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"Our Understanding of Gravity is Fundamentally Wrong" --Two Conflicting Theories of the Universe



This past 4th of July, a European team of astronomers led by Hongsheng Zhao of the SUPA Centre of Gravity at the University of St Andrews presented a radical new theory at the RAS National Astronomy Meeting in St Andrews. Their theory suggested that the Milky Way and Anromeda galaxies collided some 10 billion years ago and that our understanding of gravity is fundamentally wrong. Remarkably, this would neatly explain the observed structure of the two galaxies and their satellites.

In 2009, Zhao led An international team of astronomers that found an unexpected link between 'dark matter' and the visible stars and gas in galaxies that could revolutionize our current understanding of gravity. Zhao suggested that an unknown force is acting on dark matter.

The team believes that the interactions between dark and ordinary matter could be more important and more complex than previously thought, and even speculate that dark matter might not exist and that the anomalous motions of stars in galaxies are due to a modification of gravity on extragalactic scales.

"The dark matter seems to 'know' how the visible matter is distributed. They seem to conspire with each other such that the gravity of the visible matter at the characteristic radius of the dark halo is always the same," said Dr. Benoit Famaey (Universities of Bonn and Strasbourg). "This is extremely surprising since one would rather expect the balance between visible and dark matter to strongly depend on the individual history of each galaxy.

"The pattern that the data reveal is extremely odd. It's like finding a zoo of animals of all ages and sizes miraculously having identical, say, weight in their backbones or something. It is possible that a non-gravitational fifth force is ruling the dark matter with an invisible hand, leaving the same fingerprints on all galaxies, irrespective of their ages, shapes and sizes."

Such a force might solve an even bigger mystery, known as 'dark energy', which is ruling the accelerated expansion of the Universe. A more radical solution is a revision of the laws of gravity first developed by Isaac Newton in 1687 and refined by Albert Einstein's theory of General Relativity in 1916. Einstein never fully decided whether his equation should add an omnipresent constant source, now called dark energy.

Dr Famaey added, "If we account for our observations with a modified law of gravity, it makes perfect sense to replace the effective action of hypothetical dark matter with a force closely related to the distribution of visible matter."

The implications of the new research could change some of the most widely held scientific theories about the history and expansion of the universe.

Lead researcher Dr. Gianfranco Gentile at the University of Ghent concluded, "Understanding this puzzling conspiracy is probably the key to unlock the formation of galaxies and their structures."

In January 2010, Erik Verlinde, professor ofTheoretical Physics and world-renowned string theorist, caused a worldwide stir with the publication of On the Origin of Gravity and the Laws of Newton, in which he challenged commonly held perceptions on gravity, going so far as to state ‘for me gravity doesn’t exist’. If he is proved correct, the consequences for our understanding of the universe and its origins in a Big Bang will be far-reaching.

"Everyone who is working on theoretical physics is trying to improve on Einstein," says Robbert Dijkgraaf, UvA University Professor and current director of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton (where scientists including Turing, Oppenheimer and Einstein have worked) In my opinion, Erik Verlinde has found an important key for the next step forward."

Verlinde, who received the Spinoza prize (the Dutch Nobel Prize) from the Netherlands Organisation for Science, is famous for developing this new theory, or idea, on gravity in which he says that gravity is an illusion. "Gravity is not an illusion in the sense that we know that things fall," says Verline." Most people, certainly in physics, think we can describe gravity perfectly adequately using Einstein’s General Relativity. But it now seems that we can also start from a microscopic formulation where there is no gravity to begin with, but you can derive it. This is called ‘emergence’."

"We have other phenomena in Physics like this," Verlinde continued. "Take a concept like ‘temperature’, for instance. We experience it every day. We can feel temperature. But, if you really think about the microscopic molecules, there’s no notion of temperature there. It’s something that has to do with the property of all molecules together; it’s like the average energy per molecule."

To Verlinde, gravity is similar. It’s something that only appears when you put many things together at a microscopic scale and then you suddenly see that certain equations arise. "As scientists," he observes, "we first want to understand nature and our universe. In doing so, we have observed things that are deeply puzzling, such as phenomena related to dark matter. We see things happening that we don’t understand. There must be more matter out there that we don’t see. There’s also something called ‘dark energy’. And then there’s the whole puzzle of the beginning of the universe. We now have what is called the ‘Big Bang’ theory.

Verline belives his ideas will shed new light on the concept of ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’ and why they’re important in relation to gravity.

"We think we understand gravity in most situations," he says "but when we look at galaxies and, on much larger scales, at galaxy clusters, we see things happening that we don’t understand using our familiar equations, like Newton’s equation of gravity or even Einstein’s gravity. So we have to assume there’s this mysterious form of matter, which we call dark matter, which we cannot see. Now dark energy is even weirder, in the sense that we don’t even know what it consists of. It’s something we can put in our equations to make things work, but there’s really a big puzzle to be solved in terms of why it’s there and what it’s made of. At present, we have not really found the right equations to describe it. There’s clearly progress to be made in terms of finding a bettertheory of gravity, and understanding what’s happening in our universe."

For example, the Big Bang theory is the idea that at a particular moment things suddenly started exploding and growing, and that our universe got bigger, which Verlinde finds illogical to think it came from this one moment.

"It’s illogical to think there was nothing and then it exploded. We use concepts like time and space," he adds, "but we don’t really understand what this means microscopically. That might change. The Big Bang has to do with our understanding of what time should be, and I think we will have a much better understanding of this in the future. I think we will figure out that what we thought was the Big Bang was actually a different kind of event. Or maybe that we should not think that the universe really began at a particular moment and that there’s another way to describe that."

Verlinde believes that the information we have today and the equations we now use only describe a very small part of what is actually going on. "If you think that something grows, like our universe, than something else must become smaller," he observes."I think there’s something we haven’t found yet and this will help us discover the origins of our universe. In short, the universe originated from something, not from nothing. There was something there and we have to find the equations. It has something to do with dark energy and how that is related to dark matter. If we understand the equations for those components of our universe, I think we’ll also have a better understanding of how the universe began. I think it’s all about the interplay between these different forms of energy and matter.

The Big Bang theory works well in the sense that it gives us some understanding of how particular elements in our universe came about and there are other things that we can observe, like the radiation that came from the Big Bang. But the whole idea of an expanding universe that started with a big explosion will change. "You need to think about the equations in a bigger setting," Verlinde observes. "You need to describe more than just the matter particles. You need to know more about what space/time is. All these things have to come together in order to be able to explain the Big Bang."

Quantum mechanics took approximately 26 years to develop, Verlinde concludes. "We’ve had string theory for 40 years and nothing yet has come out of that which can be directly tested with observations or experiments. I think my idea has a greater chance of being tested with observations, which is an exciting thing. I think it will take no more than 10 or 15 years."

The end result be belives will lead to a paradigm shift in how people think that the universe was created.

Journal Reference: Gianfranco Gentile, Benoit Famaey, HongSheng Zhao, Paolo Salucci. Universality of galactic surface densities within one dark halo scale-length. Nature, 2009; 461 (7264): 627 DOI: 10.1038/nature08437

The Daily Galaxy via University of St. Andrews, University of Amsterdam and Erik Verlinde



Erik Verlinde - a genius that deserves nobel prize - IMO.

The man has a diplomatic way to tell that the emperor has got no clothes. His ideas are not really news for those who strayed away from the confinements of our holy church of the big bang - dark mater - dark energy trinity.
I hope more will find the courage to denounce the dogmatism of the 'dark magic' astronomy


The Trinity Particle
by: Miles Pelton
Nov. 2013
Reasoned consideration for the physics indicated to be required of a particle of energy with which to build the universe where nothing previously existed gives rise to the conclusion that creation would start with a massive quantity of absolutely identical elementary particles consisting of three energy components of equal intensity each with a distinct behavior. The primary component would establish an attraction force (gravity) between other like attraction charges. A second component would establish a repelling force between like repelling energy charges. A third component would establish an attraction (an affinity) force between the attraction and repelling energy charges.
Interaction of the gravity force and the repelling force establishes the separation required for physical presence. Interaction of the affinity force binds the attracting and repelling charges into a composite fundamental energy particle. With one intensity unit of attracting and one intensity unit of repelling energy assembled by one intensity unit of affinity energy, the charges of each trinity particle are in self-contained equilibrium and are detectable only by the force produced. The described elementary energy particle , the trinity particle, establishes the basis for absolutes that have been recognized including: energy is supplied as packets of distinct intensity (quantum); the power of the force produced is infinite and can neither be created or destroyed but diminishes in power inversely proportional to the distance from the source squared; the intensity of the charge that powers the elementary trinity particles is constant; the trinity elementary particle is the carrier of the energy that powers the universe and all that is in the universe.
It is the attraction component of the trinity particle that powers the assembly of elementary particles to form neutrons and protons where the force of attraction translates into gravitational attraction giving mass to each elementary particle and all assemblies of elemental particles. It is the attraction component that is formed into photons by the behavior of protons that gives lines of magnetic force the power to constrict and bind other assemblies with protons. It is the attraction component and the affinity component involved in forming photons that conveys to photons the power to produce illumination, vision and heat.
It is the repelling component of the trinity particle that encapsulates the attracting component and opposes the force of the attraction component giving rise to the formation of matter with a physical presence. It is the repelling component that protons use to surround and encapsulate attraction charges (1,836 units) to make photons. It is the repelling component applied to lines of magnetic force that conveys the power to repel. It is the repelling component encapsulating lines of magnetic force that is fragmented releasing photons to radiate when bonds involved in the formation of atoms and molecules are broken. It is the individual repelling component charges stripped off lines of magnetic force in an electric generator or a chemical reaction that are known as electrons. It is the repelling component charges (electrons) flowing along a conductor that gives rise to the magnetic force field of electromagnets and electric motors. It is the repelling component flowing along a conductor that makes and breaks bonds with each atom as they pass, that releases photons to produce light and heat. It is the repelling component of inter atom bonds reacting to microwave radiation that rupture to release photons that results in the production of heat.
It is the affinity component of the trinity particle that causes the repelling component to bond to, to encapsulate, the attracting component that holds the trinity of energy charges to form elementary particles. It is the affinity between the attracting and the repelling components of fundamental energy that is isolated on a system of insulated conductors that provides the power involved in electrical and electromagnetic energy. It is the affinity component that is active in chemical reactions. It is the affinity component released when the bonds between protons, and other assemblies made of protons, are broken that supports vision and is seen as the glow that surrounds bond fragmenting reactions when the magnitude of released affinity energy is sufficient.
Recognition of the described trinity of components inherent in fundamental energy that powers elementary (trinity) particles opens the door to other unrecognized possibilities. Consider that the trinity of components are the same, albeit interacting differently (flavors). Consider that if the power of affinity between attraction and repelling component charges can drive electricity, technology could be developed to isolate, insulate and drive the attraction component charges, the charges that produce the effect called heat, in a similar manner. In that regard bear in mind that repelling charges expand and dissipate in intensity when isolated from attracting charges while attracting charges isolated from repelling charges contract into a singularity, a center of gravity.
It is postulated that in the course of proton and neutron formation the trinity nature of the fundamental energy maintained on elementary particles of which protons and neutrons are made produces assembly in an arrangement known as quarks. That being the case, assuming each quark is an assembly of 613 elementary particles, quarks would form bonds with 613 times the power of a single elementary particle. Therefore, the combination of forces involved in forming protons and neutrons would include the interaction of the three X613 quarks plus the interaction of the 1,839 elementary particles. This is offered as an explanation for what has been called the strong force that is released when the particle bonds of protons and neutrons are fragmented. It is also offered as an explanation of why quarks do not exist except within whole protons and neutrons. It is also postulated that the explanation offered regarding the behavior of elementary particles explains Dark matter and Black Holes.

The “Electric Universe” model puts electromagnetic energy, and not Newtonian gravity as the primary generator of celestial phenomena. stars are not gravity-based nuclear furnaces but are in fact bodies of electrified plasma. The gravity-based model of stars has failed to predict a single quality of stellar existence or behavior. On the other hand, the plasma/electrical model predicts all the major characteristics of stars.


More evidence disproving Hubble's expanding universe hypothesis: Quasars born from galaxies, with objects near each other having significantly different redshifts.


how is it light moves so fast with no apparent means of propulsion system?

Today Nov.4th 2013 just read in Bloomberg Science's article, claiming the possibility of 8.8 billion planets earth like in our Galaxie.I wrote 3 comments a year ago saying exactly the same thing in your site.

@ pierre that is just common sense, when you consider that everything in our galaxy was made up from the same exact building blocks. It only stands to reason that our world would be common. If you bake a pie with the exact same ingredients but vary the timing and heating process. You will get 2 very different looking and tasting pies but they will be made up of the same exact elements. Maybe not the best analogy but it works.

The second law of thermal dynamics simply states that the universe is headed for certain heat death. The problem with that is what if something creative living within the universe has other plans.

@ Dr Dookie Trouser, indeed the light, moves very fast with no propulsion. This can be explained if we accept that light is simple some interaction and not a beam of photons. Such a case, however, changes many of the current data of science, but I believe that it is necessary and should be investigated.

Seems humans are driven to explain the world in terms that reflect our daily lives. We are constantly looking for the ‘origin’ of the universe and other physics attributes like we when we look at bus on the road we wonder what bus station it originated from. Can this simplistic viewpoint really apply to a universe?

The concept of a ‘Prime Starting Point’ just doesn’t seem to be possible or make sense. Maybe it’s all a problem of our language - we as yet unable to find/invent the right words to describe our frustration and/or what is really going on? We are just a minute point in a fractal element we call the ‘observable universe’. Do we, as humans, really think we can ‘discover’ the secret of the universe and in due time ‘own it’ all for ourselves?

Thank you, resonanz. i agree with your post and what it implies.

"Our Understanding of Gravity is Fundamentally Wrong" and it should be replaced by laws from electrodynamics and magnetism regarding the galactic formation.

Regarding the gravitational ideas in our Solar system, this should be replaced by ideas of pressure, especially from a solar orbital speed pressure on planets and moons AND with "fluctuent shading pressures" from the planetary and lunar interactions. (And the theory of the Solar System formation shall certainly be directly connected to the galactic formation since it is an integrated and orbiting part of the galaxy.

- Measuring astronomical distances by the redshift ideas gives the idea of expansion, which is wrong because the light isn´t constant and it fade out when hitting gas and particles in space giving the wrong impression of expansion. Therefore the idea of Big Bang is also based on the wrong assumptions.

"Gravity is not an illusion in the sense that we know that things fall," says Verlinde.

Yes, the PRESSURE on everything on the Earth - even on an apple :-) - is 1 kg. pr. square centrimetre, creaing the impression that the Earth pulls the apple to the ground = still an illusion.

The above is quite interesting. Remember language hamstrings us in our attempts to describe very nebular thoughts (ideas.....). Nothing has an existance - let's start here, no?

I think The way we are curenly trying to figure things out about the universe and other huge objects relateive to us is wrong its like running on a circular track to get to the end of the first straight away you need to run parellel in the other direction and round 2 curves so we should be focusing on the polar oposite of things like stars and galixies and obzerveable universes and start small, subatomic actualy if we found out all of the functions of subatomic matter and all its components FIRST then all of the bigger thing wouldnt need to be figured out they would all just have to be reexamend with all of the knowlage that we would have at the time and this would be done in small fraction of the time that it would take us to figure out all of the functions of subatomic matter

Could it be gravity is a consequence and not a thing/pulling or electrical attraction just space trying to take its space back like how there's pressure on a submarine but the water is photons and the denser the mass the faster they travel to the center of the mass. and the moon robes a little of the potones as it circles the earth creating tides. Stars all over are univers are pushing out photons inflating the balloon.

i think there is no radiation in darkmatter or darkenergy...

Hello! I think i solved how the gravity works, using theory of gravitational waves. Unlike Einstein, i understood, that like light and electrons, matter is affected with same gravitational waves, only in different wavelenghts.
Here's my theory: http://gravitaatioaalto-teoria.blogspot.fi/
Can you help to tell me what's wrong with my theory? =)

A Ship Travels Faster than Light

The nature of testing whether or not a mass can physically withstand traveling at speeds faster than light have totally been underwritten by modern physics based on the natural exhibit of a singular particle and its spin.
In what Kawecki calls " The Quantum Light Speed Theory' is how he will explain in detail the best evidence to superluminal space travel theory obtainable in today's modern physics history that shows physical evidence to his hypothesis he was led to be a part of in "DIRAC'S SEA". Dirac’s Sea is observing space as a three dimensional realm in the same way we take for granite our planets ocean. From head to toe space also has a surface like are oceans and is a place which the planets above reside.
Research on the possibility of faster than light space travel can well be addressed with the work of Paul Dirac physicists at Cambridge University in 1925 Dirac's work on anti-particle behavior at this time show that what is called THE DIRAC SEA equations act relative to the effects of an external force as Albert Einstein's work on relativity and light speed doctrine this external force of gravitation acting on all particles and matter on this planet.
Dirac's work mentioned that when the positive energy electron particle is in a ZPE state or field vacuum it resides at rest. This evidence refers back into the Quanta Physics Study and chapter of Quantum Light Speed Hypothesis in the manner that infers to the Interstellar space field realm. Dirac's hypothesis on particle behavior and referring to the activity of electrons and the electron antiparticle raises the issue to faster than light speed possibilities that in Quantum Light Speed Theory infer the possibilities to time travel within the standard model. Time travel is a full explanation of Albert Einstein and his special theory of relativity but doesn't infer until after light velocity is engaged.
The PE electron (positive electron) is in its lowest energy state when it is not moving. At this point a PE electron has only rest mass energy equal to mc². The faster the PE electron moves the more energy it acquires over and above its rest mass. Momentum or velocity of the electron while at rest retains an energy mass relative to the energy around inferred upon as gravity even though it doesn't move. As a PE electron's momentum increases it moves up the energy ladder this kinetic raise in its energy comes from its surrounding space. On earth the energy of earth’s gravity field force even at rest measures G=6.67428 x 10-11 m3/kg s2.
The Energy Interactions and Behaviors between Particles and their Mass
G=6.67428 x 10-11 m3/kg s2.

Where F is the force, m1 and m2 are the masses of the objects interacting with G {G=6.67428 x 10-11 m3/kg s2.}, r is the distance between the centers of the masses and G is the gravitational constant.
F=G m1/m2/r2
F=G (mass + ke / r) center of the two masses) interaction behaviors.
In 1905, Albert Einstein believed the universe cosmogony was static.

Uniformity: When the area of space and the object in that space are in uniformity when the object in the space is balanced and density are equal to1 as a whole. The physical chemistry of the objects body in space is measured by its energy not its material fiber. In physics, mass–energy equivalence is the concept that the mass of an object or system is a material-measure of its energy content.
Where F is the force, m1 and m2 are the masses of the objects interacting with G {G=zero}, r is the distance between the centers of the masses and G is the gravitational constant.
F is the force. m1 is the mass of the object (plural) -m2 interacting with G {G=zero}, r is the distance between the centers of the masses.
Note: this only applies to objects with rest mass. Anything with 0 mass can travel at light speed easily.
The post common doctrine for kinetic energy is raised from the momentum of a moving object where an external field and its energy can be measured to change its energy potential conservation. Since no such energy exist in the beyonder space in its field and is considered empty space there exist no interaction as explained in the theory withstanding:
Frame of reference
The speed, and thus the kinetic energy of a single object is frame-dependent (relative): it can take any non-negative value, by choosing a suitable reference frame. For example, a bullet passing an observer has kinetic energy in the reference frame of this observer. The same bullet is stationary from the point of view of an observer moving with the same velocity as the bullet, and so has zero kinetic energy.
By contrast, the total kinetic energy of a system of objects cannot be reduced to zero by any suitable choice of the inertial reference frame, unless all the objects have the same velocity meaning that if the speed of gravity is measured to be traveling at the speed of light there can exist no initial reference frame by which a kinetic value can be uniformed since in space all the objects in the gravity all have the same initial velocity.
. It is assumed that the body starts with no kinetic energy when it is at rest (motionless). In space since the momentum of the object is not measured as a negative respond on the body but measures a positive proportionate free fall motion in space the rigid body’s gain of kinetic energy is subtracted in the balance. The instantaneous free fall gain expansion acceleration enforced by the objects propulsion force of acceleration in a zero point reference frame. In such a case there exist a mass and kinetic energy balance.
Albert Einstein asserted that gravity in space is traveling at the speed of light
In any other case the total kinetic energy has a non-zero minimum. We observe the cosmos and the galaxies moving away from us – is the bullet passing an observer has kinetic energy in the reference frame of this observer. The same bullet is stationary from the point of view of an observer moving with the same velocity as the bullet, and so has zero kinetic energy. The universe surpasses itself with a cosmological constant of zero gravity. Since the galaxies are moving away from each other , the observer from one of these galaxies traveling towards another gains no kinetic energy.
Where on a planet the kinetic potential of energy loss is contradicted by its mass energy potential, in space is over laced as a kinetic energy source for gain. The interacting between mass potential at rest and kinetic mass gain are contradicted by the potential mass equaling c and its interacting kinetic values equal to c where the loss is between the interaction is measureable at r which is its gravity.(without reference to speed) The ship accelerates gaining acceleration in a field that is already moving at light speed. He accelerates with a rest mass energy conservation measuring zero but having the potential of c energy already enabling him to travel close to the speed of light racing with the force gravity is traveling before any kinetic energy over exceeds him balancing with his ship’s center of mass.

It is assumed that the body starts with no kinetic energy when it is at rest (motionless) in space F=G m¹/m²/r³. Potential energy m¹ having the potential of c¹, where m² as a source of energy also has potential energy in equal with c¹, where r is zero. Force drive kinetic energy is a source of expansion gained by the displacement of G, to be driven is balanced based on negative g equals c². C is used for the speed of waves in any material medium, and c0 for the speed of light in vacuum. According to special relativity, c is the maximum speed at which all matter and information in the universe can travel. It is the speed at which all massless particles and changes of the associated fields (including electromagnetic radiation such as light and gravitational waves) travel in vacuum. An object will continue moving at its current velocity until some force causes its speed or direction to change.
In mathematics, two variables are proportional if a change in one is always accompanied by a change in the other, and if the changes are always related by use of a constant multiplier. The constant is called the coefficient of proportionality or proportionality constant.
If one variable is always the product of the other and a constant, the two are said to be directly proportional. x and y are directly proportional if the ratio \tfrac yx is constant.
If the product of the two variables is always equal to a constant, the two are said to be inversely proportional. x and y are inversely proportional if the product xy is constant.

State of least energy'
A key concept is the center of gravity of a body at rest: it represents an imaginary point at which all the mass of a body resides. The position of the point relative to the foundations on which a body lies determines its stability in response to external forces. If the center of gravity exists outside the foundations, then the body is unstable because there is torque acting: any small disturbance will cause the body to fall or topple. If the center of gravity exists within the foundations, the body is stable since no net torque acts on the body. If the center of gravity coincides with the foundations, then the body is said to be metastable.
In physics, the line of action of a force F is a geometric representation of how the force is applied. It is the line through the point at which the force is applied in the same direction as the vector F→.
The concept is essential, for instance, for understanding the net effect of multiple forces applied to a body. As an example, if two forces of equal magnitude act upon a rigid body along the same line of action but in opposite directions, then they have no net effect—loosely speaking, they cancel one another out.
The kinetic energy of a non-rotating object of mass m traveling at a speed v is ½mv²c.
In physics, a force is said to do work if, when acting on a body, there is a displacement of the point of application in the direction of the force. For example, when a ball is held above the ground and then dropped, the work done on the ball as it falls is equal to the weight of the ball (a force)
The kinetic energy of an object is the energy that it possesses due to its motion.
Where physics defused the definition of inertia to include being inside the matter doing the work. For instance, a ship's engines and their propulsion value are parts of the body therefore do not apply as a kinetic force.
It is defined as the work needed to accelerate a body of a given mass from rest to its stated velocity. Having gained this energy during its acceleration, the body maintains this kinetic energy unless its speed changes. The orbit kinetic and potential energy are exchanged; kinetic energy is greatest and potential energy lowest at closest approach to the earth or other massive body, while potential energy is greatest and kinetic energy the lowest at maximum distance. Without loss or gain, however, the sum of the kinetic and potential energy remains constant unless effected by G.
Mass due to acceleration: v
Particle physics please
“There exists no line of appointment that says that a piece of matter, a mass or even a particle cannot be pushed to travel faster than the speed of light”.
In physics, the kinetic energy of an object is the energy that it possesses due to its motion. It is defined as the work needed to accelerate a body of a given mass from rest to its stated velocity. Having gained this energy during its acceleration, the body maintains this kinetic energy unless its speed changes. The same amount of work is done by the body in decelerating from its current speed to a state of rest.
1/2mv (wave)
Speed of Light in space
In space there exist no mass and displacement creates a balance in the system there can exists no kinetic mass units.
e propulsion: e=v


Mass, is a characteristic of the total energy and momentum of an object? A single photon or many photons moving in exactly the same direction) have zero invariant mass, and are referred to as massless. If objects within a system are in relative motion, then the invariant mass of the whole system will differ from the sum of the objects' rest masses. This also equals to the total energy of the system divided by c2. If in displacement the mass of the object equals zero than the total energy of a system is not divided so there is no loss in the energy system.
We look at an object having zero mass when its body equals 1G on earth. With no interference of air resistance, friction etc.., e of the moving body is not divided by c-2.
e in a particle is in a closed department so it is bound by its density.
When a NE electron (negative electron) is not moving, it resides in its highest energy state with rest mass equal to -mc². Presumably, a particle with negative mass would fall up in a gravity field, but no such particle has ever been observed. As an NE electron moves faster, it actually loses energy and moves down on the energy ladder. Observing NE electron particle activity does not explain adding the force of propulsion to ad acceleration.
To try and explain FTL theory the NE particle must retain an acceleration force behind it to conclude whether FTL of such a particle is possible. According to Relativity a particle cannot exceed the speed of light is a physical quantity from which FTL cannot be summed with because there exist no added force of acceleration. Rod Kawecki's theory on faster than light possibilities is based on whether or not a limited particle mass can be physically and separately using a propulsion force be accelerated to a velocity faster than light is the hypothesis not whether a material particle can exceed its natural velocity. {Q.L.S.T.( If you ad energy to a neg. electron it will slow down)}.
The negative electron can lose energy without limit continually increasing its velocity. {Q.L.S.T. (While its opposing particle the PE resides continually at rest during this time in phase)}. Because of electromagnetic positive and negative charge interaction, a electron by emitting a photon of light carries away the extent energy between any of the two acting state. This hypothesis in Quanta Physics asserts that while the particle mode is in negative state velocity that its counter-part PE electron resides at rest assert the emitting of positive energy flow. Referring to speed of light in vacuum..one can assert that matter or massive particle components "e" resume an at rest characteristic of the phase from phase one velocity. Also that superluminal space travel in vacuum space the NE electron asserts dominion stability when engaged against Quantum Light Speed Force...or engaged torque speed entailed in a zero point energy vacuum space field condition space. With these qualifications when we review what relativity asserts as infinite mass we can resort to this resolution of particle phase of the Quantum Light Speed Hypothesis explained here.
We must include the facts on infinite mass theory with negative vacuum space field theory to cancel out the infinite equation. We discover that the Quanta Physics Study illustrates an empty space circumstance field grade thereby not enabling the idea of a negative energy space type field space. The Dirac Sea scheme that the vacuum is empty of positive-energy electrons assumes to be correct allowing the resolution to a cosmic solar wind activity and sound effect in space but he also claims that the Interstellar space field is filled with an ocean of negative electrons.
This assertion in Quanta Physics refers back to the idea of what dark matter is or contains for its components. The idea that Kaweckian Space is a lot more less than even that as an equilibrium which negative density is the component in itself for a space field chemistry definition also shows that it is not a material quantity of the space field that is infinite but the dark matter it arose from and or by it. This idea also opens the realm to multiple disk type universes throughout infinity.
The Dirac examination on antiparticle and or particle behavior illustrates a particle that will travel through empty space at innumerous speeds that resume and are superluminal in characterization but can be accounted for when we include the negative counter velocity part space field density which in Quanta Physics is increased to a 10 -460 vacuum for the beginning of the universe's birth that is accounted by the torque velocity exclusion of gravitation in the E=Mc² equations and the negative density of the dark matter space field at the time of the big bang event.
We look at space in two ways. One that it has a bottom ground called the fabric of space Two that it has an empty space atmosphere that surrounds the planetary bodies in it. With the second choice the field density of the field measures zero. It is in balance as equilibrium because it has a zero point space that assumes the activity of momentum brought along by mass. It is also expenditure space meaning it tells matter where to move whereas matter tells space where to go. Because matter is never at rest in space its potential energy is based on an added presents for propulsion and is part of the body making the body positive in nature. The fabric holding the space above it is also positive and is what causes space to ad a proportional push to it adding acceleration to the mass aside from its already potential energy.
Kinetic energy on the positive body in space can be raised to speeds close to the speed of light and then have to be pushed further to travel in superluminal velocities. The added push of the fabric pushes the positive body proportionate to the establishable propulsion force of the ship meaning that if the ship can travel close to light speed it will travel even faster in space under normal conditions. Since this condition does include time travel as maintained in relativity faster than light speed space travel is said to be instantaneous to its mobility nor is the infinite mass theory need to be enclose time is measured as the period of the distance traveled and is not considered a dimension of its own..
Mass is always equal to the total energy (rest energy plus kinetic energy) divided by c². Mass is exactly proportional to the energy. Mass and relativistic energy are nearly synonyms; the only difference between them is the units. If length and time are measured in natural units, the speed of light is equal to 1. . Then mass and energy have the same units and are always equal. Mass of a moving object is larger than the mass of an object that is not moving. The rest mass of an object is defined as the mass of an object when it is at rest, so that the rest mass is always the same, independent of the motion. When motion occurs it is kinetic energy dependent of the motion. It is always greater than its rest mass.

An objects rest mass stays the same no matter what, but its kinetic energy that it uses when moving is measured as c². In all since the kinetic energy is what puts the mass ar rest in motion it is separate of the mass at rest. c²=v
e=c ek puts m in motion
Where the kinetic value is always greater than the object rest mass - c
c¹ Newton mechanics e1/c1
c² Einstein mechanics e2/c2
Object in motion has no constant force weightless in space e1/c1, e2/c2 e3/c3 etc ..needs not a constant force.(no infinite energy)
e=p propulsion
1e=p propulsion 1
2e=p propulsion 2 engines 1,2,3
Energy equivalence: m0/ek0
If m equals zero, mass energy equals zero
Energy equals c
e=c² 3,459,600,000 sq. Speed of light squared units
As a whole the physical chemistry of the objects mass in space is measured by its energy not its material fiber. If the environment density acting on the mass is equal to zero the masses energy is equal to zero. Since there is no energy interacting on the mass the product of c is equal to e. And since there is no kinetic value the objects mass is zero it is the potential of e propulsion that forms empty motion in weightless space. Where c² might be limited using c² in relativity in Quanta Physics e is not in both relativity and quanta physics theory.
Petal to the metal: Constant acceleration equals zero traveling in weightless, energy less space equilibrium. (infinite mass also equals zero) 0-1.
Energy that moves along with an object (that is, all the energy which is present in the object's rest frame) contributes to the total mass of the body, which measures how much it resists acceleration. Each potential and kinetic energy makes a proportional contribution to the mass even if a box of ideal mirrors "contains" light, then the individually massless photons still contribute to the total mass of the box, by the amount of their energy divided by c².
Resolution for Relativities Infinite Mass Library
We can observe mass in a two way mirror. At the front of the mirror is the mass, an object any object mass is represented in a picture. On the other side of the two-way mirror is an outline of the mass object that is on the front of the mirror. This outline is the mass at rest - it retains no kinetic energy for momentum. As our object gains momentum our objects outline begins to be filled with a light cloud. This cloud gets deeper covering the whole inside of the outline until finally the objects motion reaches the speed of light. According to relativity c² is an infinite limit called infinite mass.
Accordingly, the object that is now filled with energy can accelerate no further.
We observe this fact in relativity where in Quanta Physics web resort to reevaluating e=mc².
In the equation we have visualized mc² and its kinetic energy for motion to be a limit but now we review the facts and discover that in E part of the equation we find the (F) the same value that is used in Newton’s law is not part of the objects rest mass but is an extension for acceleration and force so it retains attributes by itself. E also retains a limit in c²., the only difference E is singular to m which is the mass. We evaluate E and it is used for propulsion so we label it 1E which is also represented in Newton’s equations for F whereas in relativity is C¹. In relativity we discover that the new equation for c² is 2E which equals the speed of light. We resolve the matter by asserting that 3E represents a third equation for propulsion and we label it 3E. We observe each step to be an equal value in physics and measure propulsion with the speed of light.

c¹= 0 to local accelerations here on earth.
C²= the speed of light (illustrated as a single engine quantity.
C³= 3E is a added source for propulsion of the object and is not a part of that systems units is the reason it is labeled 3E.

Einstein Street

The Universe is round like a balloon. Its diameter is 93 billion light years across measuring as a balloon 229,000 mil light years. A ship travels in any direction will travel rite back to the place it launched. A ship traveling at the speed of light can accelerate up to close to 450,000 miles a second if it had the engine capacity to do it. This does not violate relativity – it’s based on the universe’s length as a balloon (450,000 miles a second) which allows it. Space is warp not the celestial matter in it that doesn’t change. But a ships speed can zoom to close that 2.7 light speed. Space is warp meaning that it was stretched, curved, bent and blown up creating a dark black hole that releases pressure from somewhere in the cosmos dark matter element. Matter survived without diminishing and lays on top of the warp space. What makes the matter in the universe to expand is the pressure from the hole in it. Space has been warp and as consisting as a empty expanding vacuum has a zero point vacuum ground density but since it doesn’t consist as a close compartment as relativity insist it does – means that there exist no real limit to a ship velocity traveling on this expanding bubble. The galaxies orbit spreading at 2.7 miles a second per second away from each other at the edge of the universe. Physicists think that faster than light speeds in such a condition would illustrate a un-balance in the galactic orbitration speed meaning that the distance because of the expansion and its speed between galaxies is too much. We measure the distance between the galaxies and think how much they spread a part at 450,000 miles a second each second as way fast and way far a part. Its all happening at the edge of the universe. The room between celestial sphere at the edge is the oldest area of the balloon. As the balloon gets bigger and bigger more and more room is available making the velocity the sphere’s orbitrate giving them the velocity under the open pressurizing realm more freedom. We don’t feel this change in the realm pressure because we reside in its grip but we can measure it from a distance. The space it resides in – is warp from the beginning but retains as a emptyness. The speed a ship can travel through this warp ship can be measured a sum Quanta Physics Theory by this author Rod Kawecki has deciphered. We have measured the speed between the galaxies and the velocity they expand at the universe’s edge and divide that distance and separation velocity by the speed of light which equals 278,000 miles a second..divide this sum by the speed of light equals 2.7 thousand miles a second. This is how we decipher the available universal speed limit in the equation sum’s. Albert Einstein deciphered the universal speed limit saying it was the speed of light because light measures at both levels a mass scale and a non mass scale which fits well with measuring particle masses but does nothing for the universe’s speed limit. He deciphered these barriers with gravity and assume empty space as static electricity. He also assumed his speed limit with a close universe compartment or as a bubble that has limited realm equilibrium of space. And its not – we reside outside the balloon or bubble surface. Reading The Quanta Physics theory you can discover the equations that prove this and why. Einstein also considered the zero point vacuum energy of open space possibly by adding a zero to his light made of ship. He never looked at squaring the velocity as in his equations but others have like Star Trek engine propulsion possibilities. The difference between general relativity and special relativity using time travel as a barrier traveling pass light speed you will time travel – is beyond the real truth. I have written five books using these deciphered changes found in relativity and my sixth will include the realm of the universe as I have mentioned in short length here but more are shown. All my books decipher as theory with faster than light hypothesis deciphered equations and explain the differences and why. I think we have to acknowledge a new beginning in a commercial space environment future from earth. I always wondered if god made a cat animal heaven like us – what you think.

The anisotropy & non-uniformity of CMBR are sufficient reasons for the fact that CMBR is not the remnant radiation of the Big Bang. Read http://phys.org/…/2015-02-big-quantum-equation-universe.html It is already proved beyond any doubt whatsoever that Big Bang has never taken place. The very adopted paradigm of physics including Big Bang Theory & Cosmic Inflation has been mathematically, theoretically & experimentally proved as baseless in the published paper "Experimental & Theoretical Evidences of Fallacy of Space-time Concept and Actual State of Existence of the Physical Universe" which is available at the journal site at http://indjst.org/index.php/indjst/issue/view/2885. Read http://www.express.co.uk/…/Stephen-Hawking-says-there-is-no…. Absence of Black Holes means Stephen Hawking has finally accepted that there are serious problems with both Newton's perspective of Gravity & Einstein's General Theory of Relativity because both require Black Holes at the center of the galaxies.This justifies standing open challenge to the adopted paradigm of physics which is at http://www.worldsci.org/php/index.php?tab0=Abstracts&tab1=Display&id=6476&tab=2 and at http://www.gsjournal.net/Science-Journals/Essays/View/4018.

'Einstein was the greatest scientific trickster ever' has been unraveled through published scientific research papers and Einstein paradigm shift of physics in 1905 has been shown to be based on a baseless theory.
Mass/inertia is has been shown to be because of electromagnetic interaction of matter with aether whereas physicists have been making all sorts of manipulations since more than a century. Newton & Einstein had rejected aether before introducing their laws & theories. Whereas aether has been shown to be existing and containing the secrets of light & time. Once aether is accepted space is again finite & absolute and filled up with aether, the electric dipoles, and it is aether through which forces of nature are transmitted as against the irrational action at a distance through fields without knowing the physicality of the fields, time is emergent & relative depending upon motion of the observer, and as humans perceive it, time is emergent and matter is not absolute but emergent. (This alternative paradigm reveals that there is very powerful God who has power on matter & time and everything existing in the finite space and existence of God is the prerequisite for the creation & existence of universe ).
In brief the scenario is as under
Aristotle:- Space- absolute & finite; time- absolute, matter-absolute, light/radiation- not properly known
Newton:- Space, time & matter same as Aristotle; light a wave-motion with corpuscular theory
Einstein:- Space- interconnected with time & emergent, Time-emergent & interconnected with space & relative, matter & Energy (light/radiation) is absolute & transmutable and light/radiation as wave-motion with no clue as to what is light/radiation physically.
Final state of existence:- Space-absolute & finite, time- emergent & relative depending on the motion of the observer/body with respect to aether at rest frame of reference, matter-emergent & finite, light/radiation- a electromagnetic disturbance of electric dipoles of aether creating a wave motion and all forces of nature being
electromagnetic forces which is being transmitted through aether, the electric dipoles.
Following is the list of my published scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals & sites where these articles are available
1. Experimental & Theoretical Evidences of Fallacy of Space-time Concept and Actual State of Existence of the Physical Universe
2. Foundation of Theory of Everything: Non-living Things & Living Things (Revised version on World Science Database, General Science Journal, Vixra and Academia.edu in my profile)
3.Michelson-Morley Experiment: A Misconceived & Misinterpreted Experiment
4. Energy Theory of Matter & Cosmology (Revised version on World Science Database, General Science Journal, Vixra and Academia.edu in my profile)
5. 'On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies' by Albert Einstein is Based on Trickeries (www.elixirjournal.org Feb.2012)
6.Ultimate Proof of Energy Theory of Matter & Cosmology
7. Theory of Origin & Phenomenon of Life
These publications are available at the journal site of Indian Journal
of Science & Technology (a peer-reviewed journal) www.indjst.org
(March 2012,oct 2010, oct 2011,Aug 2010) and also on www.gsjournal.net, www.worldsci.org, viXra, Intellectual Archives, ResearchGate & Academia.edu in my profile.
On the basis of above-mentioned articles an open challenge has been put forward to the adopted paradigm of physics. The standing (till date) open challenge could seen at

I would be happy to explain ANY gravitational system simplely. But I have yet to fine anyone who will ask "How ?".

Gravity is an expression of the interaction of primary energy with matter! Dark energy interacts with matter - the more matter, the stronger interaction!
Gravity is a result of the ether shadow of matter (regardless of the volume and density and) accept this concept and everything falls into place!
Even if the concept is not exactly more "ethereal vacuum," which is a little closer :)

A "law of gravity" is the law of the investigation, not for reasons which does not mean it is not true in our limited aspects of monitoring of these processes!
It is both modern anatomy-known that human life has a duration of about 80 years, but does not explain why?

We have knowledge of causal processes, not the causes that give rise to them!
And our medicine is primarily based on symptomatic treatment and not the root causes!

It's likely that existing holes to close and form a new constant in an eternal cycle of overflow.
Remember fractal pattern, it is valid from ultra micro ... to super macro. If any of you watched an animated simulation of the process may become "visual" idea, although it is not absolutely accurate, but still-picture!
Decant information matter into energy and vice versa, this closing and opening it to thousands of our years, and so far has not been established, it can only be assumed.

"Islets" who constantly pour melted and there are new ... such an island of a "scientist" ever occurred to him called "Big Bang" :) without implying that it is only part of a makromrezha. ..
I am a supporter of the new holographic theory of the universe.
Assuming that matter in the familiar appearance is just a holographic projection of the information is no thought about where "disappears" into the black hole. Because it is found that the information itself remains simply passes of matter into energy!
It is like asking where the light from the flashlight disappears after you exclude?
The logical and reversible process-information in the form of energy goes into feeds into the other dimension. It is not excluded that some black holes can "spew" matter again in our space, but light years away.

Consider this my concept-if the black hole is an area (dot) zero pressure on etheric matter, but kept clean energy in primary form - ZERO SPACE, logically existing etheric outside pressure to "nablaskva" matter inside as well as take away the cap in the bath! The more of this information - material passes into primary energy, more grow this primary energy. The difference in the process of "absorption" and "vomit" determines whether the black hole itself is increasing or decreasing, the factors for this, we can only guess.

Stars, planets ... There are many simple logic - where matter, there is obtained less ethereal density because it shift "energy density" (do not know how else to call it) and hence etheric pressure on the muon in matter causes gravity.
We talk about the interaction of information on the energy level ...
Bubble in water - in the air bubble is shifted volume of water, and she pressed on all sides. This example is very stupid, but I do not have another ...

If my theory is closer to the truth should of star and planet with the same mass (theoretically) and huge temperature difference on the planet to take account of higher gravity!

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