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Comment of the Day: "The Universe and Our Human Perspective"



"In the overall universe, normal space-time exists only in local 'bubbles'; the context for these is not-too-large, not-too-small, not-too-hot, not-too-cold, not-too-fast, not-too-old, and definitely not-inside-an-event-horizon. We also know that paired particles respond to changes in each other, regardless of "distance apart" and that time stops at the speed of light.

"Therefore, from the perspective of a photon emanating from some "big bang," "14 billion years ago," no 'time' has even elapsed, and I posit, no distance has been crossed either. So what I am saying is that both time and distance are cyphers, place-holders, just until we adjust our perspective to a large-enough view.

"George Gamow pointed out that lower animals have one- or two-dimensional perspectives; they move along a line without ever integrating their experiences into a whole thing (e.g., a dog can circle a city block without realizing that every experience along the way was the same bldg., which we humans would figure out before long. But it did take us a long time to decide that the earth was not as flat as it seemed, but was, in fact, a ball, and that most other celestial bodies did not revolve arund it, despite the convenience of the perspective (only until calculations were attempted on that assumption).

"Therefore, without the distractions of 'time' and 'distance', we can realize that no special signals or media are necessary for apprehending the universe, because it never actually had extension in those dimensions. It doesn't even work to say, as many physicists do, that the universe is made up of tiny dimensions coiled up within themselves, or that the world is made up of strings or branes. Such views are reminiscent of the ant crawling around cereal crumbs on my breakfast table - the edges of the table define its 'universe' and the crumbs are its 'celestial bodies', mysteriously having come from other dimensions.

"The ant-'scientists' even wonder if there is intelligent ant-life in those other dimensions, and that the Being (me) who can reach both sides of the 'universe' (breakfast table) simultaneously must be some sort of deity for whom the beginning (one side of the table) and the end (the other side) exist in a single instant."

Barry Klein

What do you think?

Image credit: With thanks to The Human Brain Project 



"In the name of the Barry, and of the son and...." You need to read more modern Science Fiction.

From before any big bang to ubiquitously localizing organic perception, there's naught but awareness.


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