Two Alien Planets With 'Endless Oceans' --"Unlike anything in our Solar System"
Betelgeuse --The Red Supergiant 100,000 Times Brighter than Our Sun: An Emerging Supernova


"The intellect of man will govern the motion of the stars" - Nikola Tesla

Very, very cool and inspirational message! Thank you!

If you didn't know what mania was, this would be a good place to start. That, or this is someone trying to be so intellectual that he can't think straight.

It's all good, if you believe that everyone uses their imagination to benefit other people or to empower their best natures, not their worst.

Mihai, that's not one of Tesla's quotes.

It is more a collection of fast moving video effects. Content is minimum. In their minds, the creators of the film seem to have very little room for social considerations. They confuse techno-blah-blah with a credible way to speak for society.

Many people, mostly without realizing it, have given technology the place that should have been reserved for their social and political opinions. The fact that they don't realize it, doesn't make this confusion go away.

Tesla wrote that quote, don't know if it's exactly his idea.
(page 11)

Nice video, though he could improve pronunciation, or include subtitles.

I agree with the message though.

On a second view, his pronunciation is just fine, sorry about that.

MAVEN tastes the air
too thin to hold oceans' broth
wafted on Sol's winds.

Note: this is my entry for NASA's "Going To Mars" campaign. I believe it deserves to win, because in 17 syllables it not only summarizes MAVEN's (Mars Atmospheric Volatile EvolutioN) mission, but also alludes to the meaning of its name as an expert or connoisseur (as though it were a master chef, lifting the lid on the desert planet to sample its boiled away oceans). If you agree with me, please click on the link below to vote for this as one of three haiku to be carried to Mars by September 2014 -- THE FIRST POETRY TO ANOTHER WORLD.
Thanks to you all.

The beginning of infinity? The infinite by its sheer definition means that something has no beginning and will never have an end, so saying that we are at the start of infinity is illogical in its premise. We want to believe that time began with the "birth" of this universe; like those who believed that the world was flat, and we were at the center of the universe. Like those who believe in multi-universes (a mere reflection of this sole universe). In Adam Smith's critic of economics,The Wealth of Nations, he stats that "the wealth of all nations is created by HUMAN LABOR. It was not just pure economics that transformed the land; it was the power of millions of labor hours of workers that transformed the land into the massive city New York is famous for. the industrialization of humankind is a duel edge sword; for climate change is the seeds of our own destruction.

If you could think of humans using their WHOLE brain instead of half their brain (which is all we use right now) then the possibilities have no limits.

Smitt, that which you are saying about humans using half of our brains is not accurate.
Do you mean half, as in one hemisphere? or just 50% of the "total brain capacity" whatever that is?

The whole human brain is engaged in activity more or less - what matters is the connections of the neurons in the brain.

Who says they are God?

So, this guy sees the future of the universe,presumably a human-led future, as a bigger version of Manhattan? I can't think of a worse nightmare, but its typical of the current myopic view of '' technology'' and the transhumanist agenda. People like this guy and Google's Ray Kurzweil see a future for humans as robots with our minds synthesised within. They obviously never heard of Skynet. Its the path towards this video's vision of the future that is ensuring our extinction as a species.

Conversely, Man's "intellect" could also be a fatal flaw and leave us merely a blip in the infinite matter of things where "geology" would reshape Manhattan in it's 'liking' as if we never were. I pray not.

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