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Minerals Essential for Life on Earth Came from Mars --New Evidence


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 “The evidence seems to be building that we are actually all Martians; that life started on Mars and came to Earth on a rock,” says Steven Benner of the Westheimer Institute for Science and Technology. “It’s lucky that we ended up here nevertheless, as certainly Earth has been the better of the two planets for sustaining life. If our hypothetical Martian ancestors had remained on Mars, there might not have been a story to tell. In addition, recent studies show that these conditions, suitable for the origin of life, may still exist on Mars."

Speaking at the at the annual Goldschmidt conference, Benner told geochemists that an oxidized mineral form of the element molybdenum, which may have been crucial to the origin of life, could only have been available on the surface of Mars and not on Earth.

“It’s only when molybdenum becomes highly oxidized that it is able to influence how early life formed,” said Benner. “This form of molybdenum couldn’t have been available on Earth at the time life first began, because three billion years ago, the surface of the Earth had very little oxygen, but Mars did. It’s yet another piece of evidence which makes it more likely life came to Earth on a Martian meteorite, rather than starting on this planet.”

Benner tackled two of the four paradoxes that make it difficult for scientists to understand how life could have started on Earth.

The Tar Paradox: organic molecules, given energy and left to themselves, devolve into complex mixtures, “asphalts,” better suited for paving roads than supporting Dwarwinian evolution. Any scenario for origins requires a way to allow organic material to escape this devolution into a Darwinian existence, where replication with imperfections, where the imperfections are themselves heritable, allows natural selection to avoid a tarry fate.

The Water Paradox: water is commonly believed to be essential for life. So are biopolymers, like RNA, DNA, and proteins. However, the biopolymers that we know find water corrosive. Any scenario for origins must manage the apparent need of life for a substance (water) this is inherently toxic to life.

Steven A. Benner, Planets, Minerals and Life’s Origin, presented at the 23rd Goldschmidt conference, 2013 

Image at the top of the page shows Mars volcanoes Ceraunius Tholus and Uranius Tholus photographed by Mars Express. Although not active now, they were in the distant past. Click for a large, 3-D version.

Image credit: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin (G. Neukum) 

The Daily Galaxy via Westheimer Institute for Science and Technology



I knew it!!!

We are all Martians!

This will be the death of earth religions, all of them.

What if Mars and Earth are related? Considering a periodic cycle of terrestrial planets also fits the data. Life develops within host planets inevitably co-evolving.

If water is corrosive to biomolecules such as RNA and DNA, why are cells basically sacks of water? Something seems wrong here.

I am surprised that "The Daily Galaxy" would publish such a premature speculation as scientific fact.

This could be possible but still no one can really prove evolution. And IF the big bang did happen how did it come about? Hm? http://www.icr.org/home/resources/resources_tracts_scientificcaseagainstevolution/ and it's stupid how scientists gave no credit to God for the 'god partical' they found. If evolution did happen, why are we not evolving? Why hasn't anything else evolved? Evolution is the stupidest thing I and many people have heard of.

This comment is for "Nathaniel Gann"
You had a couple of questions, and some common misconceptions,
I hope I can help clear things up.
So lets start with "the god particle" lets be honest, the god particle has nothing to do with god. The reason they gave it the name was because they needed their work to continue to be funded. Politicians didn't want their money being spent on another particle, they were tired of scientists always looking for particles, so a clever way to get politicians to continue funding their work was giving this particle a clever name. So what could grab their attention? The "God Particle" was chosen. And quiet honestly god doesn't need credit coming from scientists.
Another question you had was "no one can prove evolution" and "if evolution is real, why isent anything evolving" okay well, evolution is no longer a theory. When we look into the generic make up of animals and we look at there DNA, and their RNA. We find huge similarities to other species in other parts of the globe. Depending where the animal lives, they adapt to suit there particular environment. For intence, a ground frog has all the qualities that we know to be normal for a frog. But a frog that lives high in the trees rather than the ground we find differences, like, the flying frog. Now the flying frog doesn't actually fly, but what it does is it glides thru the air. The flying frog has extrem webbing in between it's digits, so when it leaps from a tree, it can safely glide all the way down to the ground. That is a great example of evolution at it's best. Now you may ask yourself, why aren't we evolving if evolution is real? Well I'll give you an example with the answer. Lets look at a shark. If you look at fossils of an old primitive shark from millions of years ago. You will find that the animal has next to no change or very little changes. Why is that? Well when evolution gets to a point that the animal is extremely successful at what is does, then their is no need to change the animal at all. As we say, "if it isn't broken, don't fix it". Now with humans it's the same thing. We are extremely successful at what we do, that their is no reason to make big changes. I am a person of faith believe it or not. But I follow the facts. I refuse to be misguided by a church that interprets the bible a certain way. Some stories were made to teach a lesson on how we should live our lives. And we make the mistake to take the story literally. Allot of stories where metaphorically not literally. Science is like the younger brother that thinks it knows it all. And it does not, that's why every ten years the books are rewritten. But there are somethings that stay the same, even in the new book. And quiet honestly evolution is no longer a theory, it is a fact.

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