Spectacular Galaxy With a 2,400 Light-Year Ring of Star Clusters -- Observed Devouring a Dwarf Neighbor
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Friday's 'Galaxy' Insight --"Why the Universe Exists"





"In the beginning there were only probabilities. The universe could only come into existence if someone observed it. It does not matter that the observers turned up several billion years later. The universe exists because we are aware of it."  

Martin Rees, British cosmologist and astrophysicist as well as Astronomer Royal of the Royal Observatory.

The active galaxy Messier 82 from infrared observations by Spitzer Space Telescope in three wavelength bands coded in red (longest wavelength), green, and blue (shortest wavelengths). This galaxy remarkable for its webs of shredded clouds and flame-like plumes of glowing hydrogen blasting out from its central regions where young stars are being born 10 times faster than they are inside in our Milky Way Galaxy. NASA/JPL-Caltech/C. Engelbracht (University of Arizona)

Image credit: ipac.caltech.edu 





"In the beginning there were only probabilities. The universe could only come into existence if someone observed it."
The very act of observation caused the Universe to come into being?
If that's the case then all the rules that govern this realm must also be dependant on an observer!
Could that be why the laws of physics keep getting more and more complicated?
Were things really simpler in a simpler time, and WE are making them more complicated?

because there is a space submitted to a moment of time in the time

It's the falling forest tree scenario. Just think what your world would be like if you were born without your five senses? Our senses bring our local space, world, universe into existence in a completely anthropomorphic way. How we perceive our world, interpret signals and cues, assign meaning and value is individual and open to influence. Sense making is not common, but making sense of the world around is why we're here. One day we may get it right.

There is a good possibility that whatever brought this existence into being cannot be understood by us in our current state of development. How can a mortal being possibly hope to fully understand the grandeur of the universe's genesis let alone what lies beneath. We can theorize and experiment all we like, but until we possess the ability to create our own universe or at least simulate it with quantum computing. I tend to think every discovery will only lead to bigger and more exotic questions about existence. AI could possibly help us along this path, a super intelligent sentient being might be able to piece the puzzle together a little more efficiently than the human mind. Possibly seeing connections we have missed or overlooked. It's also possible that whatever is causing all of this cannot be explained through mathematics and science alone.

it`s just a figure of speech, a metaphor, which for science has a fixed value of 1 cent. Yes my dear, the whole Universe is revolving around you, even the much bigger unseen part. Even if we`re talking about Multiverses, It does influence its neighbors, but this is nothing for youuu , uppish-haughty-arrogant-insolent-selfsufficient-scientist...me myself, a poor ant, i see the Universe as an Organism, with every star being a cell and the web of Superclusters exchanging matter and information between them is the neural web, the nervous system, which does not need you "scientists" to observe it in order for it to exist. The sheer complexity of it makes it much evolved than any "scientist" brain.

For years now I have been trying to fit the dots together to determine the initial energy that started this universe. I can understand particle physics and quantum mechanics, but the initial energy created by the combined meeting of a proton and electron hence the first spark of creation. Einstein's E=M(CC) leaves us dangling on a sky hook. If there is a God of Creation it was this spark of energy and i9n fact every spark of energy is the appearance of God. One thing that is apparent is that this God is Omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscience but it has no divine connection to the mythological God created by the ignorant humans past. It should be realized that the Christian God is the brain of every human and he can be a barbarian monster or a tender loving being. Everything in creation was started by a powerful bolt of lightning that created many wave fields and hence Electromagnetic fields, gravity fields and a universe of waves for everything. We are all made up from too many to count waves. Our mass should be virtual mass. (Higgs Boson) The universe may have been created by the future, who knows but Quantum Mechanics and the large Hadron Collider may soon give us a deeper insight to our existence.

Here is an orange sitting on a table. The room is white. There are five humans in the room. They are looking at the table and the orange. Now in reality there ARE five tables, five oranges, five rooms. Five humans are observing. But wait! There are 25 humans! Each human experiences five different humans.
Add more humans and it gets complicated quickly! Exponentialy!
There are 7,000,000,000 humans. There are WAY more observers in the Animal Kingdom. Even the very small life forms observe. ALL of them are causing that quantum flip that causes "material" reality. Every observed reality has a validity of it's own. Every observer is profoundly ALONE in their Universe. Now, as it turns out observers can agree on the "facts" of their own reality. They can compare notes! They can agree on what is the consensus reality.

But wait there's more! Those observers are composed of matter! Every one of them! That matter is ultimately made of energy. Energy has a nasty habit of "being here" and not being here! In other words, "we" are an illusion! All the fantastic "stuff" and "experiences" don't truly exist at all! Freaky!

The TOTALITY of observers "create" the general reality of them all! If there were no observers there would be exactly nothing.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it! [ pun intended ]

Using this same logic I ask "did I just fart?" If you didn't get a whiff then the answer is "No" but if you were here!

Hahaha...:-) I like this "observer" understanding of reality. Very elaborate and benign use of OUR optics to make sense it all.

That something exists only because a certain species of aniumal sees it, i.e. homo sapiens perceives it is just as stupid of an ego blast as, well, that we exist only because another species sees us.

I'm amazed that a crock of crap like that makes it to a science journal. Smoke another joint dope head and go on.

Of course the Universe needs an observer to make it real.
I can guarantee you that the moment I die the universe will cease to exist!

Given we can only perceive the universe via photons of one frequency or the other, we can't really perceive all of what's going on in it nor its origin. Think about this a sec. We can't "see" space, time, gravity, magnetism nor electrical charge, the five essential "aspects" of our universe. We can only see/perceive photons with our human eyes and even with our most sophisticated instruments. We can see only one thing really.

There is much more to the universe than photons so what exactly are we humans missing? 99.9999999999999999999999999999% of what is actually there.

Yes we can detect the smallest subatomic particles, cosmic rays, mesons, neutrinos and a hoard of other tiny stuff and adding to this list via the Hadron Collider almost monthly. But this is only particulate matter.

I have to agree with Matthew above that we humans likely could not understand the origin of the universe, and I'd add, even if it was spelled out for us. There is a limit to human intelligence and therefore understanding, we simply can't get it all. It's OK to try of course, and necessary for our quest nature and human curiosity but don't expect a complete understanding to ever exist of what started the universe...and please don't cop out and say "God did it"...for a God is only a patch over the hole of ignorance.

The idea that the universe can only exist because it is observed is a load of rubbish, as is the idea that the universe is somehow 'tuned' for life. The physics that created the universe don't give a toss for us do not need us for it to exist. This thinking is just another manifestation of our need for a god figure to justify our existence. The fact that we do, can, do not or cannot exist is purely accidental in the scheme of universal evolution. We are not the centre of creation, we are just incidental and of no consequence. This applies to all forms of life as we understand it and when all life forms are long since past, the universe will sail serenely on, unaware of our passing.

You Know, you are all right and yet, you are all wrong as well.
We can obviously understand everything that we come up with, everything that we discover and define. The question is whether we can ever understand something that we did not create, and when I say understand, I mean fully and completely..... I dont think so.

What is the smallest thing known to man???, some quantum particle which may exist in this universe/dimension or Not, and after you define that, you will discover that particle is made up of something else even smaller and more exotic .....maybe existing in multiple or All universes' at the same time????? After that you can keep going because every quantum particle will be made up of something even smaller and more exotic ...ad infintum...I dont know, im just guessing...

And what about the other side of the scale, is one universe the largest thing possible ??? Maybe what we are looking for isn't physical and maybe its not even there But " I think therefore I am"" or is it "I am therefore I think" who knows ??? maybe we are just parts of an awfully large "thing" which we were never meant to understand, but isnt it it Fun trying.??

"The universe exists because we observe it"- something based on quantum reality. I tried to walk around closing my eyes and not observing, I hit the wall as it did not vanish!!!! sounds so stupid to commonsense.

Let it be as it may, the fact remains that human are cognitively closed to understand the total reality of cosmos the same way as a squirrel is cognitively closed to understand Einstein's relativity. Yes that doesn't mean we do nothing. Dovery is one of the joys and also instincts for survival. We got to move on optimistically in exploring and making sense of your our preceived world.

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