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Researchers believe they have pinpointed the skeletal remains of the first known human-Neanderthal hybrid, according to a study published Wednesday in the peer reviewed scientific journal PLoS ONE. The finding comes from northern Italy, where some 40,000 years ago scientists believe Neanderthals and humans lived near each other, but developed separate and distinctly different cultures. A segment of a jawbone found during an archaeological dig in the area reveals that the bone’s owner had facial features attributable to both modern humans and Neanderthals, the study explains.
A remarkable finding in 2011 could answer the question whether our human ancestors and the Neanderthals interbred some time after both species left Africa many thousands of years ago. Only 10 years after scientists triumphantly decoded the human genome, an international research team mapped the genes of the long-extinct Neanderthal people and report there's a pinch of Neanderthal in all of us.
The 2011 report capped more than five years of intensive work by a group of 56 international scientists led by German paleogeneticist Svante Pääbo and Richard E. Green of UC Santa Cruz.

The project's scientists used tiny specks of powdered bone retrieved from three Neanderthal females who died in a Croatian cave more than 40,000 years ago to complete the draft of the Neanderthal genome. They then compared the genes to those of modern humans living today in five different regions of the world: France, Papua New Guinea, China, and southern and northern Africa.

The research concluded that humans living today carry between 1 and 4 percent of Neanderthal genes that carry the code for proteins in our bodies. Those genes must have entered our lineage sometime during a 50,000-year period when the Neanderthals and humans left Africa through the Middle East and spread throughout Europe and Asia. The Neanderthals became extinct about 30,000 years ago.

The complete genomes of the Neanderthals and modern humans, whose lineages separated from some unknown common ancestor at least 400,000 years ago, are 99.5 percent identical. They are, in fact, our closest evolutionary relatives. By comparison, humans and chimpanzees share 98 percent of their genes.

The scientists analyzed 4 billion units of Neanderthal DNA, called nucleotides - at least 60 percent of the Neanderthal's entire genome. While incomplete, Pääbo told reporters during a teleconference this week that 60 percent "is a very good statistical sample of the entire genome."

Finding the Neanderthal genes in people living today provides "compelling" evidence that thousands of years ago some interbreeding occurred between the two species, Green said.

The Daily Galaxy via PLoS One,  and


for more speculation about Neanderthal - modern human connections, see The Silk Code

There are some rather ugly people in my town, me excluded,so I think the answer is yes there is Neandertal DNA in some of these people.

If interbreeding occurred between the two species and they produced fertile offspring then they are by definition the same species. Its time we stopped calling Neanderthals a separate species, they were a braided path of human descent and not alien to us.

I wonder if we don't have this backward? 400,000, almost 1/2 billion y ago the Neander gene arose, spread into Europe 200,000 y ago which poses the question why no differentiation during the 200,000 of Africa? What set the genome in stone? And then what caused the further mutation that led to us, again in Africa, and what caused that genome to be set in stone? Is it not that the Neanders were the original and we are the copy?

Are we so invested in the "out of Africa" theory of human development that we conclude that we are "a pinch" Neanderthal while at the same time saying we are 98.5% chimpanzee? The facts are undeniable - some homo sapiens have DNA which is NOT African in origin. That is to say that purely African decedents do not have the Neanderthal specific genetics. Hmmmmm! Maybe time to rethink rather than doggedly adhere to politically comfortable theory.

HOW MANY DIFFERENT NEANDERTHAL SPECIES WERE THERE?? There are total of NINE!! Not just one as "most" anthropologists have tried to make it out to be an entirely extinct species from the human existence!?


Yet, Most anthropologists argue that mammals did not exist until the last several million years; yet, the Panda Bear, most recently was found in "SPAIN" as the oldest ever found dating [*](11.6 Million) years ago!! In Fact NOT all the species and of that including animal kingdom ever had migrated from Africa, including all the different specie(s) of "bears" and other animals that on the very contrary? They were NOT ever found in that particular regions, and that to the claims reaching the far ends of the of the world.

South Africa?

In fact:

THEY NEVER inhabited by Europe or North Arctic; or Northern Asia!!

Yet, Neanderthal; Yenisei? Cro magnon, etc.

The largest population in the world having HUMANOID DNA is Basque Spain, #2,610,138 people, RH Blood; A-B, O, Neanderthal people, and Siberia people, Basque and other fossils found throughout Italy and SIBERIA - were Non African - another hominid spices proving in fact they were never; (never ever) related to the chimpanzee!! This is a more or lesser evolved of the species?!

Monkeys, Chimpanzee, Apes, Orangutan, or Gorilla Fossils have never been found or discovered in many of these entire regions throughout the world!!

They are indigenous?? Like Many?? Different Species?? That Including human-beings.

THE FOSSIL DNA [??] The Luzia Woman was [11,500][yr] LUCY SKELETON with 1/3 remains recovered; it was only "presumed" to had existed 3.2mya along with 4.4mya ARDI her closest ancestor; whom was in fact believed to be [X] and only {70km} from their excavation site?? What was significant in proving the missing link?? Then actual distance of travel in {a+b = c} in period of time during the migration; and Total number(s) in # population; fossil?? If migrated by [x] and total remains actually found and with other artifacts?

“Siberia's Ushki Lake and Ancient Denisovans Hominid.”

Now ... Have You Ever Heard of the Eskimo??

They are Paleolithic-era, Denisovans, and Siberian. Asians interbred with ancient Denisovans, a species from Siberia. Migrated with at least two other known groups of ancient nu' humans are believed to have that direct ancestral ties closely to the Era' Neanderthals and how their ancestry possibly linked to native American cultures.

“Footprints show first Americans came nearly 25,000 years earlier?”

The Stages of Human Progressive Evolution?

Your Asian Ancestry?

No, ROME was not built in just one day and has existed for century's!

Maybe, if there are those wanting to believe??

The anthropologist[s] who discovered lucy is a chimpanzee' but keeps his or her ancestral linage hidden, somewhere in the closet, not wanting to admitting secrete desire for hominid beastality??

Next topic?? What about Project Area 51?!!

Lol - Good Day!

Those who haven't truly understood what can happen to any organism after 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 thousand years or a 1000 thousand years or 10,000 thousand years or for the case in humans being apes 30,000 thousand years. Don't get over whelmed, but to stay in perspective, dinosaurs occupied the Earth from 250,000 to 65,000 thousand yrs ago.
Please take the time first to learn how large of a number these are then make an educated comment. Like, is it possible for Neanderthals or vise verse to ebb and flow in and out of Africa not only slowly dissolving genetically, but adding dna every so often to the human dna soup. Like I am trying to get across, 400,000 yrs. Is a fucken long ass time. Thats 13.333 thousand generations (at 30 yrs/Gen.), 13,333 Grandfathers. I think at least a few of "our" Grandfathers did, I would be very disappointing if they didn't do a little rape and pillage every once and a while. I'm sure it's not just a modern thing.


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