Alien Planets Older than Our Milky Way Galaxy --Challenge Accepted Theories
Enormous Magnetic Fields of Embryonic Black Holes --"Trigger the Brightest Explosions in the Universe"

Comment of the Day: "A Hugely Older Universe?" --Unexplained Anomalies



"First is this comment: 'Overall, the information extracted from Planck's new map provides an excellent confirmation of the standard model of cosmology at an unprecedented accuracy, setting a new benchmark for our knowledge of the contents of the Universe.' Then there is this comment a bit further down: 'But because the precision of Planck's map is so high, it also reveals some peculiar unexplained features that may well require new physics to be understood. Amongst the most surprising findings are that the fluctuations in the CMB over large scales do not match those predicted by the standard model.' They're so eager to have the Big Bang confirmed that they accept the anomalies as part of the basic principle, but "needs a new physics" to explain the lumpiness of the universe.

This "lumpiness" (the hot and cold spots of immense dimensions) suggest a hugely older universe, perhaps by billions of years. They do not need a new physics to explain this. What they're seeing are relics of an ancient universe as it's shaped itself over hundreds of billions of years."

Dr. Paul Cook

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Vast, boundless, marginless infinite universe! The entirety appearing throughout infinite space spontaneously. The big bang was everywhere, space response to the emptiness left by matters entropic decay.

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The whole showing throughout unlimited area automatically. The big hit was everywhere, area reaction to the lonliness left by matters entropic decay.

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