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Researchers believe they have pinpointed the skeletal remains of the first known human-Neanderthal hybrid, according to a study published this May in the peer reviewed scientific journal PLoS ONE. The finding came from northern Italy, where some 40,000 years ago scientists believe Neandertals and humans lived near each other, but developed separate and distinctly different cultures. A segment of a jawbone found during an archaeological dig in the area reveals that the bone’s owner had facial features attributable to both modern humans and Neanderthals, the study explains.

A remarkable finding in 2011 could answer the question whether our human ancestors and the Neanderthals interbred some time after both species left Africa many thousands of years ago. Only 10 years after scientists triumphantly decoded the human genome, an international research team mapped the genes of the long-extinct Neanderthal people and report there's a pinch of Neanderthal in all of us.

The 2011 report capped more than five years of intensive work by a group of 56 international scientists led by German paleogeneticist Svante Pääbo and Richard E. Green of UC Santa Cruz.

The project's scientists used tiny specks of powdered bone retrieved from three Neanderthal females who died in a Croatian cave more than 40,000 years ago to complete the draft of the Neanderthal genome. They then compared the genes to those of modern humans living today in five different regions of the world: France, Papua New Guinea, China, and southern and northern Africa.

The research concluded that humans living today carry between 1 and 4 percent of Neanderthal genes that carry the code for proteins in our bodies. Those genes must have entered our lineage sometime during a 50,000-year period when the Neanderthals and humans left Africa through the Middle East and spread throughout Europe and Asia. The Neanderthals became extinct about 30,000 years ago.

The complete genomes of the Neanderthals and modern humans, whose lineages separated from some unknown common ancestor at least 400,000 years ago, are 99.5 percent identical. They are, in fact, our closest evolutionary relatives. By comparison, humans and chimpanzees share 98 percent of their genes.

The scientists analyzed 4 billion units of Neanderthal DNA, called nucleotides - at least 60 percent of the Neanderthal's entire genome. While incomplete, Pääbo told reporters during a teleconference this week that 60 percent "is a very good statistical sample of the entire genome."

Finding the Neanderthal genes in people living today provides "compelling" evidence that thousands of years ago some interbreeding occurred between the two species, Green said.

The Daily Galaxy via PLoS One, http://news.discovery.com/human/evolution/neanderthal-skeleton-provides-evidence-of-interbreeding-with-humans-130327.htm and http://articles.sfgate.com/2010-05-07/news/20887992_1_neanderthal-genes-neanderthal-dna-neanderthal-genome


Neanderthal was mistakenly spelled wrong in the title.

They then compared the genes to those of modern humans living today in five different regions of the world: France, Papua New Guinea, China, and southern and northern Africa.

Why didn't they compare the genes of Australian Aborigines?

They didn't compare the neanderthal genes with modern humans like Australian Aborigines or with any native peoples of the Americas because they might have got a match and that would have upturned the entire '' out of Africa'' thesis which many now believe is nonsense but you won't hear that anywhere in mainstream science

This study starts with a claim that remains of hybrid has been found, but fails to provide any evidence to support the claim. Instead, they return to earlier DNA studies that suggest interbreeding. The real question is: does the supposed hybrid jaw bone they have uncovered have unusual DNA that supports their claim?


And? Well, I read over ten years ago that a literal neolithic graveyard(lots of individual remains) burial site in Portugal was found and the remains were definitely Neanderthal/CroMagnon crosses. Nuff said? And this was a whole bunch of remains, not just one "love child" produced from some pelvic union with a prolific Neanderwoman and a desperately lonesome or pitifully ugly or sociopath Cromagnon dude who couldn't get a mate from his own tribe, LOL. So gulp that down, science writer desperate for something to alarm us with, and re-research your story.

I really hate it when headlines such as "Neanderthal Tools Reveal Human-like Intelligence and Innovation" imply Neanderthals are not human. Of course they were or they would have NOT supplied from 1% to 4% of our "human" gene pool. A species can not breed with another species. Even sub species have a difficult time such as horse and donkey producing a mule which is sterile and can not reproduce. That's borderline reproduction in that the offspring is sterile and ends there.

Neanderthals were human, just another race albeit another race that emerged way back in time from the same pre-man homo erectus or the like..alike Cromagnon enough to interbreed. Neanderthalcranial/brain cavities were about the same volume as ours on average so it's no wonder they did survive as long as they did. We don't know what events or disease extincted Neanderthal. Or if we know the information is kept secret for some occult reason. It likely was a social problem with Cromagnon vs Neanderthal and the thals were forced out of their hunting/gathering/territorial habitats, their game animal populations depleted seriously by Cromagnon as Cromagnon entered the thal venues -and- likely Cromagnon genocided Neanderthal at the same time since they had advanced weapons, much as USA did with the native American population which thrived so long in that venue, bows and arrows vs fire arms and locomotives and telegraph. Humans historically have been visciously racist.

@Charley: Right in the money. Neanderthals were humans, like us. The genetic evidence clearly indicates that differences with modern human DNA are so small, it can't be possible to count them as a different species. The morphology can be explained also with logic: compare differences in morphology among humans, from pigmees to giant-like individuals; skull of many different shapes, and brain capacity; some with thick bones, others with thin bones.
On the mitochondrial side, absence of neanderthal mit haplogroup in modern species may suggest simply that those maternal lineages were lost in time, instead of the evolutionist interpretation of some sort of sex-related infertility of hybrids.
What I still have yet to see (scientists studying human genetics are atheists most of them, so you know why) is that they have not compared neanderthals of say, "40000 years old" against a "human" of the same age. Why? The most likely scenario is that human DNA that old has as much differences compared to modern human DNA; there you have it. Besides, scientists need to publish always, to get more funding; the more fantastic and amazing and shocking it is, the better! Scientists, especially those that are ambitious, atheists, and immoral, will not hesitate to publish things like that; and Svante Paavo is one of them.

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