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In 1995, the astronomer Edward Harrison suggested in an audacious paper published in Great Britain in the "Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society" that our universe was created by life forms possessing superior intellingence existing in another physical universe in which the constants of physics were finely tuned and therefore similar to our own. Harrison concluded that the very comprehensibility of the universe to the human mind is a subtle clue that the universe was designed by minds similar to our own.

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The above argument is circular. I think that life evolved because it can. I think it can because it has. Further analysis has little meaning for me. I consider the universe alive. It is a being, but there is no proof of other beings of its species. It is perhaps the creator and the created, and at least lives through us.

More focused on the fine tuning problem ... If most constants are not constant, but actually reproduce over time with minor variation, then the evolution of the constants would obviously be suitable for life in a universe where life exists to observe them. There is no fine tuning, and parallel universes are just as likely to be inside other black holes in the outer multiverse. There is no reason that this multiverse itself can not be nested within many layers of singularity, and a final totalverse of infinite size.

As to the nature of singularity. I do not think reality throws division by zero errors. The apparent collapse of a black hole, is just our opinion of what happens on the other side of the horizon. Maybe the horizon is explained best as the place where space is maximally dense in the Pauli exclusion sense. Not just from things falling in, but from the pushed out space from the center of mass. This then implies the space inside is not dense at all near the singularity. It also implies that the central singularity is anti-gravitic. Yes, dark energy always exceeds gravitational containment. The infinite time it takes to fall to the horizon from the outside, is the infinite time it takes to fall up to the horizon from the inside. Or it looks very big inside.

Yes, I think there is another more advanced physical entity that made and programmed the basic materials through mathematical codes to create this universe .I don't know what is it or how to call it but by looking deeply at this ordered whole universe and the way the fundamental known particles behave in such a tuned way , it is impossible to think that everything has come from nothing .I believe that human being by use of it's own brain and scientific tools would solve all mysteries in future .Just look at our history as a less than a blink of eyes in the long time from the bing bang .

In my opinion, we humans are mere children playing with 25 year old technology on the shore of a 13 billion year old 'ocean' universe. We need as many creative ideas as possible to propel us to continue investigating our surroundings. Wonderful speculations are still speculations until we can uncover 'extraordinary evidence' (Carl Sagan) to open the door on the next secrets.

Our universe seems to be a forever unfolding kaleidoscope of possibilities for us. We need to encourage and explore all ideas emerging from our minds. These investigations will lead us on spectacular and terrifying adventures. We are up to the task!

i don't body know it exactly but all based on assumptions.Still some more time is required to understand the truth.but i hope the truth 'll always be a pleasant.some more time is require

If the universe were tuned specially for the evolution of life, we would see far more signals of life than we do. If there's any "purpose" to the universe, it's not us living things.

We created the Universe and forgot it for the purposes of experience. Not some external deity as religions would have you beLIEve.
And it is not that difficult, actually. We all create entire worlds in our dreams.

I think the answer must remain for now: not enough is known about the universe (life on earth, sample of one) to conclude anything definite. Our scientific knowledge has advanced and is advancing at a great rate but we are still far from being able to decide these questions.

I think speculation is to be encouraged though as it might lead to new insights and lines of enquiry.

At present, more and more physicians lean toward the idea that the universe developed after an implosion, Big Bounce, followed by an explosion, all spending is in a quantum gravitational effects. Einstein's General Theory (1916) do not explicitly emphasize the importance of space-time structure and can not explain the strong gravitational influences material.
In loop quantum gravity theory is a theory unifying general relativity with the fundamental concepts of quantum physics. If this theory is true then expanded before the explosion while evolving towards a catastrophic implosion, followed by reverse-explosion process.
Thus to solve the reconciliation of Einstein's general relativity and quantum mechanics initiated by Planck, Schrodinger and Heisenberg.

Some theories suggest that quantum nature of space should manifest at the Planck scale, of the order of 10 to minus 35 of a meter. In addition it was confirmed that the universe is expanding at a rate faster growing, instead of diminishing. A new NASA research shows that many more asteroids than previously thought containing amino acid type that underlies life on Earth. Thus, more recent research and studies show that the ingredients were brought to life on Earth blue planet ...

The words are not alone in the universe requires new approaches;
Lately we see a competition to promote the power of ideas regarding the existence of extraterrestrial life based on simplifications for me quite excessive. Are eloquent statements and studies published in journals like British specialists Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, the results of recent research from Cambridge and approved by The Royal Society of London.
Persist but a series of puzzles that encourage human reason and generates all sorts of existentialist questions: Is there life in the universe? There civilizations older than the Earth? Earth is the only inhabited planet?
Summation of all the information obtained through observation and / or discovery will lead to research that will contribute to their resolution in time, leading inevitably to the progress of mankind as a whole. Studies exobiology, the search for extraterrestrial life, attempts to contact any civilization in the universe are important for the existence and future of our species as a single entity intelligent existence on Earth.
Warnings past, present and hope for the future logic converge in a plea for enriching human knowledge about heritage, leading inevitably to decipher the mysteries of the universe. Letting go of preconceived ideas that the only life forms would be based solely on molecular chains whose main element is carbon, we believe that we will see in the years to extraordinary discoveries in the existence of life in the universe.
Maybe a new hypothesis should be accepted by researchers in the field, on the issue structuralitatii existence of life, ie not to receive material substance itself, but overwhelming role in the development of complex structures of life to be a primary substance, and not necessarily carbon.

I've often thought that intelligent beings could have created our universe as an experiment just to see what would happen. Doesn't make it true, only possible. But that still leads back to the question, where did they come from and what led to their creation? So the ultimate question will always be, how did it all begin? And it seems, to me, that it all had to have just happened from nothing (whatever that is).

The ultimate question after the singularity awoke and Self-Realized as the "All There Is" in the "Nothingness," is "Who am I?" The lesser included questions next posed were: "Where did I come from?"; "Why am I here?"; and, "Where am I going from here?" All that "Which is not the singularity," the "Who are You?", is creating the objects of perception,i.e, the domain of Existence, as it were. In the final analysis, "I" know that "I" am "Me." What "I" really don't know is "Who are You?"

The universe is barely comprehensible by the human mind! Just a little look at quantum mechanics will convince anyone of that. The argument is not only circular but built on a falsehood.

If this is a highly intelligent universe, then where are the operating instructions? Are there “evolutionary instructions” to be found somewhere that encourage us to unfold in a direction that is in alignment with the larger evolutionary intentions of the universe? I'd suggest that the operating instructions we seek are implicit within the dimensional structure of reality. The same dimensions that structure physical reality also structure our progressive awakening and development as self-reflective beings. The dimensional nature of the universe is invisible but provides a series of contexts that progressively draw out higher levels of functioning as we inhabit and realize the evolutionary potentials inherent within each. Each dimension powerfully summons and calls forth specific capacities that we must develop if we are to function successfully within that dimensional stage. For example, the third dimension of extended consciousness also calls forth an awareness of nature's seasons and cycles as well as the agrarian consciousness and identity. The fourth dimension and its existential consciousness calls forth a relativistic view and brings forth the dynamism and material development of the industrial era. The fifth dimension (viewed as contextual, not compacted) calls forth a contextual consciousness or collective-reflective capacity and the ability to move authentically toward global reconciliation and a future of sustainable prosperity, etc.

This article and others that share this point of view define our species’ state of primitiveness - we are yet stuck in ourselves.

Whatever the intelligence/sentientcy we experience as humans eventually evolves into will want to do something to ensure its continued existence after the death of this universe. Creating other universes which stand a good chance of recreating itself or something like it would seem a likely project. So my vote is yes.

Addition to his statement

we had known the mechanism of soul.i mean we had know how to produce ,operate ,use soul and we ouself produced ourself in another universe wich is that we are living in now.Mr edward said we are produced by another civilization but i said we are produced by overself .
reason..may be we had suffer and to over come that suffer we had to move to this universe in current form

Simon, I agree with you, "the Universe is alive" we are just one expression or manifestation of a living Universe. Desperately seeking answers to the wrong questions formed through our narrow field of vision and from our ignorance and bias.


Created?, other beings?

Is this a creationist question? The universe is evolving/changing as are we within in it, as part of it. So there is no mystery, as our intelligence evolves, we should find it easy to understand the the thing we are evolving in. I would also define intelligence, there is no proof that the universe is "highly intelligent", only life on this planet. The rest of the Universe follows the second law of thermodynamics. We see no evidence of anything else as yet. We should take the evidence of our eyes and act accordingly, and try to show some intelligence before it's too late!

Science looks at our geologic past and sees oceans that were chemically different in their calcium than now. Monoatomic gold fails to fill valences in accordance to our physics at some time in the past. So, a phase change, Yes. A real phase change led by pressure, charge, density, electromagnetism. Whales came out of the ocean to live on land then return. So, is there a general direction to life? Yes. Punctuated by 90 degree turns and even U turns. At least here, now. And that is all we can say.

In a multiverse, a universe conducive to life must happen. That life must eventually give life to higher intelligence.

For us to wonder how fine-tuned our universe is for life is akin to a winning lottery ticket wondering how fine-tuned it was to win its particular lottery.

yeah very true. good one keep posting

I had Gabriel's thought when I was 10 years old(and going to Religious Studies).I've read some fine words since,but nothing any more revealing( but interesting none the less)I'm inclined to think that the "all" as we see it,is a child's toy at some level,now discarded.

The overwhelming majority of humans that ever lived believe in a Creator for a is logical. It is illogical to believe we magically popped into existence by chance. Thats called Magic. But to say other beings from a another universe created us is called "kickin the can down the street" solves nothing and leads to the infinite regress that causes the puzzle of causality to begin with. Its like meeting a man who says he has always been counting...he is up to a trillion trillion upteenbillion and one. You ask him when he began he says he Never started counting. Thats incoherent and shows we can never arrive at the present unless an Eternal God brought forth our reality. Only bias allows these misfits from seeing what everyone else sees in all of 3 seconds

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