounter with Earth next time around a few years or a decade or so into the future.

This object's closest approach is on 18th October 2018 when it passes at just short of twice the distance to the Moon and this distance is narrowly constrained to between 684,100 and 684,500 km - distance to the Moon is 384,400 km


This asteroid is not any different from the numerous other ones or in any way hazardous through to 2200 at least (that's how far they have projected it's orbit into the future in the NEO tables).

No, no... and no. This one is well documented. It poses no threat. Please don't step in stupid here.

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