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"Both the planet we live on and the star we orbit are made up of 'normal' matter," said Tanmay Vachaspati a theoretical physicist at Arizona State University working at the intersections of particle physics, astrophysics, general relativity, and cosmology. "Although it features in many science fiction stories, antimatter seems to be incredibly rare in nature. With this new result, we have one of the first hints that we might be able to solve this mystery."

The discovery of a 'left-handed' magnetic field that pervades the universe could help explain a long standing mystery – the absence of cosmic antimatter. Planets, stars, gas and dust are almost entirely made up of 'normal' matter of the kind we are familiar with on Earth. But theory predicts that there should be a similar amount of antimatter, like normal matter, but with the opposite charge. For example, an antielectron (called a positron) has the same mass as its conventional counterpart, but a positive rather than negative charge.

In 2001 Vachaspati published theoretical models to try to solve this puzzle, which predict that the entire universe is filled with helical (screw-like) magnetic fields. He and his team were inspired to search for evidence of these fields in data from the NASA Fermi Gamma ray Space Telescope (FGST). Vachaspati has written extensively on cosmic strings, magnetic monopoles, black holes, and cosmological magnetic fields, and has authored the monograph "Kinks and Domain Walls: an introduction to classical and quantum solitons". He was a Rosenbaum Fellow at the Isaac Newton Institute in Cambridge, a Member of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, and is a Fellow of the American Physical Society.

In 2015, a group of scientists, led by Vachaspati, with collaborators at the University of Washington and Nagoya University, announce their result in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

FGST, launched in 2008, observes gamma rays (electromagnetic radiation with a shorter wavelength than X-rays) from very distant sources, such as the supermassive black holes found in many large galaxies. The gamma rays are sensitive to effect of the magnetic field they travel through on their long journey to the Earth. If the field is helical, it will imprint a spiral pattern on the distribution of gamma rays.

Vachaspati and his team see exactly this effect in the FGST data, allowing them to not only detect the magnetic field but also to measure its properties. The data shows not only a helical field, but also that there is an excess of left-handedness - a fundamental discovery that for the first time suggests the precise mechanism that led to the absence of antimatter.

For example, mechanisms that occur nanoseconds after the Big Bang, when the Higgs field gave masses to all known particles, predict left-handed fields, while mechanisms based on interactions that occur even earlier predict right-handed fields.

This discovery has wide ramifications, as a cosmological magnetic field could play an important role in the formation of the first stars and could seed the stronger field seen in galaxies and clusters of galaxies in the present day.

The image at the top of the page shows colliding matter and antimatter. Credit: NASA/CXC/M. Weiss

The Daily Galaxy via RAS


It is the presence of these fields that limits light to its known speed, and prevents objects of "mass" to exceed said limit. HOWEVER, in 1986, I proposed a theory of hyper-light speed based on another theory of gravitational/magnetic repulsion/attraction. Then, black holes were theoretical, but understood to have gravitational fields so strong, they could capture even light. Thus proving there existed a force greater than the speed of light, and if light could not escape that gravity field, it allowed for the theory of exceeding light speed.

Imagine a craft that was made of a material (Super conductor ?) or projected a field that prevented it form being subject to universe's gravitational/magnetic fields that limit light to a set speed. Such a craft could potentially exceed the relative speed of light. A gravitational repulsion/attraction field could, in theory, not violate E=MC2 since the constant C is no longer a constant but a variable dependent on the presence or absence of the gravitational/magnetic fields.

Or, similar material or field that constantly fluxed to be in repulsive sync with whatever gravitational field it was in close proximity to would, in essence, allow for anti-gravitational performance. Think superconductor over a magnet.

REMEMBER ONE THING,the entire staff at the UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA are a pack of LIEING government whores,if you trust them,well you've been had........

Arizona, you jest, certainly.

From my May 6, 2016 post here, where I posited asymmetric matter emissions from Black Holes:
"Are 'Dark Stuff' the back-scatter reverberations (dark Energy) and anti-symmetry material (dark matter) leaked back through the Event Horizon. And in this way, does the Event Horizon function as a 2-Dimensional holographic surface whereon all the Black Hole's activities are 'painted'?

Extrapolating further on this model, might gravity-realm spectroscopy reveal additional transforms in a E-M-G realm (a 'Maxwellian' tensor where 'c', the interpreted 'speed' of E/M radiation, is extrapolated to reveal a new equational constant (gravity 'speed limit') that will open new technologies of faster than 'light' (E/M) communication - or even open trans-dimensional and trans-universe communication, whatever is the higher order, neo-Einsteinian-Lorentzian equivalent? (This model also suggests perhaps a truer 'order' of forces than proposed by the Standard Model - inside the Event Horizon, gravity is the ultimate (strongest and perhaps only remaining force) and shortest order force, followed by the usual Standard Model sequence. (Would E-M drop away from the E-M-G tensor equation as gravity dominates? Is what we detect as 'normal' gravity strength, the remnant super-gravity force after being dissipated from supernovae collapses which occur with regularity, throughout the universe?

Interesting, The Gnostic 'Forbidden books' spoke about the 'Left Hand Force',
thousands of years ago.
This Piper Michael guy said the 'Dark' Energy/Aether was the the source of the magnetic field, the Universal Magneto/Gravitic source of hardness in matter.
His Unified Field of God, gets more confirmations every day...

The comments everyone has posted here so far are very confusing, and my nose is so chalked full of what smells like BS wish I would of just stuck to reading the article.

Can someone tell me more about D Lester's claim in his comment "It is the presence of these fields that limits light to its known speed, and prevents objects of 'mass' to exceed said limit" or is everyone just posting their own half-baked theories because they don't like what this article says? I'm not a mathematician but I'm also not new to cosmology. Physicists seem to be puzzled on what makes light loose energy over time - Indeed an unsolved riddle in physics - can't say I've heard of a spiraling EM field as the culprit. Vacuum energy I've heard before.

Also I need help on what role the higgs field plays because I'm not a fan of the Standard Model of Billard Balls to begin with, and it seems they throw that in there when they need an answer:

"For example, mechanisms that occur nanoseconds after the Big Bang, when the Higgs field gave masses to all known particles"


the Higgs field sounds like a God that chose to give Mass to all of his Children the way this is written. Maybe I could use more study on the higgs field but every time I study I come away thinking that the higgs field means "Don't ask or try to understand or you'll be shot". They discovered "It", say It is responsible for mass and It will get angry if you ask WTF anyone is talking about on the subject. I think the idea of a grav field, em field, et etc layed on top of each other is unnecessarily complicated. Aren't all particles and "fields" they interact with, in the long run just energy at different levels? Why can't physicists understand that there near infinite amount of fields because you can put energy at any level in set increments up to a point. My view has been that they are making a mistake with the standard model and seeing particles and fields, when particles and fields are just a manifestation of energy so it's all the same thing. I'm not saying the SM is incorrect, not at all - I'm saying that it is the framing and interpretation of the discoveries that is leading us to an overly complicated model. And in the end that is leading us to false conclusions, as the SM downplays importance of energy in lue of particles that have an energy, etc. The standard model would make more sense based on energy levels and acknowledge that energies can act like particles, but are never really particles. Einstein taught us matter and energy are the same. So why do particles need fields? particles are waves of energy in and of themselves.

I don't think the physics of Quantum Mechanics make any sense (haha!) in the framework of the Standard Model. Ironic right? Because QM isn't supposed to make sense but it makes perfect sense to me as long as it isn't touched with "color" changes and gravitons.

Basically Gravitons is what nailed it in the coffin for me that the SM is whack.

Or am I the one who is mistaken or have more to learn?

finally getting some serious magnetic love in the academic arena.
Two force universe is all you need to make it work.
will be awesome when they finally abandon all the mental mathturbation they call physics today and return to observational methods.

Oh jolly good. Once again I see the nut-jobs have invaded the comments here at DG.
Go take it elsewhere will you?
Blasted buffoons

I am always excited to see any solid news on Magnetism, especially of these scales & importance.
These are interesting times of discovery indeed.
My dear friends and work colleagues; along with myself, who are currently involved at a certain research institute, are sifting mountains of new wonderful data daily!
DG has some amazing articles to come in the coming months I promise you!

Ps: Blasted buffoons....

Wow, magnetic fields that span the universe....just like what plasma physicist Hannes Alfvén predicted 30+ years ago.....

Non-stupid question:

If there are universe-spanning magnetic fields, and the universe is not a large hunk of iron (permanent magnet), where are the electric currents that MUST be driving the persistent magnetic fields so-observed?

This question needs to be answered.

And if you say "they don't exist," or "they don't need to exist," you clearly don't understand physics / electromagnetism. Go back to Electromagnetism 101.

"...all steady magnetic fields in the Universe are generated by circulating electric currents of some description. Such fields are solenoidal: that is, they never begin or end, and satisfy the field equation

nabla * B = 0

This, incidentally, is the second of Maxwell's equations."

"...steady electric and magnetic fields cannot generate themselves. Instead, they have to be generated by stationary charges and steady currents. So, if we come across a steady electric field we know that if we trace the field-lines back we shall eventually find a charge. Likewise, a steady magnetic field implies that there is a steady current flowing somewhere. All of these results follow from vector field theory (i.e., from the general properties of fields in three-dimensional space), prior to any investigation of electromagnetism. "

"...all magnetic fields encountered in nature are generated by circulating currents. There is no fundamental difference between the fields generated by permanent magnets and those generated by currents flowing around conventional electric circuits. In the former, case the currents which generate the fields circulate on the atomic scale, whereas, in the latter case, the currents circulate on a macroscopic scale (i.e., the scale of the circuit)."

Seemingly, if we live in a universe pervaded at the largest scales by magnetic fields, we must also live in a universe pervaded by electric currents at those same large scales.

This observation / problem isn't going to be hand-waved away...


This appears to be a reference to a year-old RAS article:

Is there any NEW information that prompted this story? If so, what is the source (new paper or article about it), and what exactly is "new" about this?

Or is it just a "slow news day," thus simply regurgitating a year-old story?

I notice a friend posted a reference to my work on the Unified Field of God.
Ok... mr Know it all Physicists?
Where does the energy come from, that powers the Universe?
What if Michelson and Morley's hypothesis was backwards? What if the Aether, was the Source of the Magnetic field, and light is merely the observable wave? We are merely biological sensors.
See my post on The Aether, and understand something... Einstein said that an "imponderable Aether" was necessary for General relativity to function, at all, period, end of sentence.
When combined with the necessity that all things are energy, you arrive at a place you guys refuse to go.
The Standard Model, is simply bullshit, God's Illusion for Materialists.
See the Yin Yang, and see Reality in the 3 Primal forces.

I think Vachaspati's finding: "The gamma rays are sensitive to effect of the magnetic field they travel through on their long journey to the Earth. If the field is helical, it will imprint a spiral pattern on the distribution of gamma rays" is another meaningful evidence.

However, this finding may have nothing to do with antimatter.

GO AWAY you nut jobs.
Your posts look informed until folks follow up your stuff.
Go take it to a conspiracy site please.

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