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Epic Gravitational-Wave Discovery Points to Existence of Multiple Universes (VIDEO)




Scientists have theorized that gravitational waves point to the possibility of multipe universes. Gravitational waves have infused space with a special energy that exerts a repulsive force, causing the universe to expand faster than the speed of light for a prodigiously violent instant. The ballooning process smoothed out out he wrinkles and irregularities, solving the paradox of why the heavens look uniform from pole to pole.

First discovered by physicist Alan Guth in 1979, the existence of gravitational waves was confirmed by radio astronomers earlier this week who reported that they had seen the beginning of the Big Bang, confrming his hypothesis, known as inflation. Guth is currently the Victor Weisskopf Professor of Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.- if confirmed by peer review - could strengthen suspicions that there really are alternate or parallel universes existing alongside ours.

The research, led by John Kovac of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, is among the most significant for years. So far, it seems to confirm the existence of gravitational waves, which are the 'ripples' in space time created in the very first moments after the big bang about 14 billion years ago. Most models of inflation we have today show that different parts of that hyper-dense early universe would have expanded at different speeds, creating "bubbles" of space time which would effectively be cut off from each other, resulting in many bubble universes, co-existing but unable in to interact.

Stanford University theoretical physicist Andrei Linde theorizes that initially the universe was rapidly inflating, being in an unstable energetic vacuum-like state. It became hot only later, when this vacuum-like state decayed. Quantum fluctuations produced during inflation are responsible for galaxy formation. In some places, these quantum fluctuations are so large that they can produce new rapidly expanding parts of the universe. This process makes the universe immortal and transforms it into a multiverse, a huge fractal consisting of many exponentially large parts with different laws of low-energy physics operating in each of them.

Professor Linde, one of the authors of inflationary theory and of the theory of an eternal inflationary multiverse told "It's possible to invent models of inflation that do not allow [a] multiverse, but it's difficult. Every experiment that brings better credence to inflationary theory brings us much closer to hints that the multiverse is real."

Alan Guth (see his Newton Lecture video below) is quoted in a press conference saying that "there's still certainly research that needs to be done. But most models of inflation do lead to a multiverse, and evidence for inflation will be pushing us in the direction of taking [the idea of a] multiverse seriously."





The Daily Galaxy via CfA and Stanford University

Image Credit: Copyright: Science Photo Library



Linde: ‘fractal universe’, seems so elementary. Observable universe: hedges the self-focused notion of a bound universe.

The research on the discovery of the cause of gravity, is today one of the biggest challenges of physical science. Unfortunately, the enormous efforts of science, made in this area, have not yet come to any effective result and I have the impression that it is in the wrong direction. This thinking I support to that, all proposed options, leave behind them, too many unanswered questions.
Wishing, however, to put perhaps a small brick in these surveys, I created a new theory, the theory of “Pointal charges” which I describe in the book “From the inside of quarks and up to beyond the Universe” that I believe, describes the creation of the Universe and the World of many Universes and Anti-universes, in a fairly convincing way, which I think will be useful in any further research of science.
According to the theory of “Pointal charges”:
“…In the beginning the World consisted in a vast, absolute void space of infinite size. At a certain moment, an abnormality occurred and an elementary particle-charge was formed with neither mass nor size. The theory named this particle ‘pointon’. In order to restore this abnormality, opposite particles to the first one were formed, the ‘anti-pointons’. The formation of anti-pointons was considered another abnormality and new pointons were formed in order to restore it. Thus, a chain reaction started producing pointons and anti-pointons; this reaction is still going on, until now, at the edges of the Universes and the Anti-universes. The production of pointons and anti-pointons occurred and occurs without energy consumption, as, in any case, there was no energy because, according to the theory, the creation of the World started form ‘zero’.
“A characteristic property of the pointons and anti-pointons created is that the opposite particles were attracted and the identical ones were repulsed. The theory named this attraction or repulsion, which corresponds to the actual electromagnetic force, ‘pointal interaction’. The pointal interaction was the cause lead the pointons to capture anti-pointons (or vice versa) and force them to spin around the opposite particles. It formed the ‘quarks’, the ‘anti-quarks’, the ‘electrons’ and the ‘anti-electrons’ that were charged particles and, contrary to the pointons and the anti-pointons they had ‘mass’ and ‘size’.
“Then, from quarks and anti-quarks, ‘protons’ and ‘neutrons’ were formed, as well as a branch of the pointal interaction, the ‘nuclear pointal interaction’ which corresponds to the, strong nuclear force which joined protons and neutrons to form the nuclei of the atoms. From the nuclei and the electrons, ‘atoms’ and ‘anti-atoms’ were formed.” Here, always according to the theory of “Pointal charges”, “the situation was reversed, as a second branch of the pointal interaction, the ‘atomic pointal interaction’ occurred between atoms and antia-toms, as a gravity factor, with the atoms attracting similar atoms and repulsing antiatoms and anti-atoms attracting anti-atoms.
“This reversal was the cause that resulted in the creation of matter, anti-matter and then the Stars, the Solar systems, the Galaxies, the Universe, the Universes, the Anti-universes and the World….” This is very briefly the theory of “Pointal charges”, which, according to Vaggelis Talios, explains the creation in a more reasonable and convincing manner, than the other cosmological theories. However, you are going to judge all above after having study the theory.

If, for example, in theory bb excluded the existence of the original space, something that existed before the emergence of our universe. So our universe not appeared in existing space; but with its essence is in itself its original space. All this refers to the center, the most natural and obvious component of our mind; entirely shaped by this Universe; that is, everything has a center. And now it turns out that if bb theory were true, there is no possibility that there was such a concept as the center of the universe. So can anyone explain to fool Pole, how it all relates to the theory that just begins to dominate in the Universe. Multiverse: here our universe isn't something spontaneous that is the beginning of everything: space, time... Here is just a tiny part of this reality, which was already a concrete space, particular stage of the theater of history on which our universe began its existence. So if this theory is true it must also be true... there is the center of our universe. So why proponents of this theory (MV) don't defend with all its scientific seriousness claim that there is a hard centre of our universe. And if not defend it so because its not possible for the theory of BB was a major part of the theory of MV. And if not defend it so because its not possible for the bb theory was a part of the theory of MV. on the other hand, if the bb theory roughly is confirmed by "hard" evidence so that may exclude the MV theory can be true?

Being that I was raised to think of the "Universe" to include "everything". It would seem to me that we need new terms for anything between a galaxy and the universe. Perhaps "mini-verses"?

Second paragraph needs some editing. Gravitational waves in spacetime were predicted by Albert Einstein's 1916 Theory of General Relativity. It was Guth in 1979 that theorized Inflation of the Early Universe.


What was there to slow cosmic inflation,
which occurred shortly after the Big Bang?
Nothing obstructed this fomentation,
which from an infinitely dense point sprang.

The claim is expansion somehow reduced
it’s speed the second after Creation,
(yet, through observation, it’s been deduced
there’s still a speed-limit violation).

As though this were viewed -- aloof and astute --
some claim the cosmos first increased its size,
from sub-atomic limit to grapefruit,
then paused, allowing heat to equalize.

But no one can say what put on the brake
and then released it for the heaven’s sake.

The very large and the very small are the same thing. Not alike, not similar, the same thing. Think about it.

Which described Gravitational-Wave is a confirmation of hypothesis compound balls balanced for researcher Adnan Al-Shawaf

Scientists have theorized that special energy ( which described gravitational waves ) have infused space that exerts a repulsive force, causing the universe to expand faster than the speed of light for a prodigiously violent instant that was in the second half of this month, March 2014 , Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics had hosted a press conference on Monday, March 17th, the existence of gravitational waves was confirmed by radio astronomers this week who reported that they had seen the beginning of the Big Bang.
Researcher Adnan Al-Shawaf confirming that which has been described as the waves of gravitational is a new constitution force which control balanced of universe it's a cosmic forces that doesn’t mean a type of another four forces , according to his hypothesis it had been title " hypothesis compound balls balanced ... an approach in astronomy " which has been explained the balanced forces of universe and selected a shape and resource of that forces, it were two forces the reason of the first was motion and the reason of the second forces was a surface orb's area according to first hypothesis's law " An orb that is contain of the known material which is occupy on space and it has a regular and irregular shape and it has a volume in space repulse against all similar other orbs which separate among the space ,by the field of repulsion spread every direction and its effect according to the surface orb's area in all direction, it prorates reversely with square root for the distance , And all of orbs aren’t had gravity field without motion" and , according to the eighth hypothesis's law " The compound systems of orbs balanced through the compound balanced fictitious balls layers which the orb rolls in them in compound systems where the orb stay the centre of layers compound fictitious balls" that had been solving the paradox of why the heavens look uniform from pole to pole and uniform of galaxies movement in cluster….etc .
Researcher Adnan Al-Shawaf refuting that published by some astrophysics center and scientific sides around the world which has been a hasty deciding the gravitational waves process makes the universe immortal and transforms it into a multiverse, He also noted there is some opposition physicists, but it did not provide explanations and scientific solutions
according to second law of Adnan's hypothesis " Every orbs has never been ruled by the space balance laws and it will never harmonize with another balance system of other orbs unless it is charged by the field of the gravity (magnetic attraction field ) which is gained by the space due to the rotation of itself ,and the magnetic field intensity is directly proportional with square root for the distance" consequently with "a causing the universe to expand faster than the speed of light for a prodigiously violent instant " the result most to make the universe going to interior collapsing , like explosive of supernova.
Researcher Adnan Al-Shawaf also confirms his hypothesis is a trial which has weave solutions for scientific questions in universe.
Examples for some points of a comparison between the hypothesis and the prevalent theories

1 – Planet's movement on elliptical shaped orbits isn’t a circle way around sun so the distance between planet and sun is changing for example, the distance between Mercury planet and sun at the perigee is 46,001,200 km . which is going to increasing at the aphelion to 69,816,900 km, the percentage of changing indistance between perigee and aphelion is over 50%
what is the reason of this changing ?
According to a current prevalent theories which confirmed Mercury planet at the perigee had been a balancing between centrifugal and gravity and didn’t gave us a logical explanation.
If Mercury had a balancing at perigee ….why it's going to aphelion and it'll be back to perigee again ??????
We know the orbital speed decrease in the aphelion but that is a result not a reason for changing in location from perigee to aphelion …. although Mercury's mass is the main coefficient of centrifugal and gravity which supposed a constant number ( Mercury don’t lose anything in mass to go away from perigee to aphelion and the orbital speed decrease )
According to hypothesis the changing's reason are the coefficients of hypothesis's laws and formulas such as Mercury's surface area and the changing at an angle of Mercury's orbital rotation with the direction of the sun's orbital rotation and the changing at equatorial rotation velocity of the sun decrease whenever the level of Mercury's orbital rotation to go away from sun's equator…etc, according Mercury's location in perigee or aphelion.
2 - Why the orbital rotation of planets in solar system in a horizontal levels close to the sun's equator , as well as stars orbital rotation around the galaxy and the moons around planets despite the magnetic field on the poles is stronger than magnetic field on orb's equator ?
hypothesis explained the magnetic field attraction is tougher on the equator because the rotation on equator is tougher.
3 – If two galaxies collided we see the stars in the small galaxy's arms make a binary stars with the stars of large galaxy's arms without accident and the small galaxy's nucleus go away despite it has a high mass where the small galaxy's nucleus has a high gravity more than stars ?
According to hypothesis which explained the magnetic field attraction because motion in a vacuum but the small galaxy's nucleus has high repulsion filed by the surface area more than stars so it go away after the colliding.
4 - the difference in the curvature of the chart speeds of stars in the external galaxy's arms are controversial with curvature of the expected from luminous disk according laws of prevailing theories ?
Hypothesis dealt with the square root of the distance and increasing the rotation speed of magnetic strike is directly proportional with square root of the distance
5 - In the Big Bang theory of gravity separated from another forces in the Plank time , Why ?
Hypothesis says the emergence of gravity because the motion of material in a vacuum .. etc. and interpreted in the direction of expansion of the universe and then collapse inward period.
6 - Why the asteroid's that has irregular shape it moving through a rocking way (recoil motion ) ? Released a modern interpretation in 2014 for this moving through a rocking away because of the concentration of the mass at one part in the asteroid
and, If the gravity was the result of mass we could not saw motion on a rocking way because the sum of mass is constant whether if it is concentration at one part or distributed on all Asteroid's body, look to second photo if we add a measure of mass in a point A or B the Asteroid's mass is constant.

Adnan's Hypothesis it had published a in his book entitled "The hypothesis of combined balancing balls .... approach in astronomy " and which has been put in the Library (Books House) – Sana'a – which part of the Ministry of Culture in Yemen, No. of entry of the book is 670/2013. And a certificate of Intellectual Property No. 271 / 2013 . This book consists of four chapters, and it is taught by some of the universities have been converted to several universities and, research centers and Unions around the world , and it has published online ….etc in more than one a universal language

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