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The Only Existing Photo of Einstein Blackboarding His E=MC2 Formula (Weekend Feature)






At a public lecture Einstein gave in Pittsburgh in 1934, four hundred students were present when Einstein mathematically derived his famous mass-energy equivalence equation: E=mc2. This is thought to be the only surviving photo that shows Einstein working on that derivation, pulled from a halftone newspaper clipping by David Topper and Dwight Vincent of the University of Winnipeg, who discovered it in 2007.

If you look closely, you’ll see the mass-energy equivalence in the lower left hand corner of the blackboard on the right. You might notice that the famous equation says ΔE0=Δm and E0=m instead of the expected E=mc2, Topper and Vincent explain in their paper: "It is the right blackboard that contains the equation. But its format may disappoint or confuse the average viewer, because from the start of the lecture Einstein employed the convention of setting the speed of light c to unity. Hence a close look at the lower left section of the right blackboard in [the picture] reveals the relation ΔE0=Δm, and below it is E0=m. As far as we know, [this photo] is the only extant picture with Einstein and his famous equation."


Einsteinphoto (1)



The daily Galaxy via http://www.pittsburghmagazine.com


It is a very big mistake, science to accept that Einstein proved the equation, mass-energy equivalence, E = mc ^ 2. I will describe two main reasons why this is an incorrect acceptance.
The first reason is that the proof of the above equation is based on the erroneous theory, of the “special relativity”. The theory of the “special relativity” is incorrect theory because it is based on an incorrect axiom the axiom of the constant speed of light. The axiom of the constant speed of light is wrong, because it violates the principle of the superposition, which admits that a stationary observer, out of a space which is moving with velocity v, will measure for a light beam propagating, the speed of light c plus v and not c as stated the “special theory of relativity”. Please make sure that the principle of the superposition is a mathematical inviolable principle.
The second reason is that, we must not talk about mass-energy equivalence, because of energy and mass coexist in the same equation. In this case everything in the world should be equivalent. For example, the formula s = vt, had to assume that, space, velocity and time, are equivalent. Then from the formula, E = 1 / 2mv ^ 2, that the energy the mass and the velocity, are equivalents and therefore the energy, the mass, the speed, the time, the velocity and the distance, are equivalent, and so on.
It may well be, that a mass contains a large amount of energy, perhaps even the quantity mc ^ 2, but it does not mean that the way Einstein shown the equation E = mc ^ 2, is correct..

VT - "principle of the superposition" is a simplification for linear systems. Special Relativity is not like that.

If you were correct, a lot of experiments showing Einstein was correct are wrong. A large proportion of physics for the last 100 years would be invalid. As it is, nuclear reactors, astrophysics and all of CERN continue to work as he predicted.

In your example, Einstein's theory predicts that time changes for the fast observer but that C is a constant. This has been demonstrated so often to be accepted as a scientific truth.

I think you need to go and dig a little deeper into how physics works.

Re "superposition": Please keep in mind, speed is always dependend on time. When an spacecraft is moving with the speed of v and someone inside mesures the speed of light he'll always measure c! However, an observer standing outside watching the spavecraft passing by will see the light propagating related to the spacecraft with c-v. But (now there's the answer), the time inside the moving aircraft is propagating slower. Thus, while the light, related to the spacecraft is propagating slower, the obersver inside will always see it with the speed of c, because time is lagging. That's why gps satellites have a clock that is actually running to fast, but related to their speed, they are perfectly in time.

Nick James. Please allow me to thank you for your comment. I read it very carefully and I can say that I found it quite interesting. In many points, I completely agree. But there are some points I do not agree, such as:
You wrote, “principle of the superposition, is a simplification for linear systems. Special Relativity is not like that”. But I thing, Special Relativity is for linear systems.
You wrote, "if you were correct, a lot of experiments showing Einstein was correct are wrong". In this sense, I suggest that you did not study my views, but found these views, de facto wrong because in some points these are opposite to the views of Einstein.
Referring now to the speed of light I think you will be covered by Tobi's comment, and my response to this comment.
However, the point I disagree is the last paragraph, which suggests that in order to debate properly I need to improve my knowledge. For this I want to inform you that, forty years deal with physics, I have studied the special theory of relativity word by word, I published the book “From the inside of quarks and up to beyond the Universe”, prepare to publish a new book “The real grand unification” etc. What anything else, I must do?

Tobi. Thanks for your comment. Το have a correct conclusion should see the data in a logical order as follows.
Light, in any space, and in any direction, moves at a constant speed c that is independent of the velocity v of the space. The logic and the unquestionable principle of the superposition tell us that a stationary observer outside the space, will measure the speed of light c + v or c-v depending on the direction that moves the space.
Einstein ignored this unquestionable logic and considered that the observer will measure velocity c. That was the first mistake.
Then based on the first mistake, demonstrated and introduced, -wrong of course-, the concept of asynchronous, a completely abnormal meaning. That was the second mistake.
Supported on the second mistake, Einstein broke the first mistake, creating the third mistake.
Thus followed a series of erroneous conclusions, the investigation of which I leave to the judgment of the readers.

Those who are against Einstein's theory are mindly blocked or paralysed by Newton's absolute time concept.I understand them as we do live daily with events occurring with a velocity, v, far smaller than the speed of light, c.
Einstein demonstrated that events occurring in different theaters might be simultaneous for some observers and not for others and the two point of views are correct. This lead to abandon the concept of absolute time and absolute space.
The Lorentz transformations are therefore a natural consequence of Einstein' theory in order to keep constant the speed of light regardless of the speed of the source.

Open Access
Why E Is Not Equal to mc2
M. S. El Naschie
Abstract | References Full-Text PDF Download HTML Pub. Date: June 23, 2014
DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2014.59084 Google Scholar Open Access Library Downloads: 411

ALBERT EINSTEIN was NOT the first person to make e=mc2 so you can NOT blame ALBERT EINSTEIN.

go to FACTSLIDES.COM click on ALBERT EINSTEIN and read ALL the facts.


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