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News Physics vs Standard Model --"Capable of Describing Only 35% of the Universe"



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No one knows for sure, but it is not at all unlikely that the universe is constructed in a very different way than the theories and models of today predict. The most widely used model today cannot explain everything in the universe, and therefore there is a need to explore the parts of nature which the model cannot explain. This research field is called "New Physics," and it turns our understanding of the universe upside down.

"New physics is about searching for unknown physical phenomena not known from the current perception of the universe. Such phenomena are inherently very difficult to detect,” explains PhD student Matin Mojaza from Europe's CP3-Origins. The Standard Model needs to be extended so that it can explain the Higgs particle, dark matter and gravity. One possibility in this regard is to examine the so-called technicolor theory, and another is the theory of supersymmetry.

According to the supersymmetry theory, each particle has a partner somewhere in the universe - these have not yet been found though. According to the technicolor theory there is a special techni-force that binds so-called techni-quarks, which can form other particles - perhaps this is how the Higgs particle is formed. This could explain the problems with the current model of the Higgs particle.

Together with colleagues Stanley J. Brodsky from Stanford University in the U.S. and Xing-Gang Wu from Chongqing University in China, Mojaza has now succeeding in creating a new method that can make it easier to search for new physics in the universe. The method is a so called scale-setting procedure, and it fills out some empty, but very important, holes in the theories, models and simulations, which form the basis for all particle physics today. "With this method we can eliminate much of the uncertainty in theories and models of today," says Matin Mojaza.

Many theories and models in particle physics today has the problem that they, together with their predictions, provide some parameters that scientists do not know how to set.

"Physicists do not know what values ​​they should give these parameters. For example, when we study the Standard Model and see these unknown parameters, we cannot know whether they should be interpreted as conditions that support or oppose to the Standard Model – this makes it quite difficult to study the Standard Model accurately enough to investigate its value", explains Matin Mojaza.

With the new approach researchers can now completely clean their models for the unknown parameters and thus become better at assessing whether a theory or a model holds water.

The standard model has for the last 50 years been the prevailing theory of how the universe is constructed. According to this theory, 16 (17 if we include the Higgs particle) subatomic particles form the basis for everything in the universe. But the Standard Model is starting to fall short, so it is now necessary to look for new physics in the universe. One of the Standard Model's major problems is that it cannot explain gravity, and another is that it cannot explain the existence of dark matter, believed to make up app. 25 percent of all matter in the universe. In addition, the properties of the newly discovered Higgs particle, as described in the standard model, is incompatible with a stable universe.




"A part of the Standard Model is the theory of quantum chromodynamics, and this is one of the first things, we want to review with our new method, so that we can clean it from the uncertainties," explains Matin Mojaza.

The theory of quantum chromodynamics predicts how quarks (such as protons and neutrons) and gluons (particles that keeps quarks in place inside the protons and neutrons) interact.

Matin and his Chinese and American colleagues now estimate that there may be a basis for reviewing many scientific calculations to clean the results from uncertainties and thus obtain a more reliable picture of whether the results support or contradict current models and theories.

"Maybe we find new indications of new physics, which we would not have exposed if we had not had this new method", says Matin Mojaza.

According to Rolf-Dieter Heuer, director of CERN in Switzerland, the Standard Model cannot be the ultimate theory, and it is only capable of describing about 35 percent of the universe. Like CP3-Origins, CERN has put its focus on weeding out old theories and search for new physics – this will occur in 2015, when the LHC accelerator starts up again (LHC manet shown above).

CP3-Origins is a center at University of Southern Denmark, researching in the physics beyond the Standard Model. The center focuses on topics such as dark matter, the formation of matter in the universe, and the mystery of what the Higgs particle might consist of.

The Daily Galaxy via University of Southern Denmark


The Electric Universe Theory stands ready to fill in the blanks! Why the scientific community has ignored the electric nature of our universe is beyond me considering the electromagnetic force is 10 to the 39th power stronger than gravity!

Deficiencies in the Standard Model are being compounded by ambiguous interpretation of experimental results in a desperate attempt to support a failing model; in not adequately explaining the majority of observable reality. An example of this is the Higgs boson where its mass cannot explain the combine mass of the top quark and its antiparticle; necessary if the Higgs is to explain the masses of ALL elementary particles.

The origin of mass stems from pure energy rolled up into absolute dense balls where distinct volumes culminate in known particles. Experimentally measured radii of particles show there is, for both composite and elementary particles, a simple correlation between their mass and size, as presented in my ‘Fundamental Principle of Mass’:

Energies involved will then go towards explaining neutrino oscillations and that so called massless particles must have volume in that they have differentiating size and mass, and although extremely small, will be proportional to the energy they carry.

There is a need, if scientific knowledge is to advance, to go beyond the current Standard Model to include explanation as to dark matter and dark energy and where gravity is also very much integral to this new model. Sometimes it necessitates or useful to take current knowledge and start again by using an established paradigm; by using a methodological approach from the most fundamental level and rebuild from there. This I have attempted as a contributive start in my paper ‘Theoretical principle model of forces’:

Very nice post David, thank you for sharing the spreadsheet.

Consider also the shape of the swirling vortexes of energy. They can be balls, but also shells and intertwined rings.

WOW! A great paper on forces:
You mean there is a fifth force of nature that we don't know about? That could explain dark energy.

Quantum Uncertainty; not being capable of explaining the 35% of the "known" universe (thinking optimisticly); not capable of explaining or even properly describe time; and still so many not willing to admit and seek the creator of all things?
(Some questions throw an answer that shows the inmense canyon between intelligence and wisdom.)

Energy is a construct , nothing more . There is force . Movement is a manifestation .

One of the greatest failures of the Standard Model was the “galactic rotation anomaly” that leads to the invention of “dark matter” because the stars in the Milky Way don´t follow the “celestial laws of motion around a gravity centre” which is just another “inventional law” regarding the motions in the solar system.

The movements in our galaxy is a full hydromagnetic circuit in a spherical 3D motion and the solar system is an integrated orbiting and formational part of the overall galactic formation and therefore the solar system gets all rotations and motions from the galactic momentum where large spheres of gas and matter are gently slung out via the Milky Way bars in a helical pattern which both gives rotation and orbital motion to stars, planets and moons etc.

“Gravity” is an illusion and weight is generally speaking just a pressure that origin from a planets orbital speed around the Sun pressing on the different and fluent layers in the atmosphere.

These explanations should be a significant part of the “new physics”.

Ivar Nielsen
Natural Philosopher

Aether has mass, physically occupies three dimensional space and is physically displaced by particles of matter.

There is no such thing as non-baryonic dark matter anchored to matter.

Matter moves through and displaces the aether.

The Milky Way's halo is what is referred to as the curvature of spacetime.

The Milky Way's halo is the state of displacement of the aether.

The geometrical representation of gravity as curved spacetime physically exists in nature as the state of displacement of the aether.

Displaced aether pushing back and exerting inward pressure toward matter is gravity.

A moving particle has an associated aether displacement wave. In a double slit experiment the particle travels through a single slit and the associated wave in the aether passes through both.

I beg you, to take a quick look, at the book, “From the inside of quarks and up to beyond the Universe”. I am sure you will find answers to many of your concerns.

If you like to know a revolutionairy cosmological theory that explains everything you want to know about the Universe try my book Two timeless theories. The book shows why the constant of light speed is a loop thus staying constant and much more.

We already have solutions to almost all of these problems, most of which were just problems with math, variable assignment, and a lack of rigor. Here's around 300 flaws and the simple fix for them, from a simple portrait painter no less:

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