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Researchers at the University of Southampton have taken a significant step in a project to unravel the secrets of the structure of our Universe. One of the main recent advances in theoretical physics is the holographic principle. According to this idea, our Universe may be thought of as a hologram and we would like to understand how to formulate the laws of physics for such a holographic Universe.

A new paper released by Professor Skenderis and Dr Marco Caldarelli from the University of Southampton, Dr Joan Camps from the University of Cambridge and Dr Blaise Goutéraux from the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics, Sweden published in Physical Review D, makes connections between negatively curved space-time and flat space-time. The paper AdS/Ricci-flat correspondence and the Gregory-Laflamme instability specifically explains what is known as the Gregory Laflamme instability, where certain types of black hole break up into smaller black holes when disturbed – rather like a thin stream of water breaking into little droplets when you touch it with your finger. This black hole phenomenon has previously been shown to exist through computer simulations and this work provides a deeper theoretical explanation.

Space-time is usually understood to describe space existing in three dimensions, with time playing the role of a fourth dimension and all four coming together to form a continuum, or a state in which the four elements can't be distinguished from each other.

Flat space-time and negative space-time describe an environment in which the Universe is non-compact, with space extending infinitely, forever in time, in any direction. The gravitational forces, such as the ones produced by a star, are best described by flat-space time. Negatively curved space-time describes a Universe filled with negative vacuum energy. The mathematics of holography is best understood for negatively curved space-times.

Professor Skenderis has developed a mathematic model which finds striking similarities between flat space-time and negatively curved space-time, with the latter however formulated in a negative number of dimensions, beyond our realm of physical perception.

"According to holography, at a fundamental level the universe has one less dimension than we perceive in everyday life and is governed by laws similar to electromagnetism," says Skenderis. "The idea is similar to that of ordinary holograms where a three-dimensional image is encoded in a two-dimensional surface, such as in the hologram on a credit card, but now it is the entire Universe that is encoded in such a fashion.

"Our research is ongoing, and we hope to find more connections between flat space-time, negatively curved space-time and holography. Traditional theories about how the Universe operates go some way individually to describing its very nature, but each fall short in different areas. It is our ultimate goal to find a new combined understanding of the Universe, which works across the board."

In October 2012, Professor Skenderis was named among 20 other prominent scientists around the world to receive an award from the New Frontiers in Astronomy and Cosmology international grant competition. He received $175,000 to explore the question, 'Was there a beginning of time and space?"

The Daily Galaxy via University of Southampton

Image credit: MIT



I like this kind of stuff, my name links to my own personal ideas on cosmology, but it may be a little too political and in the clouds for some. Does contain a very good idea to try for a model of dark matter, and so maybe indirectly prove gravity waves.

Makes sense since everything else in the Universe is two dimensional: Positive/negative, light/dark, matter/antimatter, etc.

Even such esoteric definitions as right/wrong, left/right, up/down, good/bad, etc.

This duality seems to be the very fabric of the Universe!

> Researchers at the University of Southampton have taken a
> significant step in a project to unravel the secrets of the
> structure of our Universe.

How would you know this? Seriously. If you understand and have verified its significance, would you please post your mathematical analysis in a footnote? Thank you.

> This duality seems to be the very fabric of the Universe!

You idiot, you're confusing a semantic conception with physical reality.

"Everything else" is not two-dimensional. There are four forces in nature. Is that "two-dimensional"? There are three states of matter. Is that two-dimensional. And the link between the "everything" you site (three examples, wow!) and this research is...well, there isn't one.

No, Sorry, like the Graviton, ZETA, String theory and shortly the Higgs particle, this theory will eventually die the death.

Since Gravity is mentioned, I don't believe I am going off topic by stating that Einstein's concept of Gravity confounds any suggestion that Holography is part and parcel of the Universe.
That Time Dialysis generates the Gravitational 'pull' is a refinement of Einstein's theory. (If you don't ask, you won't know)

John Johnston: Should have said: "This duality seems to be woven INTO the very fabric of the Universe!"

Be that as it may, in the future please don't be so reticent about expressing yourself!

EVENT HORIZON - It appears that what we are talking about; (The description of the Observable Universe as a Holographic Projection upon a 2-dimensional surface) would fit with the idea that the 'Expanding' Universe is in fact collapsing at an ever increasing rate (Dark Energy) into a Non-Local Singularity which forms the center of the Spiral Plane of most every Galaxy.
The Universe could then be described as a projection of that event horizon.

(Canadian equivalent: Eh?)

Can somebody please tell us where the multitude of string theory dimensions are lurking in all of this? I'm also wondering whether space dimensions and / or time dimensions are qualitatively the only two types of dimensions which can exist or be conceived of, within or without a dimensional continuum inside or outside the universe in which we find ourselves at present.

It's turtles all the way down...

Arty's comment about the turtles makes more sense to me than this article or most of the comments (my ignorance being obvious even to me). I think however this is one of the most important subjects we should be attempting to deal with, with the possible exception of the encroaching world-wide tyranny, but I do wish the subject were easier to clarify, or that it would be made more so. Perhaps the two matters could be interrelated, as in if we are indeed living in a hologram, who designed it and how can we escape it if we find the design not to our liking? Just wishful thinking, I suppose ...

Again, we are hearing something based on mans inability to see the complete picture. What is being described is but a minute picture of something so vast that we cannot comprehend it. Searching for the answer is futile without being able to see the whole picture; so we should explore what we know and can use to further the benefits for mankind. It is inconceivable to me to waste time and effort on something which we cannot comprehend, therefore in a logical sense I feel we need to make the most of what we have, and leave the rest to the Lord.

"I feel we need to make the most of what we have, and leave the rest to the Lord."

Groovey that is one of the dumbest statements I have heard in a long time!

John Johnson called me an idiot and that hurt, so I won't call you stupid, just your comment!


I like the topic to be studied by Prof. Skenderis, namely: “Was there a beginning of time and space?” So simple yet so profound. Conceivably unfathomable, but my intuition tells me that time and space are the two most fundamental things which had no beginning and have no end.

Other candidates for things which have no beginning or end might include basic stuff such as order and chaos, also known as the chaorder dichotomy (the one cannot exist without the other).

I’m glad we’re no longer staring ourselves blind against time zero at big bang without being able to imagine what gave birth to the big bang. Hopefully there is a window somewhere in the wall which can be opened to the outside of space where time zero does not exist.

The superstrings display 120 spatial variations of the universe before repeating the cycle of variations, each spacial variation with all of the particles in a slightly different place. We perceive each spacial variation as an instant of time. We normally perceive merely one spacial variation of the 120 spacial variations in the cycle of spacial variations and do not normally perceive the other 119 instances of spacial variations. However, Vietnam vets reported that they occasionally perceived the entire set of 120 spatial variations. One result was that they saw the bullets approaching so slowly that they had 7.4 seconds to get out of the way instead of the usual 0.062 seconds to get out of the way of the bullets fired by the Viet Cong at a range of 50 yards. Masters of the martial arts report that the same situation is occasionally also possible for them.

The universe has 14 dimensions.

Most things are not dualistic as you might think. There is no such thing as the duality of positive/negative (electric) or north/south (magnetic), these aspects have three components. With electric it is ... negative, neutral, and positive (AC) or - , 0 , + (DC).... with magnetism its north pole, bloch zone, south pole. The dualistic components cancel each other out in the middle and create a region of zero charge or zero force, this is the triality that exists with duality.

"Was there a beginning of time and space?"

No, energy can't be created or destroyed.

Science fiction can be written in any language, including the languages of mathematics and computer simulations. Real science is based on observation and experiment, and until "black holes" "curved space time" and on and on ad naauseum are observed or tested there remains no evidence of their existence, despite the dogmatic ideologies, appeals to authority and over-complicated maths to the contrary.

The reductionists cling to the big bang which of itself is utterly unfathomable and a fantastically improbable event. Going outward leads to a supposed infinity as does going inward at the atomic level. Something else is happening and observation may be skewing any understanding. There may be no possible fathoming of it at all. One theory is as good as another.

Holographic principles are wonderful for overlaying on top of a cosmological model. The real trick is understanding what is real and what we think is real. Dark Matter does not make the list of what is real quite yet. This will continue to be so until we certain ideologists acknowledge the full pervasion of Plasma in space, and instituting exactly how this form of matter works; which is something we understand on a practical level from decades of laboratory experiments.

The galactic rotation problem is not a matter of unknown gravity sources. It is a matter of realizing how much electricity is actually flying through space. Entire electric fields cover galaxies and operate exactly like a homopolar motors, which is not a subject that Newtonian gravity covers. Einsteinian models also fail on this because of simple human error of not calculating in the mass of the electromagnetic fields which are lined with almost incalculable amounts of plasma matter.

The quantified is a subset of the unquantified. There it is, the theory of everything.

All infinite and finite manifestations must be observed to be appear real, therefore consciousness is a limitless and unquantifiable... That means you're the center of the show you perceive or conjure up with mentalizations and imaginings... Therefore consciousness is the unquantified. ...And so, where is the math that defines consciousness?

The greatest and most deceptive concept man has embedded in his fantasies is the concept of nothing... Nothing can't be perceived except only as an abstraction in one's viewpoint.

A person is just the reciprocal of all viewpoints in infinity... Existence is the play ground of consciousness and the reason for life is life itself.

OF course, I could be wrong.

Better info comes from The Pleiadian Mission by Randolph Winters, this info is from Billy Meier, contactee with a race 12,500 years ahead of us in tech. medicine, Creations Laws etc.

If you wish to wait for nasa, seti or Govt. to confirm we are not alone, that's your problem.

The universe has an infinite number of dimensions existing within a infinite number of physical multi-verses of multi-multi-verses of multi-multi-multi-verses ad-infinitum and we humans are having an infinite number of experiences evolving into the future ad-infinitum where eventually we will learn that there is not such thing as time and space and that past, present, and future are now. Need I say more?

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