Galaxies a Trillion Times Brighter than the Sun Observed Inside Colossal Amoeba-Like Objects
Image of the Day: A View of Spaceship Earth from Saturn


Mouse, you must remember that humans are historically challenged. :)

So it will be humanity's role to bring conscienceness to the universe? That seems a little ecocentric.

OK. What would power such a system?

This is so true in my opinion. Use what nature gave us to it's finest extent. Who knows what that truly means. and how broad its directions. It would be really soothing to know that it was us all along who came up with this idea. So no one to blame but ourselves to the deepest extent.

Beautiful video. Even Evolution is 'Evolving'.

But I feel this video misses context; here's a little Mindmedley, recently published, that explores Kurzweil's concept of 'The 6 Epochs of Evolution' in more depth:

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