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"Self Replicating Robotic Space Probes Could Have Arrived in our Solar System"




Researchers from Edinburgh University have said 'self replicating' robotic space probes from alien civilisations could already have arrived in our solar system according to mathematicians Duncan Forgan and Arwen Nicholson referred to in their paper 'Slingshot Dynamics for Self Replicating Probes and the Effect on Exploration Timescales', could be so hi-tech that they're invisible to human beings, the researchers said. According to the researchers' calculations alien probes would only need to travel at one tenth of the speed of light in order to explore every part of our galaxy within 10 million years.

The two mathematicians analysed the possibility that probes could travel through space in a study published in the Journal of Astrobiology suggesting that alien races could have used the gravity of stars to “slingshot” probes in order to gain speed: a technique humans already use for probes, such as the Voyager. The Voyager space probe uses a 'slingshot' technique but uses planets rather than stars as the Scotland-based mathematicians suggest. The Edinburgh team also analysed how a fleet of probes could 'self replicate' and build new versions of themselves from dust and gas while traveling through space.

"The fact we haven't seen probes of this type makes it difficult to believe that probe building civilisations have existed in the Milky Way in the last few million years," said Forgan. Astronomers found a surprising spiral structure by using ALMA observatory (Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array) in Chile's Atacama Desert shown in the image above. They have discovered a totally unexpected spiral in the material around the old star R Sculptoris. This is the first time that such a structure, along with an outer spherical shell, has been found around a red giant star. It is also the first time that astronomers could get full three-dimensional information about such a spiral. The strange shape was probably created by a hidden companion star orbiting the red giant.

In 2011, Jacob Haqq-Misra a research scientist with the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science suggested that alien objects could already exist in our solar system without us knowing. Haqq-Misra says that "If intelligent, technological extraterrestrial life exists in the galaxy, then it is conceivable that such a civilization might embark on an exploration strategy. Extraterrestrial intelligent (ETI) civilizations may choose to pursue astronomy and search for planets orbiting other star systems and may also choose to follow-up on some of these targets by deploying their own remote exploratory spacecraft. If nearby ETI have observed the Solar System and decided to pursue further exploration, then evidence of ETI technology may be present in the form of such exploratory probes. We refer to this ETI technology as “non-terrestrial artifacts”, in part to distinguish these plausible exploratory spacecraft from the flying saucers of science fiction.

In a recent paper titled “On the likelihood of non-terrestrial artifacts in the Solar System”, published in the journal Acta Astronautica, Haqq-Misra and co-author Ravi Kopparapu discuss the likelihood that human exploration of the Solar System would have uncovered any non-terrestrial artifacts. "Exploratory probes destined for another star system are likely to be relatively small (less than ten meters in diameter), so any non-terrestrial artifacts present in the Solar System have probably remained undetected. The surface and atmosphere of Earth are probably the most comprehensively searched volumes in the Solar System and can probably be considered absent of non-terrestrial artifacts.

"Likewise, the surface of the moon and portions of Mars have been searched at a sufficient resolution to have uncovered any non-terrestrial artifacts that could have been present. However, the deep oceans of Earth and the subsurface of the Moon are largely unexplored territory, while regions such as the asteroid belt, the Kuiper belt, and stable orbits around other Solar System planets could also contain non-terrestrial artifacts that have so far escaped human observation. Because of this plenitude of nearby unexplored territory, it would be premature to conclude that the Solar System is absent of non-terrestrial artifacts."

The Daily Galaxy via University of Edinburgh and


Right. There could also be an invisible monster, living in my kitchen, eating all cookies, that's what i always knew ..

'Researchers from Edinburgh University' .....

You mean people are actually being PAID to produce this BS!

Hey earthlingx....that's exactly what I said when I read the
headline. I might also S#%T gold bricks, but not likely.

LOL, okay, guys...seriously. Nobody's saying "These probes are here, we just can't see them"; rather, the argument is that we have to be aware that our sensibilities dictate a certain perspective be taken, but our perspective is limited to our subjectivity. For instance, that quote from The Origin of Species that's so favoured (when used in part, not in full) by anti-evolution groups and people wherein Darwin says (to paraphrase) "i wouldn't say that the eye could form from the process of natural selection; to me, it seems too complex. But that doesn't mean it couldn't, or didn't happen" basically means this: just because i don't think it is doesn't mean it is not.

We have to start freeing ourselves from the habit of dismissing everything just because we decide we don't think it's likely. The Fermi Paradox basically says "if the Universe is full of alien life, why haven't we encountered it yet?" And arguments like this article reply w/ "who says we haven't. Maybe we're not the right scale, or we see in the wrong part of the light spectrum, or [reasons], to see everything. But that doesn't mean it's impossible for these things to have reached us already."

If you do defecate gold bricks, though, please wash some off and send them my way.

To the commenters with tiny brains and little imagination: You obviously wandered to this article by mistake – go back to the celebrity gossip web sites.

Studies like this border on good hard science fiction. They're interesting but don't tell us anything factual. They're just happy and clever speculation about what-if, like Stross or Doctorow.

The article is amazing. And is amazing that research is finally pointing this out. As for the people that don't see the relevance of such ideas, they feel afraid and prefer to be small and blind.

Maybe that's what is beside our sun! It's been there for a while now, noticed it in May, coming out from behind the Sun, moving forward in front of the sun, on it's way towards earth! Check out Stereo Cor1 Behind ---go back in time, watch it come into view....Looks 'rippley' like this does!

We are the first intelligent life forms in the universe. Let's replicate and conquer! Who's with me? And no we won't be "Borg" like.......Socialists are shit!

Having re-read the article...I stand by my first impression.
It is the cleverest of speculative sci-fi/science. I'm
surprised Michio Kaku didn't write it. Now don't get me wrong
....I like Mr. Kaku...I like his shows....but as to this article
I can write a bunch what if's and or maybe's and make it sound
good...but it's still speculation and nothing more.

Full speed ahead Mr. Sulu, warp factor 5.

Hey lowonprozac...My brains are quite functional and of optimal size...thank you very much. I am also not small or blind...
just realistic. When they have proof...lay it on me.

To those who think this is speculative nonsense I would point out that all they are doing here is reminding everyone that you can't prove a negative. Goodnight Mr. Spock. :)

What's the problem with this "being just a speculation"? If you do not have any imagination and do not make any speculation, how do you go and check out / discover things if you don't even imagine them in first place? That's how science works. All discoveries are made that way: somebody less negative and narrow minded then many of you would just imagine and speculate on something and then try to prove it. Even the speculation of potential past life on Mars has pushed humans to build probes and send them there to see what we can find, so? What's wrong with you people with all this "speculation-sickness"? :D

There is an old saying, "being determines consciousness". When we speculate on how alien advanced civilizations could venture forth into space; we believe that it could not be done is a short span of a life time. We imagine self replicating space probes that would take millions of years to explore the universe. Fist is the believe that we are not the crown of creation (we are the center of the universe),and that our ability to live, work and explore space has a long way to go. I do believe that a technologically advanced civilization would use probes to further is exploration into the cosmos. We laugh at the prospect that life exists outside our own world, because we are the only things that exist in the universe. I exist there for I know that I am the only thing that exists, and I am human therefore I am the height beauty.

I am Narcissus (narcissistic).

The sun revolves around the Earth, and it is the center of the universe

What I meant by being determines consciousness, is that space is an alien thing to us when we don't exist outside the protective shield of earth. Yes, there have been people who have landed on the moon and live in the International Space Station, but for the vast majority of humanity space is a place we can't personally venture into. We feel the Earth beneath our collective feet and we breath the vapors of air in our collective lungs, and so we know what it feels like to to an Earthling. When it come to space we have no such awareness in our day to day experiences, for the bulk of humanity can not go to the Luna (our moon) or to the other planets of our solar system. We are like a person living during the time of the 16th century wondering what it would be like in the twenty-third century. We are in the twenty-first century and can't imagine what it will be like two hundred years from now.

We live on a strife torn planet in a state of ignorance and fear and presumption about way too much. If quantum physics has revealed anything it's the predominant nature of broad uncertainty.

It's a curious thing that in light of what we know that we don't know, we're so inclined to cling to and defend what it is we think we know. That alone can and may be our sustaining environmental undoing. Yet we replicate and presume a future.

So amid the apparent imbalances of our collective state of being, in a state inclined towards violence, secrecy and control, let's at very least take care in what we claim to understand, who and what we believe and in what we willfully dismiss without inquiry.

Its the Title that is the most outrageous of things.

I could also say "Human remains may have been found in a
cavern under the Atlantic ocean" I have just as much proof of that as the authors of this article. It is within the realm of possibilities, however not very likely. It makes for great
science fiction, and is fun to think about(I'd go see the movie) but there is nothing scientific about it, other than
the math that they used to come to these conclusions. That's what earthingx webtrekker and I are saying. I didn't say there was anything wrong with the speculation but I find it amazing that the university of Edinburgh is paying for it. This type of stuff is better left to the scifi writers. Now if they are going for the whole Isaac Asimov scientist turned writer turned scifi writer then more power to them...I'll read that book too.

I note a definite "push" to make more believable numerous theories involving E.T. life in the last year or two.
1. Search for life planets or habitable planets
2. SETI (but it's not produced a thing, at least that the public is privy to)
3. More and more sci fi movies and good ones which involve E.T.s
4. More and more UFO sightings and stories about abductions
5. The Vatican's Pope issued a statement that said essentially E.T.s could exist.

It seems like we're being gradually "prepared" for E.T. presence, either on Earth or like the above article said, on our solar system neighbors or moons or both.

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