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“Henceforth, space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade away into mere shadows, and only a kind of union of the two will preserve an independent reality.”

Hermann Minkowski, a German mathematician best known for his work in relativity, in which he showed in 1907 that his former student Albert Einstein's special theory of relativity (1905), could be understood geometrically as a theory of four-dimensional space–time, today known as "Minkowski spacetime."

The Shutterstock image above shows a model of 'folded' space-time that illustrates how a wormhole bridge might form with at least two mouths that are connected to a single throat or tube. With thanks to edobric | Shutterstock


Earnest request. The content of this article is unrealistic. Call it as you want, but do not call it science or physics.
Among others, the article is based on the incorrect concept of space-time, a concept that does not exist in nature. The concept of space-time was established after misinterpretation of certain false mathematical calculations.
Attention!!! We should not confuse the concept space-time with the distinct concepts space and time apparently.
And a challenge: Do experts on space-time know for what they are talking about? However if anyone find even one clear example of space-time in nature, I promise that I will destroy all my work.

the picture is not realistic...if you have a Black Hole and a White Hole connected with a Worm Hole, you`ll get something of a donut shape. Stop bending shits of paper dear "scientists" :)) Space isn`t that easy-going :)))

In contrast to space, time is an implied dimension. Spatial dimensions are real. Time is implied through passage of events. So time does not really and truly exist as a dimension. It is not needed.

Vaggelis Talios - Show us the math. Show us where its wrong. Do not merely say its wrong and then walk away. If its a misinterpretation - prove it!

qed - many physicists believe that Time is a literal dimension and not implied at all.

Time is an implied dimension, which means it is "emergent" from space, much the same as God is an "emergent" property of the Universe!

Osiris Indigo. Your comment forced me to explain that I know very well the issue on which I write and I insist that the concept of space-time is a totally wrong concept.
I have proved this. Please suggested me someone who knows the subject and is able to discuss it.

Define time - Anyone?

My attempt. Time is a property of the universe that allows energy to flow from one (at least 3D) co-ordinate (location) to another.

Spacetime does not exist. Hmmm, not sure about that.

Surely, without time, space cannot exist? The concept of space would be meaningless without time because all the energy would be at one place: there could be no differentiation between two locations. In short, we would have a singularity. If there were two locations with different energy levels then the tendency towards maximum entropy would apply and there would be time! Of course, it is debatable whether there would be any entropy or tendency towards it without time, but then we would not be looking at our universe!

the time it is something that is flowing, but the time is not all time fluent,it might drip or pass by ,but is something that is not lost; sometime , the time it might appear like an afterpiece ,like a feather,that might that might bring a break ,the break is not going to be perfect than you might have than a very big accumulation of events just like a flooding once and after than some more quiet moments ,somewhere else the time is timing in the same way ,therefor, perhaps, it might be an interference between different times but in fact might not seen by us and it needs another kind of media(substance) to be seen and not to be observed

No comment on the text, but the image depicts a flawed theory. In the Einstein-Rosen bridge (wormhole) it has been determined that there is a rotation of dimensions at the singularity, the time-like dimension is exchanged for a spatial dimension. Consequently, the "bridge" cannot be coupling to another point in space-time in the same universe. A more likely scenario is that a daughter universe is formed in the collapsar event, and the z-axis of the bridge becomes the time-like dimension for the daughter universe.

As for defining time, if matter collects on the singularity, it can be passed to the daughter universe in discreet pulses. These pulses travel through the time-like dimension in the daughter universe as an impulse wave of change, a dividing line between past and future where change is mandated to incorporate the energy pulse injected through the singularity. (Conservation of energy.) It would have the dimensions of (energy x time), the phenomenon of "now," as it were, it would appear as the Planck constant.

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