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"The Universe May be Permeated by an as Yet Unknown Field"




"Perhaps empty space is not completely empty after all, but permeated by an unknown field, similar to the Higgs-field", says Professor Hartmut Abele of the Vienna University of Technology, director of the Atominstitut. These theories are named after Aristotle's "quintessence" – a hypothetical fifth element, in addition to the four classical elements of ancient Greek philosophy.

All the particles we know to exist make up only about five per cent of the mass and energy of the universe. The rest – "Dark Matter" and "Dark Energy" – remains mysterious. A European collaboration lled by researchers from the Vienna University of Technology has now carried out extremely sensitive measurements of gravitational effects at very small distances at the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) in Grenoble. These experiments provide limits for possible new particles or fundamental forces, which are a hundred thousand times more restrictive than previous estimations.

Dark matter is invisible, but it acts on matter by its gravitational pull, influencing the rotation of galaxies. Dark energy, on the other hand, is responsible for the accelerated expansion of the universe. It can be described by introducing a new physical quantity - Albert Einstein's Cosmological Constant.

If new kinds of particles or additional forces of nature exist, it should be possible to observe them here on earth. Tobias Jenke and Abele from the Vienna University of Technology developed an extremely sensitive instrument, which they used together with their colleagues to study gravitational forces.

Neutrons are perfectly suited for this kind of research. They do not carry electric charge and they are hardly polarizable. They are only influenced by gravity – and possibly by additional, yet unknown forces. Theoretical calculations analysing the behaviour of the neutrons were done by Larisa Chizhova, Professor Stefan Rotter and Professor Joachim Burgdörfer (TU Vienna). U. Schmidt from Heidelberg University and T. Lauer from TU Munich contributed with an analytic tool.

The technique they developed takes very slow neutrons from the strongest continuous ultracold neutron source in the world, at the ILL in Grenoble and funnels them between two parallel plates. According to quantum theory, the neutrons can only occupy discrete quantum states with energies which depend on the force that gravity exerts on the particle. By mechanically oscillating the two plates, the quantum state of the neutron can be switched. That way, the difference between the energy levels can be measured.

"This work is an important step towards modelling gravitational interactions at very short distances. The ultracold neutrons produced at ILL together with the measurement devices from Vienna are the best tool in the world for studying the predicted tiny deviations from pure Newtonian gravity", says Peter Geltenbort (ILL Grenoble).

Different parameters determine the level of precision required to find such tiny deviations – for instance the coupling strength between hypothetical new fields and the matter we know. Certain parameter ranges for the coupling strength of quintessence particles or forces have already been excluded following other high-precision measurements. But all previous experiments still left a large parameter space in which new physical non-Newtonian phenomena could be hidden.

The new neutron method can test theories in this parameter range: "We have not yet detected any deviations from the well-established Newtonian law of gravity", says Hartmut Abele, the group leader of the research. "Therefore, we can exclude a broad range of parameters." The measurements determine a new limit for the coupling strength, which is lower than the limits established by other methods by a factor of a hundred thousand.

Even if the existence of certain hypothetical quintessence particles is disproved by these measurements, the search will continue as it is possible that new physics can still be found below this improved level of accuracy. Gravity Resonance Spectroscopy will need to be improved further - and increasing the accuracy by another few orders of magnitude seems feasible to the Abele's team.

However, if even that does not yield any evidence of deviations from known forces, Albert Einstein would win yet another victory: his cosmological constant would then appear more and more plausible.

The Daily Galaxy via Florian Aigner, Vienna University of Technology




"Dark matter is invisible, but it acts on matter by its gravitational pull, influencing the rotation of galaxies. Dark energy, on the other hand, is responsible for the accelerated expansion of the universe".

AD: "Dark matter" was simply added to the Standard Theory when the Newtonian gravity was directly contradicted by the "galactic rotation anomaly" - and "dark energy" was added because of the redshift ideas which is wrong.

So: In the consensus theories there´s only 5 percent matter - and all the rest is quessworks and added epicycles filling the cosmological universe.

Actually it is known. The universe is filled with "dark matter" that acts like a sea of ping pong balls in a giant aquarium. if you drop an intruding mass such as "regular matter" into the tank it acts like a basket ball in the ping pong balls displacing their symmetry and exerting force on the basketball over a very large area decreasing with distance. If you drop another "mass" into the pit the dis-symmetry continues to the other object creating a weak passage between the two and the outside pressure from the other balls forces them together with a compounding effect appearing to be an attraction between the two objects, and so on. Where the original intruding "Regular mass" came from is the big question.

It's been known for centuries. This unknown force, dark matter, universal field; it is actually the combined thought waves of all sentient life in the universe. I don't see why science cannot just admit it or see it for what it is. It's not that hard to see for me.

LOL, nice try.

An unknown field eh? You are most likely correct...an unknown "field". Call it a field, "ether" black blabla, call it what it really is...no word yet invented.

It goes like this, man's science is to us, relatively speaking, since it's only about 200 years old anyway, "good, advanced, cutting edge" etc. when in fact man's science is in its infancy.

As physics advances, it emerges from the simple cut and dried predictable Newtonian physics 101 textbook relm of intuition and "that makes sence" to entirely different parameters. It's becausse we don't know the simple basics of the universe so we can't see the universe as anything other than a delusion, just as Einstein said. We don't understand the basic fundamentals of the universe at all no more than a Carl Sagan's "flat land being of 2D" can understand 3D. We are nearing day by day the limits of human intelligence and understanding. This results in seeming paradoxes. Paradoxes are presented more often now, it's because we simply don't understand the basics. Paradoxes mean something that seemingly doesn't make sence, but does exist whether we want it to or not. Therefore, if you say something is a paradox it means you do not understand it...it doesn't mean it's a paradox. It's an admission of misunderstanding something. Put your ego in the trash basket, science, that is real science, doesn't involve emotion nor egos. On that plane discoveries and advancements are made and dogma is defeated, difficult for the human mind to do.

Now that the stage above is set, and the word paradox is defined as human misunderstanding, let's talk about two things, leaving out dogma ad nauseum, and skim along the surface of the new "medium" in the universe that hasn't been discovered yet nor named...remember the title of this article.

1. Neutrinos are clocked at faster than light speed C. This is not a paradox with Einstein's energy/mass formula E=mC2. Einstein was a man, not a god. It means we don't understand how a neutrino can "go" faster than C. But some do. A jet from a black hole was clocked seemingly faster than C. Paradox? No. It's that we don't understand the physics and that is because we are trying to see the universe as an image in the mind, not the way it really is. Our brains are visual things when they process information, images and image concepts. Try to think of something and not see an image...you can't.

Entangled particles....responding instantaneously clocked by several experiments as 10,000 times C. Why? We don't know. Paradox? Yes, Why? We simply don't undestand it. The universe has no paradoxes, man invents them just as man invents rules that seemingly have paradoxes. Get it?

It's man's primative cave man nature to toss off that which we don't understand to "miracles", "dieties done it" etc.. because a hurried quick 'n easy classification organizes things we don't understand and we prefer organization, even if it's fake organization, to mayhem. What causes wind? In ancient times with the same brain, the same intelligence, faulting KNOWLEDGE, winds were caused by a god Aeolus, god of the winds, blew across Earth and created winds. Uh huh...no one ever saw Aeolus because Aeolus doesn't exist...Aeolus was invented out of thin air (pun intended) because man didn't understand sun's heat is the cause for air convection currents (wind) so they attached a diety to it and explained it away..t'was good ole Aeolus. Something bad happens, it's the Devil who done it. Something good happens, it's a diety who done it. Bad means the universe isn't going the way you want. Good means it is. But the universe just goes its own way, good or bad or whatever...man's assesment of good or bad is not relevant. Never stopping to think (thinking takes more energy than inventing false ideas, theories or fake reasons) that the universe just plods along its merry way with or without mankind's assesments, dieties, devils, theories, chalk boards or anything else mankind has up its sleeve, as if mankind didn't exist. If mankind didn't exist the universe would not be affected one iota and an iota is a mighty small entity.

So, it's no wonder why man's science has so many impasses, seeming paradoxes, it's mankind's psychotic nature that impedes mankind's progress and view of actual reality.

Man loves order and "rules", rules invented of course by whom? Man. Oh. Oh? Yep, we are our own worst enemy in science chiefly because of our urge to organize things even if the organizaation method is absolutely false (Aeolus, Zeus, Venus, Mars god of war). "Stuff can't go faster than light." That is a man made rule proven on man made blackboards with man made chalk to the satisfactoin of man written in man made text books to be taught in man made universities to other men ad dogma, not to the satisfaction of the universe but the universe is the only real thing. Does the universe actually give a rat's kazootie about man's rules, blackboards or chalk? No. So don't go saying stuff can't exceed C when it does. We simply don't understand the basic fundamentals of the universe and we don't have the intelligence to do otherwise, there is a limit.

Defect one. Our brains work on a visual basis when the universe has nothing to do with a visual basis..it's like saying a tomato is a round red object and that's it..nothing more... when a tomato is a fruit with seeds and goo inside and proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, enzymes, hormones, cells, chromosomes, mitochondria (list a half million things here) blabla it's much more than a round red object yet man views the universe as a tomato when there's a lot more going on than a visual concept. No wonder we suspect a mysterious "ether". We haven't and likely never will cut the tomato open to see what's inside because we haven't and can't invent or even concept the knife to use to do it no more than a reptile could.

If something goes at C "the rule" says it's got infinite mass or so the "rule" says. Does a photon going at speed C have infinite mass? No, or the entire universe would be the photon, that's infinity buster and it's B.S.. Yet photons' mass have been "measured". Oh? By whom? Man? Something is comical about all this. Man and man's invented rules. Man is a hack. Man makes a refrigerator and a magnet and the magnet hold up the shopping list but man doesn't know WHY the magnet is attracted to the fridge but man made both. Man is truly a hack. There is not one swinging Richard on this planet who can tell me why exactly a magnet sticks to a fridge...not the real root reason.

If we can't understand time (what is time?), space, gravity, electrical charge and magnetism, we are not going to understand diddly squat about how the universe really works. We can "see" it, log it, document it but we can NOT understand the roots. Case in point...

It used to be thought that electrical current was electrons moving though a conductor at the speed of light. That is impossible for 3 reasons... the conductor would be instantly incinerated with all the collisions of electrons crashing around at speed C, and 2, at C which is impossible for matter such as an electron (that's matter buster) to achieve (so says the man made rule) AND, 3, the electrons don't have infinite mass either travelling at C...they weigh a bit more than 1,800th of a neutron or so, and that's hardly infinite mass. They don't have infinite mass so they don't/can't go at C. Electrical "charge" is what electricity is, not electrons, and we don't know what charge is, but electrical charge goes at C. Nothing that is mass can go at C, so says the "rule". Electrical charge and magnetic fields are propogated faster than C, it's been proven...so why is C the speed limit? It's not. Electrons do move, at a few cm per hour as they slowly plod along in a metal randomly. That has been proven as well.

There has been proven by physical experimentation not just chalk dust, that certain "signals" such as magnetitism and electrical charge do go faster than light and they are propogated with radio antennae. Read this. Chalk dust calculations are good in their place as precursers for real experiments but "doctors" love chalk dust, grants, theses, publishing, prestige, wine parties over their chalk discoveries but...something's lacking...truth...real. A theoretical physicist is a dreamer who's paid to do nothing but create chalk dust like a blackboard eraser clapper. A practiciing physicist is worth his/her salt.

http://www.gsjournal.net/old/physics/erdmann2.pdf describes signals going faster than C..it's a real experiment, not chalk dust.

Now repeat the above experiment and draw your own conclusions, only after repeating physically the experiment...not just an armchair pundit remark made over a brandy snifter of 18 year old Glenn Fiddich single malt.

If you remove the electric field around the nucleus of an atom,you would discover that the electron and proton would travel about 10 times the speed of light.for example they would travel past the galaxy of Andromeda in less than 1 second.in fact every single person on Earth thinks faster than the speed of light.as for this unknown matter in space try electromagnetic plasma,this fills 99.999% of the universe.essentially there is no empty space.why plasma is ignored is ignored by theorists I don't know.its the most common form of matter in the universe.

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