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Image of the Day: A Cosmic Waterfall



          Protostar_HH-34 (1)

The image above is a three-color composite of the young object Herbig-Haro 34 (HH-34) in the protostar stage of evolution. This object has a remarkable, very complicated appearance that includes two opposite jets that ram into the surrounding interstellar matter. This structure is produced by a machine-gun-like blast of "bullets" of dense gas ejected from the star at high velocities (approaching 250 km/sec). This seems to indicate that the star experiences episodic "outbursts" when large chunks of material fall onto it from a surrounding disc. HH-34 is located at a distance of approx. 1,500 light-years, near the famous Orion Nebula, one of the most productive star birth regions. The enigmatic "waterfall" to the upper left is a spectacular feature that is still an unexplained mystery.  

Image credit: ESO


"When material falls into the disc"--does that mean the jetting is from the disc and not the bh proper? That is what science has discovered re other jetting structures. One had a jet originating 100 ly away from the bh on the disc. So we can see the bh as closed and infalling matter is merely spun on the disc and ejected via jetting?

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