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An odd couple lives some 100 million light years away with spiral galaxy, NGC 2276 shown on the left, and its neighbor NGC 2300 on the right. There are quite a few intriguing questions concerning this pair. First of all NGC 2276 displays a perturbed spiral structure yet astronomers seem to agree that NGC 2300 is not the source of the angst. Instead, astronomers have learned that there is an abundance of gas (not shown in this picture) surrounding these galaxies. It could be that NGC 2276's motion through the gas affects its morphology.

The second question that astronomers have deals with how two galaxies of seemingly different types are found together. Many theories of galactic formation state that it is the environment in which a galaxy forms that most strongly determines its structure. So how did these two come about?

Finally, recent studies have revealed that the common envelope of gas that surrounds these two galaxies is very massive and hot (emitting X-ray radiation). Yet there isn't enough luminous mass from these two galaxies alone to gravitationally hold on to the gas. This is one of many observations that lends credence to "dark matter" and its ubiquitous nature in our Universe. Please visit the following link to learn more about the NGC 2300 group of galaxies and dark matter.

The Daily Galaxy via NRAO


- Need to widen the article. I found it interesting..

I have worked on Dark energy & Dark matter like Where they form? How they form? How they interact with White matter?  On the basis of it many mysteries of GR - Quantum will solved like- Reason of Gravitation? Why Einstein mathematically correct but logically wrong? How planets are formed in our SS? How Galaxies are formed? Role of Black hole in Galaxy. What are the different stages or types of Galaxy? How stars move from Galactic Disk to Galactic Halo? & many more..

1. Dark matter is also made up of dark atom.

2. Dark matter is more concentrated in the centre of galaxies but it is not the warehouse of them, it is the PRODUCTION HOUSE.

3. Dark matter do not play a major role in galaxy formation, it is a part of GALAXY.

4. Earth has less dark matter but it is not due to very large distance from galactic core.

5. When I say smaller dark atom it means size not its concentration.

6. Dark matter do not plays a direct role in star formation but its alignment will help in star formation just away the galactic core in DISC not in HALO.

My work is important because I am thinking out of box, I am looking the Universe from another window (of Dark Matter & Dark Energy) while our scientific window is different but on many topic we are drawing the same picture of universe. 

Pl. refer to my comments in different magazines, periodicals, blogs & journals

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