Fifteen Old, Massive Galaxies Found in the Early Universe --"They Shouldn't Even Exist"
"Cosmos- A Spacetime Odyssey" --A Follow-Up Look at the Origin of Life and Mass Extinctions

"What Will It Be?" Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics to Announce a Major Discovery Today


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The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) will host a press conference at 12:00 noon EDT (16:00 UTC) on Monday, March 17th, to announce a major discovery. Recent CfA news reported in The Daily Galaxy included: Life We Find Will be Much Older and More Evolved than Life on Earth, Life on Planets of Red Dwarf Stars May Be More Evolved than on Earth, Two Alien Water-World Planets --"Unlike Anything in Our Solar System," Jupiter Once Migrated Causing Massive Disruption to the Solar System, Colossal Explosion Detected In a Galaxy So Ancient It's Beyond Hubble's Vision.

Video of the press conference will be streamed live beginning at 11:55 a.m. EDT from the link at


That's the same day that the 'Search for Life Beyond the Solar System 2014' conference starts in Tucson Az. Coincidence?

They dont have detailed abstracts of the papers online so there's no way of knowing.


Let's not get too excited:

I'm guessing it's probably NOT extraterrestrial life.

With something like definitive extraterrestrial life detection, it would simply be too dramatically exciting for the scientists and technicians on a team to keep a lid on it.

The team members would likely be falling all over themselves rushing to the press conference podium right away.

Either that, or the story would likely leak out immediately.

My guess: an earthlike planet somewhere.

On St. Patrick's Day? What else but 'little green men' ;)
I'd guess and earth-like planet too.

how long did it pass from NASA similar announce ? So what if you discover life elsewhere, you afraid not pissing off Vatican ?

Don't get your hopes up, boys. These things usually mean that someone is jockeying for tenure or a promotion, or seeking more grant money. Nothing's come of this kind of grandstanding except buckets of money. CERN did it all the time in the run-up to the Higgs-Boson-Maybe-Discovery. When they needed more money, they announced that MAYBE something was there. And we all know what was really there: more grant money, tenure for the young ones and promotions of the elders. There was no there there.

‘Tiamat’ was true.

Probably the life form that abducted MH370.

Right on, Dr. Cook!

Science Fraud: The Price for Fame and Fortune

Explores the degree to which money and expediency has corrupted science and the ways in which the scientific method can expose those who commit it.

Probably, they got an Earth prime, within the end tails of the 3.2 years (16months, 3.3 years). A planet in the habitable zone, with about an orbit of 1 year.

I'm going with qed and Daniel Rocha, but I'm going to make an educated!? guess as to specifically WHICH ONE (ie, you saw it here FIRST

KOI571.05 is a 1.02 earth-sized planet CANDIDATE orbiting a M0 or K9 star every 129.9 days. The temperature the HEC website gives is 214K at the surface. This is well below 0F, but warmer than the coldest places on Earth where life exists! The other 4 planets in this system (Kepler 186b-e) were RECENTLY CONFIRMED! So. the BIG question is: Is this Earth2.0 or Hoth2.0?

I hate to disappoint everyone, but according to the Tweets from Astrophysicists I've been seeing on Twitter today, it's just likely to be an announcement of findings about primordial B-mode polarization found in the Cosmic Microwave Background.

See the paper on Arvix.ORG linked in my "Posted by:" name link URL.

Yes, the announcement will concern CMB B-mode polarization, nothing related to ET life or astrobiology...but convincing detection of primordial B-mode would be quite a big deal.

They found Hoffa!

I love how we believe the universe revolves around us.

that we already knew

Found an earth like planet !

Quote from
"The best available rumours now say that astrophysicsts working with the BICEP observatory in Antartica will reveal the discovery of primordial gravitational waves in the cosmic microwave background".

AD: "Primordial gravitational waves" must deal with the first expansive motion from the supposed Big Bang and thus "the new fantastic and revolutionary disccvery" is just another theoretical patch in the impossible Big Bang idea.

This is amazing – a collection of best pictures ever of Earth more 20 best pictures ever of Earth

I think I know what it is, it's the two billionth anniversary of the day Saint Patrick drove out the snakes from Mars.

Probably gravity waves.

Is a gone else having trouble loading the CFA website?

Is anyone*

I was wrong, BUT I WAS ALSO RIGHT! Kepler 186f will be announced either today or tomorrow at a conference in Tuscon, AZ! WHAT A GREAT WEEK FOR ASTRONOMY!

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