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Scientists working with ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment), a heavy-ion detector on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) ring, have made precise measurements of particle mass and electric charge that confirm the existence of a fundamental symmetry in nature. The investigators include Brazilian researchers affiliated with the University of São Paulo (USP) and the University of Campinas (UNICAMP).

"After the Big Bang, for every particle of matter an antiparticle was created. In particle physics, a very important question is whether all the laws of physics display a specific kind of symmetry known as CPT, and these measurements suggest that there is indeed a fundamental symmetry between nuclei and antinuclei," said Marcelo Gameiro Munhoz, a professor at USP's Physics Institute (IF) and a member of the Brazilian team working on ALICE.




The findings, reported in a paper published online in Nature Physics on August 17, led the researchers to confirm a fundamental symmetry between the nuclei of the particles and their antiparticles in terms of charge, parity and time (CPT).

These measurements of particles produced in high-energy collisions of heavy ions in the LHC were made possible by the ALICE experiment's high-precision tracking and identification capabilities, as part of an investigation designed to detect subtle differences between the ways in which protons and neutrons join in nuclei while their antiparticles form antinuclei.

Munhoz is the principal investigator for the research project "High-energy nuclear physics at RHIC and LHC", supported by São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP). The project--a collaboration between the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at Brookhaven National Laboratory in the United States and ALICE at the LHC, operated by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland--consists of experimental activities relating to the study of relativistic heavy-ion collisions.

Among other objectives, the Brazilian researchers involved with ALICE seek to understand the production of heavy quarks (charm and bottom quarks) based on the measurement of electrons using an electromagnetic calorimeter and, more recently, Sampa, a microchip developed in Brazil to study rarer phenomena arising from heavy-ion collisions in the LHC.

According to Munhoz, the measurements of mass and charge performed in the symmetry experiment, combined with other studies, will help physicists to determine which of the many theories on the fundamental laws of the universe is most plausible.

"These laws describe the nature of all matter interactions," he said, "so it's important to know that physical interactions aren't changed by particle charge reversal, parity transformation, reflections of spatial coordinates and time inversion. The key question is whether the laws of physics remain the same under such conditions."

In particular, the researchers measured the mass-over-charge ratio differences for deuterons, consisting of a proton and a neutron, and antideuterons, as well as for nuclei of helium-3, comprising two protons and one neutron, and antihelium-3. Recent measurements at CERN compared the same properties of protons and antiprotons at high resolution.

The ALICE experiment records high-energy collisions of lead ions at the LHC, enabling the study of matter at extremely high temperatures and densities.

The lead-ion collisions provide an abundant source of particles and antiparticles, producing nuclei and the corresponding antinuclei at nearly equal rates. This allows ALICE to make a detailed comparison of the properties of the nuclei and antinuclei that are most copiously produced.

The experiment makes precise measurements of both the curvature of particle tracks in the detector's magnetic field and the particles' time of flight and uses this information to determine the mass-to-charge ratios for nuclei and antinuclei.

The high precision of the time-of-flight detector, which determines the arrival time of particles and antiparticles with a resolution of 80 picoseconds and is associated with the energy-loss measurement provided by the time-projection chamber, allows the scientists involved to measure a clear signal for deuterons/antideuterons and helium-3/antihelium-3, the particles studied in the similarity experiment.

The image at the top of the page is an artist's conception that illustrates the history of the cosmos, from the Big Bang and the recombination epoch that created the microwave background, through the formation of galactic superclusters and galaxies themselves. The dramatic flaring at right emphasizes that the universe's expansion currently is speeding up.

The Daily Galaxy via Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo

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I'm confused the real question is when does it open or start is it possible for the world to end cause of human beings what is this non sense hasn't god already gave u a good life.?

I'm confused the real question is when does it open or start is it possible for the world to end cause of human beings what is this non sense hasn't god already gave u a good life.?

Don't be surprise when they say the 'Big Bum' or 'Higgs/God' particle. They have failed to prove it the energy needed for Higgs system to be stable is at least 7 Tev but what they have found only 3.5 Tev. A master card player can do better than this.

With all the CERN red faces instead I thought they must go out and conclude without a single prove that Higgs particle is actually can go in any direction and therefore create more theories than proof but they confirmed it without scientific proof. What a Nazi bible group!

Now again with new CERN machine I.e. 1000 times stronger, they do not know or sure if a similar experiment can explode like H-bomb (black smelly hole. WTF!). Hope this Sept 2015 until next years they will be able to keep their jobs or going to retire after years of wasting resources.

Science is always good thing but infinite symbol is NOT a number so go dig more Gold instead of doing the Nazi bible.

Please !!! Stop these useless experiments. Consider first the correct theories and then continue them. At last listen to someone who knows more than you.
I mention for example that you are looking for particles that do not exist. So what you will hopefully to discover? Why waste so much money without taking into account all the other views? Why???

I suggest you check out and then re think your outdated knowledge, You have not found that Theoretical particle yet. I wonder why? lol. Maybe you should teach your self that your missing the biggest picture of all, your bias "opinions" will cause more harm then good. See the new discoveries have all these current "Scientists" puzzled. YOU CAN"T FIX A "Theory" that's broken beyond repair. Start from scratch from what you observe not what you assume. I know common sense falls on deaf ears, especially when you have a brain that refuses scientific facts and observations.

Mankind's obsessive pursuit of finding the answer behind everything is fruitless. We are not capable of understanding it. Hell, we destroyed our planet because we let big oil call the shots. Visit and see the real story behind HARRP and chemtrails. Greed destroyed our ozone layer, and scientists have made it all worse. Wonder where the bees went, the butterflies, why fish and birds are experiencing massive die offs. The idiots tried to protect us from the sharp increase in UV radiation, caused by the destruction of the ozone layer. As it turns out, we hit the tipping point in the late 70s, they have manipulated the numbers to make people believe we are fine. We live in a world of illusion, and the toxic mix these idiots have been spraying in the air, virtually on a daily basis when the sun is out, is chock full of aliminum, barium, and lithium, in a special mix that allows the chemtrail to hang in the air, rather than dissappear like a normal old fashioned contrail did. They have videos of planes turning on and off this spray. 15 years of this. Ever wonder why everyone is getting sick.

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