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The Higgs Boson and a 'New Physics' --"Could Make the Speed of Light Possible"




Scientists hailed CERN's confirmation of the Higgs Boson in July of 2012, speculating that it could one day make light speed travel possible by "un-massing" objects or allow huge items to be launched into space by "switching off" the Higgs. CERN scientist Albert de Roeck likened it to the discovery of electricity, when he said humanity could never have imagined its future applications.

CERN physicists hope that the "new physics" will provide a more straightforward explanation for the characteristics of the Higgs boson than that derived from the current Standard Model. This new physics is sorely needed to find solutions to a series of yet unresolved problems, as presently only the visible universe is explained, which constitutes just four percent of total matter.

"The Standard Model has no explanation for the so-called dark matter, so it does not describe the entire universe – there is a lot that remains to be understood," says Dr. Volker Büscher of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU).

The discovery of the long-sought Higgs boson, an elusive particle thought to help explain why matter has mass, was hailed as a huge moment for science by physicists. In July of 2012, CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, announced the discovery of a new particle that could be the long sought-after Higgs boson. The particle has a mass of about 126 gigaelectron volts (GeV), roughly that of 126 protons.

The new evidence came from an enormously large volume of data that has been more than doubled since December 2011. According to CERN, the LHC collected more data in the months between April and June 2012 than in the whole of 2011. In addition, the efficiency has been improved to such an extent that it is now much easier to filter out Higgs-like events from the several hundred million particle collisions that occur every second.

The existence of the Higgs boson was predicted in 1964 and it is named after the British physicist Peter Higgs. It is the last piece of the puzzle that has been missing from the Standard Model of physics and its function is to give other elementary particles their mass. According to the theory, the so-called Higgs field extends throughout the entire universe. The mass of individual elementary particles is determined by the extent to which they interact with the Higgs bosons.

"The discovery of the Higgs boson represents a milestone in the exploration of the fundamental interactions of elementary particles," said Professor Dr. Matthias Neubert, Professor for Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics and spokesman for the Cluster of Excellence PRISMA at JGU.

On the one hand, the Higgs particle is the last component missing from the Standard Model of particle physics. On the other hand, physicists are struggling to understand the detected mass of the Higgs boson. Using theory as it currently stands, the mass of the Higgs boson can only be explained as the result of a random fine-tuning of the physical constants of the universe at a level of accuracy of one in one quadrillion.

The Higgs helps explains how the world could be the way that it is in the first millionth of a second in the Big Bang.

Physicist Ray Volkas said "almost everybody" was hoping that, rather than fitting the so-called Standard Model of physics -- a theory explaining how particles fit together in the Universe -- the Higgs boson would prove to be "something a bit different".

"If that was the case that would point to all sorts of new physics, physics that might have something to do with dark matter," he said, referring to the hypothetical invisible matter thought to make up much of the universe.

It could be that the Higgs particle acts as a bridge between ordinary matter, which makes up atoms, and dark matter, which we know is a very important component of the universe.

"That would have really fantastic implications for understanding all of the matter in the universe, not just ordinary atoms," he added. De Roeck said scrutinising the new particle and determining whether it supported something other than the Standard Model would be the next step for CERN scientists.

Definitive proof that it fit the Standard Model could take until 2015 when the LHC had more power and could harvest more data.

Instead, De Roeck was hoping it would be a "gateway or a portal to new physics, to new theories which are actually running nature" such as supersymmetry, which hypothesises that there are five different Higgs particles governing mass.

For the image at the top of the page, two teams of astronomers used data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and other telescopes to map the distribution of dark matter in a galaxy cluster known as Abell 383, which is located about 2.3 billion light years from Earth. Not only were the researchers able to find where the dark matter lies in the two dimensions across the sky, they were also able to determine how the dark matter is distributed along the line of sight. Several lines of evidence indicate that there is about six times as much dark matter as "normal", or baryonic, matter in the Universe. Understanding the nature of this mysterious matter is one of the outstanding problems in astrophysics.

Galaxy clusters are the largest gravitationally-bound structures in the universe, and play an important role in research on dark matter and cosmology, the study of the structure and evolution of the universe. The use of clusters as dark matter and cosmological probes hinges on scientists' ability to use objects such as Abell 383 to accurately determine the three-dimensional structures and masses of clusters.



The Daily Galaxy via Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU), CERN, and 2012 AFP



The plain, simple and logical fact is space CANNOT be empty. It has components (particles?) that behave just like water or air as a field behavior. Physicists have assumed that every detected response is the original or the first signal from that event. It is not and logically it cannot be. Every interactive cycle MUST be preceded by a cause and effect cycle where the potential changes to create the detectable action reaction cycle. The change in potential that MUST precede occurs within the cycle or simultaneously and therefore can NEVER be detected as its time interval of that cycle is zero. The Cern experiment has tried to detect the change in potential in space that caused the displacement later. Read http://www.kapillavastu.com/index.html
where the entire theory based on axioms is displayed.

This is very exciting, I have long thought that one possible solution to faster than light travel was to find a way to reduce mass to zero. If the Higgs discovery is a possible key to that, we could indeed get around Einstien's limitation on speed.

This is totally wrong.

Even if we could switch off the Higgs field and "un-mass" electrons and other particles, the true fact is that, e.g., the proton mass is mostly a QCD effect!!!!!Note that protons are 1936 times more massive than electrons! So, we can not unmass the proton only switching off the Higgs field (its vacuum expectation value, to be more precise). And well, I can not imagine a way to swich off the color field mediated by gluons, even at current time we can not even control chromodynamic fields or their interactions. Therefore...

It can not work, not at least as it was claimed here. You are being too sensationalist!!!!!

Editor's Note: We're surprised CERN hasn't hired you yet!

Errata: protons are 1836 times more massive than electrons (not 1936)...I wrote too fast, but you should check these news and write them carefully!

Astro physicists nowadays seems to outdo each other to cook up new physics ideas far beyond the wildest dreams of a sci-fi writer.

(i) If Higgs field can be switched of then particles can be ‘ un-massed’
(ii) ‘Un-massed’ particle can attain speed equal to c
(iii) For new Physics ….see BOOK

Beyond Einstein and E=mC2
Free Link

I think these guys should stop wasting time and get to work using their talent towards making a reality of a high thrust capability that would get us across the solar system in weeks instead of years. The problem is the current power structure holding back progress with their green solar electric ion drive and green ideology in general knows that a manned return mission to mars has the potential to revolutionize our civilization with the availability of high concentrations of power. Mars 1 is a joke.

(i) If Higgs field can be switched of then particles can be ‘ un-massed’
(ii) ‘Un-massed’ particle can attain speed equal to c
(iii) For new Physics ….see BOOK

Beyond Einstein and E=mC2
Free Link

Does the Higgs Boson have an anti-matter counterpart? What (if any) speculation is out there about its possible properties?

HEY! Who turned off the mass?
Without mass, gravity still affects matter particles-- light rays are massless, yet bend (lens) around large, gravitational bodies. Gravity might have less tug, but thrust without mass would be the next challenge, assuming the Higgs field can be manipulated.

How are Higgs and gravity related?

Higgs provides particles with inertial mass, by resisting acceleration and deceleration.

We know that (as far as we can tell) inertial mass equals gravitational mass.

However, we feel gravity while still. Is gravity therefore a distortion of the Higgs field or what?

Dark Matter and Dark Energy are Mirages


I insist on the following point:

Switching off the Higgs field DO NOT un-mass protons. Therefore, we can not reach the speed of light by a mere "tuning"/"dialing" of the Higgs field.

The idea of this article is wrong. The Higgs field explains why certain particles have a non-zero rest mass. When it comes to protons, 95%-99% of the mass of a proton comes from the bound energy from the strong force, and 5%-1% comes from the rest mass of the quarks inside. The Higgs field explains where that 5%-1% comes from. Moreover, the Higgs field is silent on how the mass it generates relates to GR in precisely the same way that the color field is silent on how the mass IT generates relates to GR (95%-99% of the mass of the proton comes from color, remember?) .You can see it here qualitatively:

http://www.prace-ri.eu/IMG/pdf/fodor.pdf (Slide 4)

Maybe, you prefer to read what Wilczek has written about this here:


(recall pages 32-33, or 9-10 of this pdf document)

More about the kinetic energy origin (via QCD) of the proton mass here

A more technical talk about QCD mass calculations:


Chivikula paper about why baryons are heavy and meson (generally) lighter


Finally, the proton mass matrix and its contributions are sketched in this nice talk

http://spin.riken.bnl.gov/rsc/write-up/Ji/gluon.pdf (See slides 11 and 15)

or this one too


Final remark: The precise value of the proton mass depends on QCD dynamics at alpha strong(Q) ~ 1. Lattice QCD allows for proton mass calculations through "hard computational" techniques.I recommend these lectures


i what to make a teleporter one day and i will succeed!!!!!!!!(:

Higgs boson not only named after Peter Higgs, it also named after Indian scientist Satyendra Nath Bose. Please correct it.

Switch off the Higgs field? How? You may as well ask: how do you switch off gravitational potential fields? By switching off the Higgs field. How? Are anti-Higgs particles available to annihilate the Higgs particle?

i believe that some of our scientific methods may have a recognizable mathematical relavance/irrelavance to absolutes and knot the squaring function of the constant velocity of light with its' close application to an area and knot a volume of space and the accelerations of constant space/mass/energy? currently using as measurement eV!

have we checked our assumptions of e=mc2 for validity of constants of m within three dimensions holds original dimensionals and that c the constant velocity of light holds as a constant, the squaring function both positive/negative negative/negative positive/positive directions holds true.

our current technology size is reaching the quantum level in computers and the very idea of time basis of a velocity should be checked

if current technology holds true, light energy sent "back" toward a recent location in space should be able to reach us in a relavent future location. stock markets and NSA should could would be irrelavent!

bible ACTS 8:32-40
higgins museum of money, okoboji, IA

The space is absolute nothing infinite where ether swirls and whirls and no part of space is absolute empty. This was the idea of NEWTON but he thought that space is isotropic. But now we know space non isotropic field of dark energy which we used to know as ether. So NEWTON LAWS may be modified F=P.M.A and F=P.G.M.m/R.R. taking P as permeability. Einstein said space warps but we know that ether swirls and whirls. Now gravity is mono magnetic push of graviton present at varied manner at every point in space. DURGADAS DATTA published these ideas in balloon inside balloon theory of matter and antimatter universe on OPPOSITE ENTROPY PATH producing gravitoethertons we called ether and now dark energy at common boundary by annihilation and injected into both the universes for dynamic behaviour in non isotropic manner causing the stage where matter takes their position and reaction . These theories were published in year 2002 and now showing some direction to NEW PHYSICS.

Can Higgs Boson alter the world

We do not need ANTI anything for the universe to exist,,nor do we need all these fake particles with ANTI companions.think about this carefully.opposits attract and they do NOT annihilate each other.they push each other apart.

Forget the highs boson,no such thing exists.the only thing you need to turn off is the tiny electric field surrounding the nucleus of an atom.this would free the electron and proton which are now free to travel at least 10 times faster than the speed of light.for example,if this occurred in our galaxy these two particles would emerge on the other side of the Andromeda galaxy (2.5 million ly away),in less than a second.this in itself proves the highs does not exit.

As far as people "getting to work and doing real physics" instead of parsing about how to turn off the Higgs field, please review recent work by Elon Musk to see what a non-physicist is already doing o to decrease weight and increase thrust in rockets.

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