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Major Building Block of Life Found Seeded Evenly Throughout the Cosmos

Comment of the Day: "We Simply Must Assume Life in the Universe is Abundant"



"Well, this should settle any questions about the Fermi paradox. The universe is clearly set up to create life in infinite forms. We know life on this planet lives and adapts to all environments. We also know that carbon based life forms, are not the only possible way for life to emerge. If the basic building blocks are spread throughout the cosmos then we simply must assume life is abundant. Maybe not intelligent, but certainly microbial."


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The image above shows NGC 1275, Perseus cluster of galaxies that lies about 230 million light years away toward the constellation of Perseus, where the disk of the dusty spiral galaxy near the image center is cutting through a large elliptical galaxy, visible predominantly on the lower left. Each galaxy spans about 50,000 light years across.


No we don't. You -can- assume if you like, but there's no 'must' about it. Not until some proof.

Assume maybe was not the right word to use, as it's no longer an assumption but scientific fact proven by actual results. The word i should have used would be deduce. The article gives the proof needed. Along with other countless discoveries of a similar nature. The basic building blocks needed for life to emerge are scattered throughout the universe. Where there are as many as 1 trillion galaxies we can see so far. Each galaxy having anywhere between 100 billion to 1 trillion stars (meaning each on of those could be a possible solar system like ours) harboring countless planets. Also most of the stars in our universe are red dwarfs, which have a much larger so called goldilocks zones. After knowing all of that and still not even coming close to truly exploring this universe. You can seriously sit there believing that this planet is the only one with life on it? You one of those people who believed the Earth was flat until someone literally proved it right.

Is there intelligent life on Earth? Extra Terrestrials scientists debate if in fact that higher forms of life, other than slugs and salamanders exist on Earth.

During the time of the Inquisition the church debated the fact that the world was flat and that Earth was the center of the universe, after several hundred years of wonder; we continue the debate if man is the crown of creation. Life may exist in the universe, but only in a primordial form and not one that can build cities and rocket ships that will fly to distant planets. There are a billions of planets that mankind can spread its seed among the fertile lands; spread man's wild oats(Remember that hay is for horses and cows).

Life is starting everywhere, where there areconditions to start.
That's all, and NO, there is no need to believe in this words.
They are just a fact which we are opposing for so long, because of a historical and ethical reasons.

No we don't. Assuming something when there is zero evidence of said thing is entirely too theological for something this important. Gather data and hypothesize is all we can do. No more, no less.

Sorry Matthew, the possibility to have a car parked in front of your house doesn't prove any car is or ever has been parked there.
It is good we have so many places to look for life but until now there is ZERO evidence of life outside planet earth. I don't want to sound pessimistic, we simply need more time and research to give any answer on the question if there is live out there.
Some other point is that it is highly impolite to use the word "we" in connection with "must"


Life is out there!! it's a mathematical certainty. Civilizations exist everywhere and anywhere there has been the time for life forms to evolve or be seeded by other civilizations. Earth is no miracle. I will never believe but this no matter what any scientist says or doesn't say. We are still in our infancy as sentient beings of the cosmos but that doesn't mean we are the first sentient beings either and to think so is primitive thinking. Here is a question you can ponder over in your head. Why does existence exist? Can it be scientifically proven that we are real? What is real? Is this a dream that just tricks us to believe it's solid and real or are we assuming that our 5 senses are correct? Assuming electrical connections in the Nero biology of our brains are accurate? Fact is we don't have the slightest clue of what's possible but if I had to deduce the universe using Earth as my frame of reference I would be left with no choice but to conclude that the universe is just like earth That would mean the universe is teaming with life from microbial to inconceivable sentient beings and civilizations infinitely more evolved then our own. From the state of our civilization in all it's glory I can deduce that we are new to the cosmos with relation to the age of the universe.
We have barely crept out of the womb in relation to the cosmos and what it means to exist. We believe in traditional theories until they have been proven wrong but do very little to try to prove there relevance and the process of doing so seems to take way longer then it should because of peoples ego's getting in the way of true advancement. People think it's bad to be wrong because we class people who are wrong as less important. To me that is destructive behavior to a civilization who is so young and naïve . all avenues should be considered not just the ones that are closest to the current belief structure. To me it reflects our current progress into space. If your always clinging to your comfort zone and are to afraid to take the risks and make the sacrifices to truly dive into the unknown no matter how scary and dangerous it might appear then we will limit and supress our progress in any area of mystery that we wish to unfold. Which I can clearly see that we have supressed our selves or allowed other members of the human race to supress us by using fear of death as a mechanism to do so. What ever happened to bravery? What ever happened to the child like wonder to just do things on a whim? Just to see and not care about danger. This civilization needs to grow some balls and quit fighting over nonsense. It's immature and embarrassing as a member who sees through the fog of deception present on this planet.

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