Image of the Day --3-D View of Supernova Explosions that Outshine Entire Galaxies
"Tremors of the Big Bang" --First Direct Evidence of Cosmic Inflation (The Official CfA Release)

"Gravity Waves Existence Confirmed Validating Big Bang Theory"--Center for Astrophysics (VIDEO)



“SPECTACULAR REALIZATION,” young physicist named Alan Guth wrote late one night in 1979 across the top of the page drawing a double box around it marking his discovery of what might have made the universe bang to begin with. A possible hitch in the presumed course of cosmic evolution could have infused space itself with a special energy that exerted a repulsive force, causing the universe to balloon faster than the speed of light for a prodigiously violent instant, smoothing out iron out all the wrinkles and irregularities and solving the paradox like why the heavens look uniform from pole to pole.

Today, Guth’s realization was contirmed by radio astronomers who reported that they had seen the beginning of the Big Bang, confrming his hypothesis, known as inflation. Guth is currently the Victor Weisskopf Professor of Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


   Alan_guth (1)


Gravitational waves, which are small ripples in the fabric of space-time that Einstein predicted, are the sounds of our universe. Astronomers have been looking for years for a potential electromagnetic light signal that would accompany or follow the gravitational waves. This signal would allow us to "look through the peephole after hearing the faint knock on the door," and verify that indeed "someone" is there.

As announced today, a team of astronomers led by John M. Kovac of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics detected these ripples in the fabric of space-time — gravitational waves — the signature of a universe exploding when it was roughly a trillionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second old. These ripples are the long-sought smoking-gun evidence of inflation, proof, Dr. Kovac and his colleagues at CfA say, that Dr. Guth's spectacular realization was correct.

If corroborated, the New York Times says Dr. Kovac’s work "will stand as a landmark in science comparable to the recent discovery of dark energy pushing the universe apart, or of the Big Bang itself. It would open vast realms of time and space and energy to science and speculation.

"Confirming inflation would mean that the universe we see, extending 14 billion light-years in space with its hundreds of billions of galaxies, is only an infinitesimal patch in a larger cosmos whose extent, architecture and fate are unknowable. Moreover, beyond our own universe there might be an endless number of other universes bubbling into frothy eternity, like a pot of pasta water boiling over."

Dr. Kovac and his collaborators, working in an experiment known as Bicep, for Background Imaging of Cosmic Extragalactic Polarization, reported their results in a scientific briefing at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics today and in a set of papers submitted to The Astrophysical Journal. “With nature, you have to be lucky,” Dr. Kovac said. “Apparently we have been lucky.”

The Daily Galaxy via New York Times and CfA






So.......these waves were emitted 14 billion years ago from a point in space and have been traveling at the speed of light since. One would think that the region of space the Earth would one day occupy was also within that point.
How is it that they haven't swept by long ago? We are not at the center of anything yet the big bang is 14 billion light years in any direction or perhaps no direction?
Things got very confusing for me after Newton left the scene.

Ability to detect space time distortion would be interesting for those who are working on this

Expat: "special energy that exerted a repulsive force, causing the universe to balloon faster than the speed of light for a prodigiously violent instant,"

Also stated "if confirmed"

"[R]dio astronomers [have] reported that they had seen the beginning of the Big Bang, confirming [physicist Alan Guth's] hypothesis, known as inflation.” – So, finally, man stands at the door of eternity. A closed door he cannot enter, beyond which he cannot see. Before the Universe began, its hidden “prehistory”. (Origin of the Universe is still unsettled, “up for grabs”, Mr. Guth said.)

– “Astronomers have been looking for years for a potential electromagnetic light signal that would accompany or follow the gravitational waves. This signal would allow us to 'look through the peephole after hearing the faint knock on the door,' and verify that indeed 'someone' is there.” How apropos! The “light signal” of birth? Purpose of conception; Plan behind Work, invisible. No doubt misread, but indeed, for some of us, this confirms SOMEONE is there (and today's Universe, actively near).

– The “signature of a universe exploding when it was roughly a trillionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second old.” – The Moment of birth! How awesome. “Exploded” in, or instantaneously flashed-out, the vast Universe came into being! By dead hand, or Living Mind?

– Corroboration “would open vast realms of time and space and energy to science and speculation.” – Too bad, not in concept-reformation: Expansion of mind, through space and time – revolutionary nature of “the beginning”, recognize and redefine. Extraordinary nature of its origin, beyond empirical reach, grasp and realize.

The SOMEONE beyond the material veil, evident in afterglow. Infinite Presence from Eternity, man can know. Composer of “Music of the cosmos, echoing from the most distant reaches of space and time.” – from video.

– “Confirming inflation would mean that the universe we see, extending 14 billion light-years in space with its hundreds of billions of galaxies, is only an infinitesimal patch in a larger cosmos whose extent, architecture and fate are unknowable.” My jaw dropped at that! Over what apparently IS, not over “speculation” of what might be (frothing multiverse, and all that).

Out in Space, and back in Time, something incomprehensibly awesome took place. Truly it is a misread Sign. Signal light from "the beginning". However read, something incredible! “The “Big Bang” can be seen as "The Creation Event”, revealed on many a library shelf: pages through, poetically expressed, inflation and expansion too.

Science confirms Scripture!

J. Rene: "this confirms SOMEONE is there" if a event happen does it necessary mean that someone make it happen? No! You are thinking in the same way ancient human were assuming if the wind blows there must be a invisible god who blows it.

Is not required a intelligence to create event but another event, a intelligence is highly unlikely, for what we know it took billion of billions of events to happen over billions of years on one planet of billions so one animal develop space exploration intelligence over other billion species that lived or died. Intelligence (godly / human) require sub-processes which require lower events. Other higher events are much more probable that higher intelligence, no matter what your religious scriptures tough you.

Think of it this way, the time and space was created at big bang. All time and space? No, only our universe time and space. Beyond that is a multiverse that bouble out new universes, which doesn't comply to our physics laws (it should comply to our mathematics) and that we might not be able to probe, but hints of it's existence are starting to be seen(dark flow).

Time as we know it, space and the physics/chemistry/biology laws are the properties of our universe and depend on the plank space/time unit which fluctuated after big bang.
- Plank time/unit expanded till 10-43 sec after big bang, when only one fundamental force was present,
- the plank stopped expanding when space-time(negative energy) and matter(positive energy) separated, gravitational, strong and weak forces separated,
- positive energy decayed into super-heavy particles, the vacuum couldn't decay and inflated exponentially, Radiation released in reheating;
- baryon-antibaryon asymmetry;
- separation of weak and electromagnetic forces, origin of mass, Radiation;
- excess of matter over antimatter;
- separation of force and matter fields, Formation of hadrons from quarks including neutrons and protons, Neutrinos decouple, neutron/proton ratio fixed, Hydrogen nuclei domination,
- Electron heat dumped into photons, Nuclear reactions freeze out, stable nuclei form, chemistry laws appear,
- End of efficient photon production, e- and p+ recombine into H atoms, universe transparent to light, mass fluctuations grow,
- first small objects coalesce, reionization,
- Collapse to galactic systems, gravity gather matter into stars, Gas consumed into stars, fission ignites the stars and transform the light elements in heavy elements
- Star finish the fuel(mass become bigger fusion energy) and collapse, explodes into supernova remnants, heavy elements are spread into a sphere
- friction creates static electricity and gather molecules toger and creates gravitational pull, one axis will will be heavier and will win the acreation disc orientation.
- Asteroids are formed, planets are formed, moons are formed
- earth cools, water become liquid, rain and rivers form
- TNA / RNA basic molecules
- earthly biology lows start here
- DNA molecules, viruses and bacterias
- simple cells,cyanobacteria(prokaryotes) perform photosynthesis, oxygen is released in the air by by cyanobacteria, complex cells , eukaryotes
- multicellular life, simple animals (Trezona), bilaterians (animals with a front and a back (Kimberella )
- Cambrian explosion, animals with nervous system (Alalcomenaeus, Megacheirans, Nautiloids fossils)
- fish and proto-amphibians emerge (Pikaia, Haikouichthys, Arandaspis fossils)
- land plants emerge from chlorophyte algae (cryptospores of Mid-Ordovician age ), seeds and insects
- amphibians emerge from proto-amphibians, reptiles emerge from amphibians, dinosaurs emerge from reptiles, mammals emerge from reptiles
- the primates emerge as mammals (Altiatlasius, Paleocene-Eocene fossils)
- great apes emerge from primates (Hominidae fossils)
- human predecessors (the genus Homo) emerge (Homo habilis, Homo erectus fossils)
- anatomically modern humans emerge
- homo-sapiens migration out of Africa
- proto-languages emerge independently
- religions appears as humans wonder why certain natural phenomenon without life behave they way they do and assign gods for various natural phenomenon or human welfare
- human fight over religious believes in various gods and some human adopt one god ruler approach, that can do, see and is the answer to any question
- humans adopt different interpretations of the one god concept and still continue to fight

@Expat: as I understand it, the light that is now in our closer surroundings is too young; which is to say it was created when the conditions that are responsible for the gravitational waves no longer existed. Those conditions existed only for a very short time after the birth of the universe, which means we have to look at very "old" light; i.e. the light that has been travelling to us for nearly 14 billion years.
That said, of course the evidence has been swooping by as long as (or in fact, longer than) the solar system exists. It's just that we've only now started really looking for it, and now that we do, we have to look as far back as we can.

In which direction did this BANG occur? There must be a starting point. Can we look at the relative motion of the galaxies and determine a general direction?

"In which direction did this BANG occur? There must be a starting point. Can we look at the relative motion of the galaxies and determine a general direction?"

My thoughts exactly! Sure galaxies collide etc. but still we should be able to figure it out.

1. If we are in the center, everything should be getting further away from us at about equal speeds.
2. If we are offset in one direction from the center, then we should be moving away from the central point.
2.1 Everything behind us should be moving at the same speed as us.
2.2 Everyting beyond the central point should be moving away from us at twice the speed we are moving.

One problemo of course is that we can see some 13 billion years in every direction. And if the age of the universe is 13,8 billion years, we don't really know how big the universe really is and how much "offset" we are from the center.

Finding the center of the universe (Big Bang) would be a huge discovery. It would create one true fixed point in the universe.


Don´t get overwhelmed by the highly speculative BB nonsense, read this:

Cosmology: The Big Bang Theory -
On the Problems of the 'Big Bang' Theory of Cosmology

- One can get more natural logics out of reading the many cultural Myths of Creation and interpret these in modern terms - and they all talks of a cyclic formation and reformation in the Universe where the mythical term, "the primeval waters", represents the eternal "cosmic microwave background".

Link: - (Note: The wikipedia text in this links confuses the central Milky Way galactic light as being "the Sun", a very common scholarly mistake)

A few hours before the publication of the articles, "Tremors of the Big Bang" and "Gravity Waves Existence Confirmed Validating Big Bang Theory", I sent two comments in the article, "Fifteen Old, Massive Galaxies Found in the Early Universe", that please if you have not read, please read them.
In these comments, I describe why I do not believe the theory of the Big bang. The reason that I am against the theory is very simple: While the theory suggests three reasons for its establishment, leaves behind it numerous unanswered questions, some of which describe in the two comments.
So the discovery of the gravitational waves, if and when proved correct, something I do not believe, will only do increase the reasons that established the theory and thus the reasons from three become four. Nothing more. The number of unanswered questions will remain once again unanswered.

-- James Ph. Kotsybar

What was there to slow cosmic inflation,
which occurred shortly after the Big Bang?
Nothing obstructed this fomentation,
which from an infinitely dense point sprang.

The claim is expansion somehow reduced
it’s speed the second after Creation,
yet through observation it’s been deduced
there’s still a speed limit violation.

As though this were viewed -- aloof and astute --
Some claim the cosmos first increased its size,
from an atom’s circumference to grapefruit,
then paused, allowing heat to equalize.

But no one can say what put on the brake
And then released it for the heaven’s sake.

Singaporistu @ 10:49 PM: - Greetings

I did write: “No doubt misread, ... this confirms SOMEONE is there”. Understood, it was not meant literally. Acknowledged, I did get a bit carried away. Sometimes its good to have a cold glass of water thrown in your face!

“Is not required a intelligence to create event but another event” – and where does the chain of events end, Singaporistu? No first cause? How lightly billions upon billions of years is employed to formulate a balanced, fine-tuned Universe governed by law. Endless line of fortuitous occurrences, time+time, and yet more time: systematic building-up, ordered development of Cosmos: World of life, its beautiful seasons turn, populate with FAMILY MAN: the planner, builder and maker. The dreamer, who reaches towards the heavens. Excitedly on threshold(?) of eternity, he stands. Yes, he may actually see, “as through glass darkly”, hints of what lies beyond the ST-Continuum.

But there, temporal man cannot tread. A higher-plane realm (where Science may reset to 0), beyond his questing material reach, 4-dimension existence confined.

Appears evident, Design; through planes of dimension (debate unending!). Absent authoring Mind? INFORMATION SYSTEM and ORGANIZATION, living biology tells: Mr. Stephen C. Meyer's Book: “Signature in the Cell”! What he elucidates, will take your breath away! – if mind not locked and closed. Digital Codes and File System, unbelievable! (One specialist in computer field – who RECOGNIZED the wonder – was dumbfounded!)

Void of intelligent organization, program efficient INPUT? Intelligence in man – or its signature IN the CELL – demands INTELLIGENT Authorship. Just as LIFE demands a Life-Giver: LAW of Biogenesis. Creation requires a Creator: OUTSIDE time and space. NOT subject to its Physics. Limits are built-IN to the Creation: energy-matter, force-motion perimeters. LAW – governing family-man, or galaxy super-cluster – requires a Lawgiver.

Its, well, logical. Like Creation: Dumb process, mindless mechanism, thoughtless operation, the World did not make. That’s, well, illogical. Hypothesis, conjecture and speculation may not be logical – but the REAL World is. To extent: up to inter-phase boundary, transition to higher plane reality(?). Quantum M, or near "Black Hole", f.g., where physical law appears superseded(?), fades away(?). Into (from?) a higher reality?!.

– Could trillion upon trillion of years make ONE living cell? – or the most advanced form of Microsoft Windows? Much less a Living Planet turning a quadrillion wonders (and that, in a Solar System of stark, ruinous desolation – something so remarkable!). So far, not one microbe sign of life, host of worlds studied, registers on detector. (Early stages of planetary exploration, true enough.)

Quite an exhaustive description (as I "Preview" THIS) of the Cosmic Dawn (had to take several deep breaths)! I am speechless! – Until, I realize: You, nor anyone else, WAS THERE. Privy to witness the mammoth historical Event. You cannot say it was absent a “someone” (Work of Hand, Mind of Plan). You were NOT there; nor was I! Your matter-of-fact description may indeed express reality of blazing Creation forge (or "evolution" of "explosion" aftermath), dynamic step by fashioning step. But it has no heart – Life beat intent of Thought: Mind Intelligence, guiding and directing Furnace of star-bright metal-work, galaxy-glittering construction. Iron cast out of fire, girder-built skyscraper of desire.

As for the life-development process... (I'm guilty of too much inflation already.) ....

– WISDOM was there, Break of Cosmic Dawn, figuratively, as Biblically portrayed. SHE witnessed dumbfounding spectacle, the frightful POWER unleashed. She SAW bright wonders of “heavens and earth” being made. That is – WISDOM. Universe bespeaks her whispered testimony. A jury could read – and confirm her voracity.

The Universe shines conceptual thought, from super-mega structures, arranged and mysteriously held, to molecular bounds (at least subatomically, quantum “strange”). Matrix of Law supports, upholds organized energy-matter, timed-space maintained. And ALL THAT (depths I can never plumb) is just the result of billion-billion-billion...happy circumstances – all neatly lined up in successful assembly-line row. Unproven process, culminating in man. MAN, on pinnacle of MATERIAL Creation, "The Miracle Planet” in proud dominion, stands. Wonder of Wonders!

With-draw the Hand behind the Work, and we, the World, and the Universe, become a lost dream. A dream of cosmic night that never was! For even the darkness of Space was MADE. (Does Science tell?)

– Your closing lines on religion, seem to capture man's journey well! They ring true. THAT does NOT mean there is no LIVING Creator. Many imposter's of soft wood or cold stone have stood on commanding pedestals (voiceless), only to wind up buried (speechless). They never walked (as ONE did in Eden), lifted a hand (as to give Word Beginning Command), or helped an man (or humbled nation, up to 20th Century!). But of inanimate matter those gods in time were wrought (concept carved from thought), MADE from mortal hand. Man-created. No representation there, of ONE who speaks from Eternity! By whom we breath and live, and have OUR being.

One Book, and only one, bears true witness – and that can be PROVEN: as in Court of Law. Line of evidence, pertains to terrestrial time, not so much celestial Space. Prove THAT, and all else falls beautifully into place (on more than faith). Notwithstanding illusions of time in space.

– Sorry, no mathematics or equations to back my view: But Science – freed artificial constructions, unmoored conjecture, loose speculation, over-spun hypothesis, and, when you come down to life-history, flights of fancy – can be seen to reflect a LIVING Creator: Space-Time mirrored. The LIFE inhabiting Eternity, evident nature infinite. /

– Video: 2011, Mr. Stephen C. Meyer _______“addressed a DISTINQUISHED GROUP of LEADING BRITISH POLITICAL, CULTURAL and INTELLECTUAL LEADERS at the Royal...Hotel, London, England.” (emphasis added) – Length: 1hr+22m. – If content of talk does not give you pause,... SIGNATURE is evident, in more than living systems, but THERE – in BIOLOGY – "pillar of Evolution" – it literally writes & reads Life-coded INTELLIGENCE (undeniable). Just as computer Operating System reveals intelligence BEHIND performed function. Digital code identifies a timeless Creator: The Maker of "heaven and earth".

Posted by: J. Rene' |

James Ph. Kotsybar @ 08:00 AM

Well structured poem, smooth in rhythmic flow. Closing line gave me a chuckle.

One idea called collision of "branes" (membranes) holds that two branes collide to form a universe. This implies an irregular surface of the branes, with hills and valleys like waves on an ocean's surface. So when the branes collide if you can imagine a curved surface colliding with another oppositely curved surface, the collision boundary would expand exponentially given the curved surface was a cone shape. If the cone shape was only slight the collision boundary or contact point if I can phrase it better, would expand outward from the initial contact point exponentially. Once this contact point or collision boundary expanded the full breadth of the curved surface it stopped expanding due to collision of the two branes. This can explain why the universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate. If all this is true, the brane theorisits have solved this the universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate. But the brane idea is only an unproven idea, it can't be classified therefore as a viable theory for theories require proof...not just ideas.

It is said that the edge of the universe, called the horizon, is expanding at nearly the speed of light. Fine. I can believe that measurement. So the horizon is the horizon of the universal speed limit, C. Stuff going faster than C isn't stuff any more. The red shift would flat line any photon waves to invisibility. Furthermore, if mass equals velocity C supposedly it becomes "energy" and ceases to become matter. Therefore "beyond" the visable universe is a shell of pure energy in some form, derived from matter that's equaled C at the horizon limit.

Since we yet can't peer outside the universe's horizon, we will likely never know if anything's out there or not...branes, energy or whatever. Therefore it would be impossible for human beings to know what created the universe since we can't see outside to know. If that is so, why all the hoopla?

Is the "forbidden fruit of knowledge" that? Not to bring religion into this...just a metaphorical phrase. And if we knew the "forbidden" knowledge, what would that yield for humanity? Are human beings fit and responsible enough to know? Would it be simply too much knowledge for our intelligence level, an over load, like giving a 1 year old child a loaded gun and watch him/her monkey with it and eventually pull the trigger and damage something? In short, is it wise for us humans to know the full extent of creation or is it, on the other hand, our ultimate quest? What would we do with the knowledge of genesis/creation? Go further? What would it do to organized religions? Destroy them or yield a new religion that is undeniably true? What would that do to a primitive society/species such as humanity..would it result in a surrender of morals and everyone for themselves or the appreciation for the real?

At the begin, light traveled much faster than 299,792,458 meters per second, whatever we can see, governed by our law of physics, Black holes, dark matters are in fact matters emit lights that travel faster than our eyes can see, like eclipse.


The only place this term fits is on the huge amount of ad hoc adding's to the strange idea of a Big Bang from where everything supposedly is formed.

First, the cosmologists thought that gravity should break the Universe expansion but when using the wrong redshift ideas which supposedly showed no braking up but an accelerating movement; they were forced to add "dark energy" in order to patch their strange and very unnatural idea.

That is: When using the wrong redshift ideas, the whole idea of expansion came to be and when still using the redshift idea, the whole linear model of the Universe was born out from a single point.
The linear BB idea is the most contra intuitive and unnatural idea in the scientific society.

Even the last findings reveals right- and left turning swirling patterns as the very basics of the Universe which in itself contradicts the linear BB ideas.

Some kind of a Steady State Universe is clearly the right model for the observable Universe and in my opinion, the Universe itself is eternal and the formative motions in the Universe changes forever between formation and dissolution and reformation, all taking place in the background of the "primeval waters" (described in many ancient cultures stories of creation) which resembles the CMB and also the Ether.

The linear BB-time-model is even contradicted by the latest CMB-findings of right- and left turning swirling patterns which indicates a basical cyclic formation in the Universe and such cyclical motions cannot be taken as any proof for a linear model of the Universe.

'Therefore "beyond" the visable universe is a shell of pure energy in some form, derived from matter that's equaled C at the horizon limit.'

Interesting point! Now, what if the Big Bang wasn't so big after all? What if it was more like a spark? The universe was there all along but it contained all the "stuff" in some strange form. The inflation wasn't space expanding, it was some sort of reaction.

It's almost comical but still sad to see how some people are so ignorant that whatever the evidence states, whatever is found in science, they will always have their own beleaves and will never, ever, beleave the general scientific consensus.

Science is all about changing your theories according to what evidence brings. It is not about closing your eyes to them and cherry picking things and discarding the big picture.


It's very interesting to know that they have found new gravity wave's in space.They should push to more interesting news like that.

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