New Insights into Black Hole Jets --"Contain Atomic Matter Emitting at 66% the Speed of Light"
Hubble Captures Amazing Cluster of Some of the Most Ancient Stars in the Universe --"It could Hide a Rare Type of Black Hole"

A New Look at the Search for Advanced Extraterrestrial Civilizations (VIDEO Interview)




David Brin is the award-winning author of the highly regarded ‘uplift’ novels that include Startide Rising (1983), The Uplift War (1987), Brightness Reef (1995) and most recently, Existence (2012) -a fictional look at the Fermi Paradox. Brin is known as a futurist whose scientific work ranges over topics in astronautics and astronomy to forms of dispute resolution and the role of neoteny in human evolution. His Ph.D in Physics from the University of California at San Diego followed a masters in optics and an undergraduate degree in astrophysics from Caltech. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the California Space Institute and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Brin has served on advisory committees dealing with subjects as diverse as national defense, space exploration, SETI and nanotechnology, future/prediction and philanthropy.



The drake equation is a trick equation that only explains our exsistance on earth. The equation will always be true because one planet, our earth, has a pre-advanced civilization with no evidence that any of the other planets around their stars ever developed life.

No dyson spears, no beacons emanating from our milkey way galaxy means there is something wrong with the drake equation, and needs a second look at how impossible how earths life evolved, and why there are no other advanced civilizations out there.

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