"Black Widow Pulsar"--At the Top of Strange Phenomena in the Universe?
Dwarf Galaxy Found with Only 1,000 Stars Bound by Dark Matter


God knows everything, science knows nothing

Well, Dr. Carroll may not appreciate the irony of that quote, seeing as theoria (that is, the etymological basis of theory) is derived from theo-, meaning God.

Er... not seeing "God" anywhere in that etymology.

From Late Latin theōria, from Ancient Greek θεωρία (theōria, “contemplation, speculation, a looking at, things looked at”), from θεωρέω (theōreō, “I look at, view, consider, examine”), from θεωρός (theōros, “spectator”), from θέα (thea, “a view”) + ὁράω (horaō, “I see,look”).

So is Big Bang! Ironically, both theories are creation myths...

God not a good theory? God is no theory. Theories are ideas about....God is. Not in the way that many think of God ... as some superbeing but as the consciousness underlying all being, the creative force of the cosmos. How else can one even begin to explain the beautiful order of the cosmos and its infinite creativity? Evolution? Chance? Not good theories because they do not explain the order of the cosmos....they theorise. I value science enormously, but I'll stick with a numinous, conscious Prime Source of it all, thanks.

god is a myth created by a primitive creature that evolved on a speck of a planet in the back waters of the universe to explain what is not know and feared. It is a joke and a sham to think that this perverse idea still has traction in today's world with so much wonderful information available about how things work coming in from all areas of science. Who created the creator: "he/she/it was always here" makes far less logical sense than the infinite multiverse or a recycling big bang universe. Explore, measure, experiment, think: there is no need for that old crutch they call god. The sun will be up tomorrow, cosmic rays will have mutated parts of the genes in my sperm and the universe will still be expanding. All without the flying spaghetti monster's help.

Opinions are like toilets; everybody has one; even scientists. His first minutes of 'rambling' was bizarre. And his ending rambling, re: how he's thought God should do everything, and show himself and talk to us, is just simply ridiculous. As the Bible says, it's like the molding clay arguing with the pot-maker!

His sense of the universe and how we can live without the rest of it is just plain subjective. His 'science' is just the atheistic bull-crap we here in evolution and humanism.

I'll stick with GOD.

I don't think science can explain everything.There are postulates underlying in a fundamental theory .We can question it ' why'.My logic also tempt me to believe that 'God is not a good theory'.The universe is seems to be a magic for me eventhough it is not

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