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Weekend 'Galaxy' Insight --"We May be One of the Early Advanced Species in the Universe"






"Intelligent life may be in it's 'very young'stage in the observable Universe. Its 200 billion galaxies show a clear potential to continue on as we see them today for hundreds of billions of years, if not much longer. Because planets and life are so young in our Universe. Perhaps the human species are not late comers to the party. We may be among the early ones."

Dimitar Sasselov, Phillips Professor of Astronomy, Director, Harvard Origins of Life Initiative, and author of The Life Of Super-Earths.






Perhaps, if this is true, it is up to Humans to seed the universe with our species!

Perhaps, we will seed the universe with AI based on silicon? if humans are unable to survive the long trips between stars and especially the long trips to most of the vast Milky Way or the Local Group and beyond. Perhaps artificial life based on silicon or some other substance will be the dominant life form in the galaxy/universe in the next 4.5 billion years!

Perhaps the "normal" way of life on an usual warm planet is the jungle type life, where the most winning species are agressive-voracious beings like dinosaurs. Even on Earth that kind of species would still be leading, if it wasn`t for that extinction 65 milion years ago, but even that way, they roamed for like 1000 times longer than us on the time scale.

Well Gaugain now it is our turn to roam for the next 65 million years.

What a ridiculous assumption. The universe has been around for 13 billion years. Anything that could happen as far as life is concerned has happened already. Over and over and over again.

If you've been paying attention, a study was just completed looking for Type III civilizations. After an exhaustive study of 100,000 galaxies, not one shred of evidence was found that any advanced civilization exists. NOT ONE. Thus, it is perfectly logical to conclude that WE are the most advanced civilization in the observable universe.

The implication of this fact is monumental. Sadly, human beings on a mass scale are incapable of comprehending this the implication of this FACT, and how we can go about being the masters of this sector of the galaxy. If humans could just shed our tribal origins (what with genocidal religions influencing half of the planet's population, the heavy use of money to run economies, and political alignments that favor those in power instead of those who are SMART) we could easily take complete control of the nearly infinite resources available to us within a 100 light year radius.

Scott - You do understand that those same galaxies, looking our way, see light from before the time we existed, right? Same goes for all stars not closer than say a hundred light years away, as far as detecting our civilization. So rather, it is perfectly logical that we can't tell *squat* about the current state of affairs re civilizations in the universe or even our own galaxy.

As Jones intimated, it's all conjecture and, as scifi has been doing it on this topic (by people with degrees as well) for over half a century now, not even new conjecture.

There are a huge number of factors that have come together to produce the Earth - the synchronicity is massive. Further we are unlike animals in general. In general animals arrive pre programmed for survival, we don't and that means that we have had to develop all the skills that make us human - communication - language etc., learning - dissemination of knowledge, morality - vital for survival, etc. .

Scott, you are full of shit. The study was looking for a type of signature in stars indicating energy depletion. That's a very specific thing to look for based on a hypothesis, 50 had some intereting signatures but didn't present the full effects of what would be expected if aliens were using the energy of stars. So there are a lot of variables here, it's not as simple as "oh we did a survey of 100,000 galaxies" with our rudimentary tools to observe such distant objects, let alone "survey" them.

Scott - to add, all that we can say is MAYBE the case is that based on this rudimentary look at 100,000 galaxies it appears that there are no type III civilizations. That doesn't mean there aren't other types and that we can even predict the behavior of a type III civilization. Get your facts straight buddy.

It took us [human species] over 4 billion years to "get on life's stage". It must have taken quite a few billions of years for the first huge stars to explode and seed the universe with enough "star-stuff" as the late Carl Sagan called it to finally produce the ingredients necessary to produce the rock we walk on, the water we drink, the air we breathe and to all that makes us up.

Just to add 1 more monkey wrench into the argument. Searching for advanced species may be futile. Why? Well look at the way we are advancing in cloaking technology right now. We aren't even a type-0 civilization. Any civilization higher than us in technology would easily be able to hide traces of their existence from us. When looking for advanced species we need to consider whether or not they could be employing advanced cloaking systems, possibly even solar system wide or even maybe just planetary.

We seem to be pretty well suited for taking over the galaxy if that's the case, we're extremely adaptable, and our focus on innovation and expanding our horizons borders on the neurotic, we're never satisfied with what we have, and we're always looking for more and better. I'm confident we're going to figure out interstellar travel this century, which means these next few years are going to be the most important in all of human history, I'd like to see humanity rid itself of as many of its demons here on Earth as it can before we break out of the Solar System and start exporting our issues across the universe.

WOW are humans naive. Just because we don't have aliens knocking down our door or haven't made contact with any yet, we are to make the assumption we are one of the first???? We don't even know how the universe came to be or how big it is or how old. Almost everything we think we know has questions attached to it. Look, if we are alone in this great creation, so what!

Are you kidding? Look at the Citizens Hearings re. ET visitations and contact. You can find them at Paridym Research Group online. They ARE here and have been visiting for a long time. This study is just another form of the continuous disinformation to assist in the prevention of the #Disclosure movement now pressing the government. I KNOW ET is visiting us NOW. WE are NOT alone. Even ex-Governor Fife from Arizona withnessed the enormous craft during the 1997 wave over Phoeniz, Tucson, and California and admitted to seeing it on live TV, calling it something not of this world !!!! Where have you people been? Like ostrages with their heads in the sand.

@Jeffrey Miller

Slow your roll, buddy, this isn't a study you are commenting on, it is one professor's quote. It is literally impossible for there to be a conspiracy there, so why not just go back to that misspelled website and post crazy there?

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