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"We Will Send Robots to Read the Genomes of Alien Life Forms and Replicate Them Back on Earth"



In 2010, Craig Venter, who helped map the human genome, became the first to successfully create “synthetic life,” using chemicals and inserting DNA into the cell of a bacteria —putting humankind at the threshold of the most important and exciting phase of biological research, one that will enable us to actually write the genetic code for designing new species to help us adapt and evolve for long-term survival.

Venter, the scientist famed for his role in sequencing the human genome, has answered a question that lies at the heart of biology: “What is life?” Life, he asserts, is wholly reducible to the “DNA machines” and “protein robots” that operate within cells, and he hopes to prove it by constructing organisms entirely from scratch, detailing an ambitious vision for a future in which custom-made organisms heal the planet, unlock life's origins and extend humanity's reach beyond Earth in his new book, Life at the Speed of Light: From the Double Helix to the Dawn of Digital Life.

Venter believes scientists will soon be designing basic organisms to include features useful in farming or medicine, as well as sending robots into space to read the sequence of alien life forms and replicate them back on Earth: “In years to come it will be increasingly possible to create a wide variety of [synthetic] cells from computer-designed software. The creation of cells from scratch will open up extraordinary possibilities.”

Venter predicts in the future machines will be able to analyse the make up of genomes and transmit this through the internet or even space, creating more possibilities in the search for alien life: “The day is not far off when we will be able to send a robotically controlled genome sequencing unit to other planets to read the DNA sequence of any alien microbe life that may be there. If we can . . . beam them back to Earth we should be able to reconstruct their genomes. The synthetic version of a Martian genome could then be used to recreate Martian life on Earth.”

The Daily Galaxy via The Sunday Times and Kurzweil AI

Image Credit: Martin McCarthy/iStockphoto


What Venter, and it seems a lot of us have done, is make a wrong turn at, Complicated', and went on to,'Sophisticated', when their high-priced microscope caused them to overlook, 'Simplicity'. D.N.A. Is really just a very thorough version of a fingerprint: Not a cause, but an effect. If we're concerned computers might devastate the world, one of these days, I certainly would not trust a rendition of creation, by a human being. There can be no definition of your life, for it is a definition, being made while you are living it. Although, D.N.A. is good evidence for medicine in a patient's diagnosis, a finer examining into the condition of patient-and-sickness.

in the distant future we will just send countless probes towards all corners of the galaxy targeting rocky planets, once the probes land will start mining, 3D print components and assemble machines that will assemble cells, that will produce life to terraform, and will replicate, evolve and prepare the planet for colonization

So yes... on the one hand this idea is highly fascinating:

sample alien genetic codes remotely, and transmit back the encoding of the genetic code (at the speed of light) via radio communications, and then rebuild the organism on Earth.

No doubt we would learn a lot.

But ultimately, imagine of an alien species did the same thing to us: sampled a human's DNA, and beamed back our human DNA encoding, and then rebuilt a human in the lab.

What would it tell you about human culture? Not much.

The "rebuilt" human would essentially be raised by "wolves" (ie: aliens) and have no spoken human language, culture, or profound insights about humanity to share with the aliens.

Even many non-human animals learn complex behavior from their mothers.

Likewise, any alien "DNA" we sample, and rebuild, will share very little culturally with the originating species, or very little about the profound role of nurture on that alien world.

I would imagine a reproduction of an alien, considering the prior comment, wouldn'survive, at all... Although, the whole concept is creepy, and I do indeed feel, irreverent, in the fact it is reckless to make a move so important with no basis--study into its effects.

I had, also, the opinion of it toward human, 'cloning', as it would be. Although, Singaporistu had a significant idea. True, but we could just use robots to do that; and I also think that if we, natural-born/conceived humans could travel there ourselves, the idea of cloning is inferior.

Observe my equation to 'light speed', on Quora:

This sounds like someone pitching a bad Sci-Fried channel B-movie.

In a world where a scientist has an insanely brilliant yet stupid idea! What could go wrong? Apocalypse ensues, clueless military tries to nuke whatever is eating the world but it doesn't work and we are saved at the very last second by a disgraced scientist's wacky alcoholic nephew pulling something out of his butt that everyone else had previously missed.

When will we ever learn: CLONING ALIENS IS A BAD IDEA.


My scenario extension:

So we sent probes, that created life on other planets, not the life evolved and we go to colonize a planet. However the planet size, gravity, atmosphere and chemistry created a different evolution path and all life is different than earth.

- what will happen if we reach one of the planet a bit late and then the new organisms or animals are evolved and some are aggressive to us? Will we get rid of those animals?

- what if we are billion years late(busy with other things) and life on that planet evolved into intelligent life that claim the planet and cannot let us colonize? Will we get rid of them?

- What if the life on this planet was seeded by other alien race and tomorrow they come to reclaim and colonize?

Food for though

So HOW will these robot probes "read" the DNA of purported alien life? (Alien to us, that is.)

Any chance these robotic probes, for the purposes of general utility, resemble the humanoid form? And that they will capture a few alien beings in order to take samples and perform whatever experiments are needed?

Like say the "gray alien" forms which "abduct" humans in order to perform biological analysis of samples taken from the humans?

No matter how advanced we may think we are, we are primitive ignorant rookies of all. We have a gene from our past that has the memory and the key to all answers, the only problem with that is that we think we are omnipotent and unique instead ordinary and by separating ourselves from the whole is impossible for us to understand the truth. It will be many many many moons before man evolves enough to become part of IT, in the mean time I cry for all the suffering we put ourselves through just because we rather be blind and powerful , than enlightened and humble.
I have travelled many lives and the memory is always the same , man suffers man dies man kills each other, right now we are still animals we are just the moat advanced of our planet but what is our planet compared to whole universe?, what are we compared to the highest intelligence?
I hope human kind one day sees without eyes, and feels without touch enough to bring total peace and balance to our planet. ONLY THEN WE MIGHT BE READY TO UNDERSTAND THE SIMPLE TRUTH!!!!

How very exciting... I want 30 years of my youth back. Mr. Craig Venter, and his people can do it too.

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