Saturn's Rings --Artifacts from the Origin of Our Solar Nebula & Beyond
Image of the Day: The Vela Pulsar --"A Vast, Natural Particle Accelerator"

Mystery of Neutrinos --"Ghosts of the Universe"





Every second some 65 billion neutrinos from the Sun's nuclear core pass through every centimeter of your skin every second. Stars are actively flooding the Universe with both new and relic neutrinos created two seconds after the Big Bang. These Ghosts of the Cosmos have yet to be conclusively detected, streaking through what to a neutrino is a completely transparent Universe in all directions --through gases, liquids, solids with little likelihood of ever interacting with anything.




Is anyone else thinking that a test should be done: that if people could be shielded from Neutrinos then what positive effects might that have for our health? example could bed covers be made of a material that might shield us while we sleep....kelvar bedcovers? a safe animal experiment could yield results needed? Thoughts?

Nothing can stop neutrinos - they pass through everything that I'm aware of including lead. Even if the lead was 4 trillion miles thick, neutrinos would still pass through.

In original experiment, a neutrino hit a hydrogen proton and was deflected....Kevlar would not be it, of course, but the next step would be a undiscovered "proton material" able to deflect neutrinos. etc ...just a example...for science experiment...remember a meson was deflected once the neutrino and proton hit,as I recall.

In summary, Main test question: cell lifespan without invasion of any particle

Lol. Neutrinos are not harmful like EMF! They are the light information that creates the entire interconnected manifest universe.

We can barely detect them. Let alone deflect them. And we know far to little about them to truly know if they have any effect on physical living matter negative or positive.

Lol yep but ideas may yield important clues. I'm just glad I'm not burned at the stake for ideas!

I remember watching a documentary about a scientist who proved neutrinos real, where an underground water tank was built and scientific measuring equipment detected them as they passed through the water.

I have been studying Human Design System for 25 years and this esoteric/science is based on the mass neutrinos have and the information we filter as human beeings.The universe touches us realy and we touch the universe and other beeings like that in return.
Makes us a little more connected don't you think:)

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