"Phantom Dark Energy" --Will It Cause the Universe to End in a Big Rip?
"Cosmic Variance" --Are There Fewer Faint, Distant Galaxies in the Universe?

Today's 'Galaxy' Insight --"The Hidden Universe"






“It’s clear to me that if you wiped all multicellular life-forms off the face of the earth, microbial life might shift a tiny bit, if microbial life were to disappear, that would be it — instant death for the planet.”

Carl Woese, microbiologist and biophysicist, famous for defining the Archaea (a new domain or kingdom of life), and the originator of the RNA world hypothesis.




Image credit top of page: With thanks to fineartamerica.com


This Carl W. must be a relative of that other Big Liar Robert Redford !!

Well .... duh.

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