Colossal Bubbles at Milky Way's Plane --"May Be the Annihilation of Dark Matter"
Origin of Jupiter and Saturn --New Theories on Formation of Gas Giants

Comment of the Day: "Evolution Is Not Over" --New Insights Into the Genetic Code


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"Human evolution will crunch forward relentlessly. But, it will go hand-in-hand with human enhancement. Our species will arrive at a state of transhumanism long before we stop painting on cave walls. Presently there are teams of researchers actively looking for ways to improve our day-to-day functions through the use of RFID chips, brain-computer interfacing, genome sequencing, robotic exoskeletons, genetic modification, synthetic organs, body & health monitors, to name a few. Expanding the human memory may very well be the first step. Is there anyone out there right now who would not enjoy the benefits of a quick cognitive prosthesis upload that would enhance and improve just their memory function?"

Charles O. Slavens

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Not better just different.

I would be happy with an implanted network adapted. Remotely access all of my machines, and ofcorse, Google.
ME: Nice to meet you!
Girl: You too, so how do you feel about the the controversial m-theory?
ME (googling): "M-theory is not yet complete, but the underlying structure of the mathematics has been established and is in agreement with all the string theories. Furthermore, it has passed many tests of internal mathematical consistency." /wiki quote
Girl: Wow, you are so well versed in particle physics, lets go to my house and get nasty (said no-one ever).

The Article is describing Transhumanism which of course is not 'Organic Evolution'.Modern human intelligence is de-evolving.The cornerstone of human progress has always been Visual Art and Architecture which contained Sacred Geometry and Science.These two keys are no longer part of Modern human Culture thus humanity falsley believes Transhumanism equals evolution when in fact the truth is quite the opposite.

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