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"The Totally Unthinkable" --In 2016 CERN's LHC Could Unveil Unknown Dimensions of the Universe




Going beyond the Standard Model would "mean that there is yet another unbelievable idea out there. Something that is totally unthinkable," said CERN senior physicist Paris Sphicas.  In 2016, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)  could unveil whole new dimensions, help explain dark matter and dark energy, of which we have no understanding but which together make up 95 percent of the universe.

Late last year, before CERN shut down its LHC for a technical break, two separate teams of scientists said they had discovered anomalies that could possibly hint at the existence of a mysterious new particle that could prove the existence of extra space-time dimensions, or explain the enigma of dark matter, scientists say.


The high-energy frontier has traditionally had one primary goal, to probe directly any uncharted physics waters. This has translated into the gigantic effort to complete the unobserved elements of the Standard Model of particle physics as well as to search for for signs of physics beyond.These measurements form a solid base from which searches for physics beyond the standard model have been launched. Since the discovery of the Higgs Boson in 2012, searches for supersymmetry and several signatures of possible new exotic physics phenomena have been developed, and new parameter space is being explored.

In 2016, the Large Hadron Collider, the world's most powerful proton smasher, is preparing for its biggest run yet which scientists hope will uncover new particles that could dramatically change our understanding of the Universe. "We are exploring truly fundamental issues, and that's why this run is so exciting," Sphicas told AFP at Europe's physics lab, CERN, last week. "Who knows what we will find," he added, with CERN saying preliminary results from the run could be available in the next few months.

Scientists had been gearing up to resume experiments at the LHC this week, but the plans were delayed after a weasel wandered onto a high-voltage electrical transformer last Friday, causing a short-circuit. CERN told AFP that experiments were now expected to get underway next week.

The LHC, housed in a 27-kilometre (17-mile) tunnel straddling the French-Swiss border, has shaken up physics before. In 2012 it was used to prove the existence of the Higgs Boson -- the long-sought maker of mass -- by crashing high-energy proton beams at velocities near the speed of light. (A proton-lead ion collision, shown below as observed by the LHCb detector during the 2013 data-taking period LHCb/CERN).




A year later, two of the scientists who had in 1964 theorised the existence of the Higgs, also known as the God particle, earned the Nobel physics prize for the discovery. The Higgs fits in with the so-called Standard Model -- the mainstream theory of all the fundamental particles that make up matter and the forces that govern them. But the anomalies, or "bumps", seen in the data last December could indicate something completely new.

The giant lab might prove the exotic theory of supersymmetry, SUSY for short, which suggests the existence of a heavier "sibling" for every particle in the universe.

The unexpected excess pair of photons spotted last year could be a larger cousin of the Higgs, according to one theory. "Who knows, maybe there's a whole Higgs family out there," Sphicas said.

But to determine whether the observed data "bump" is merely a statistical fluctuation or could actually be the first cracks in the Standard Model, much more data is needed.

When the massive machine comes back online, it is expected to quickly pile up astounding amounts of data for scientists to pick through for clues. After the Higgs discovery, the LHC underwent a two-year upgrade, reopening last year with double energy levels which will vastly expand the potential for groundbreaking discoveries.

The LHC ran for six months last year at the new energy level of 13 teraelectronvolts (TeV), but since the machine was just getting started again, it was not pushed to create the maximum number of collisions. The machine at its peak should see two beams each containing around 273,600 billion protons shoot through the massive collider in opposite directions, slamming into each other with a joint energy level of 13 TeV to produce two billion collisions a second.

"What we are looking for are very rare phenomena, (and) when you are looking for very rare phenomena you need a very large number of collisions," Frederick Bordry, CERN director for accelerators and technology, told AFP. "We are really at an energy level that enables discoveries," he said, adding that he expected the lab to have clarity by the end of summer on whether the data "bump" was more than "statistical noise".

Bordry added that the proton smasher is due to run until 2019. "If we have nature on our side, I think we will discover new particles and open a new road for physics beyond the Standard Model," he said.

The Daily Galaxy via Nina Larson/AFP, Paris

Image credit top of page: The image at the top of the page shows Hubble’s view of massive galaxy cluster MACS J0717that shows the location of dark matter in the mass in the cluster and surrounding region. NASA, ESA, Harald Ebeling (University of Hawaii at Manoa) & Jean-Paul Kneib (LAM)


From what I understand, The actual Size of the Universe (still unknown) vs the Size of the Observable Universe reveals two different solutions.

If light cannot travel faster than the accepted 186000 mps, and the Observable Universe is expanding as indicated by the postulations that light speed photons would never reach earth in an ever expanding universe using the Red Shift Postulate, then I would suppose that there would be a possibility of an incalculable size out side our Observable Universe because they would be invisible to us once past or equal to the speed of light and a much longer period of time elapsing since creation.

If new proofs or postulations on our grasping and controlling aspects of Dark Matter and Dark Energy, the whole issue becomes extremely exciting with respect to our isolation in the now possible unknowns of the Universe. Dark Energy and Dark Matter traveling at higher speeds than light would reveal properties that could be the answer to fill and further define the true nature of the true Universe.

Also if containable and manageable, could define space travel to speeds previously limited by our current space time science, to currently unfathomable levels.

The observable Universe is filled by a large cloud of particles that repel each other and repel all matter. This cloud is not smooth, it is less dense around matter, and in general is turbulent. it is the unbalanced repulsion on matter that gives rise to gravitation, not any attractive force of matter, light or dark. In this aspect it solves the problem of dark matter. As it also repels itself, it is the source of dark energy, it expands as would a cloud of gas. These particles, let's call them Gravitons, must also be able to carry momentum. There is no spacetime; space has no properties, it is merely a concept that is used to refer to the collections of direction and distance. There is no Time, the present is vanishingly short, the patterns of mass energy that formed the past no longer exist, the patterns of the future have not yet taken shape. We observe only rates of change, and this rate varies with density of the Graviton field; the greater the density, the faster the rate of energy transactions, including the speed of light. Time as we are used to think of it, is a fabrication of the brain.

It has been said, that the Philadelphia experiment opened up a time space continuum on our planet and thus opened up a hole into another dimension, allowing foreign dimension species to invade ours. Maybe, this is just a sci-fi story.
But, particle physics scientists are like monkeys playing around with nukes. Earlier and current scientists are just as clueless about fooling around with Nuclear physics as they are with Particle physics. Want to understand how the universe works? Study Mycelium, and brain neurons here, up close and make correlations between these with the structures you can observe in Space. Accelerating and smashing particles, using only mathematical formulas as your template, could actually eliminate our world! My advice is, that you focus your studies on Mycelium and Neurons and put your overpriced, doomsday machines away.

They said the energy level used in the LHC is a lot lower than the most powerful cosmic particles ever strike the earth. So I think they know what they're doing.

It will take just a few fools tampering with wild theories and ideas,(the consequences of which they have no clue),to destroy our world - this isn`t "scare-mongering" but a simple truth - we`ve already been close to being on the brink possibly more times than we`ve been told and all due to "clever" people playing around with things they can`t control and don`t know the consequences of when these "clever" people activate their "plans" ... the after effects of the atomic bombs were not foreseen even in the wildest nightmares of the scientists that created the bomb ... and what possible point could there be in trying to create a "black hole" or "portal" to another dimension ? ... these people really do NOT have any idea of what they are doing,literally playing with ideas and seeing what the results are - literally playing with the most powerful "toy" the world has seen with the Large Hadron Collider ... these "clever" people have absolutely NO rein or oversight to hold them back and the consequences of their actions will be felt by the rest of humanity - and they`ll go on and on until the desired destruction is unstoppable - just think about this for a moment - they literally will continue until they can go no further and by then it may be too late.

The Big Bang Theory is wrong because …

Physicists have misinterpreted the cosmic redshift. The redshifts of distant galaxies, quasars, etc. are not due to the expansion of the Universe.

Electromagnetic radiation, including visible light, emits gravity.

Electromagnetic radiation is a wave phenomenon. Electromagnetic radiation is a combination of electric and magnetic waves. They oscillate. The waves can be viewed as accelerating/decelerating electric and magnetic waves.

Since the electric and magnetic fields are accelerating and decelerating, they emit gravity and the electric and magnetic fields are subject to the force of gravity as it is being emitted.

This is called a gravitation red shift as previously stated in General Relativity.

Please note that accelerating mass emits gravity (or creates a gravitational field). For example, if you accelerate while driving your car, you feel the pull of gravity - pulling you back into your seat. Likewise, if an astronaut accelerates atop a rocket, the astronaut feels the pull of gravity – G forces. This was first hinted at by Einstein’s Principle of Equivalence.

In a similar manner, electromagnetic waves ‘feel’ the force of gravity as the gravity is being emitted. The electromagnetic radiation loses energy due to the gravitational red shift.

Also note that as electromagnetic radiation travels longer and longer distances, it will lose more and more energy and the amount of the redshift will keep increasing.

Generally (and somewhat loosely) galaxies, quasars, etc, with the smallest observed redshifts are at the least distance from Earth and those with the largest observed redshifts are at the greatest distance from Earth.

NASA and astrophysicists have collected plenty of data to conclude that electromagnetic radiation emits gravity.

Concepts such as dark energy and dark matter are spurious.

CERN's analysis of cosmic rays may be wrong.

Thank-you and have a nice day.

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