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Higgs Boson Researchers --"An Alternative Universe Will Appear, Expand, and Destroy Ours"





If confirmed, the discovery of the elusive Higgs Boson would help resolve a key puzzle about how the universe came into existence some 13.7 billion years ago - and perhaps its ultimate fate. "It may be that the universe we live in is inherently unstable and at some point billions of years from now it's all going to get wiped out. This calculation tells you that many tens of billions of years from now, there'll be a catastrophe," said Joseph Lykken, a theoretical physicist with the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, who is also on the science team at Europe's Large Hadron Collider, or LHC, the world's largest and highest-energy particle accelerator. "A little bubble of what you might think of as an 'alternative' universe will appear somewhere and then it will expand out and destroy us," Lykken said, adding that the event will unfold at the speed of light. 

Lykken spoke to reporters before presenting his research at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Boston.

Scientists had wrestled with the idea of the universe's long-term stability before the Higgs discovery, but calculations made once its mass began settling in at around 126 billion electron volts showed it to be a critical number for figuring out the fate of the universe, which requires knowing the mass of the Higgs to within one percent, as well as the precise mass of other related subatomic particles.

"You change any of these parameters to the Standard Model (of particle physics) by a tiny bit and you get a different end of the universe," Lyyken said. 

The Daily Galaxy via Reuters and AAAS

Image credit: AFP


I can not agree.
The current theories about Big Bang i found a bit strange, since the physics in the singularity is practically impossible.

I think that the "alienation" of one universe into real of another is practically impossible since their base physics will not match, and therefore they can not neither co-exist, neither alienate each other.
And searching of point of "alienation" as a particle manifestation is not leading to anywhere.
Maybe I will state my full theory some other time ;)

The Quran also gives a vivid description about the end of the universe. Higg Boson scientists should have a look at what God says in the Quran.

@Brad and Dawkins:

You know... I can't help but stop and wonder, really perplexed, as to what drives you, and causes you to take time out of your day to purposely post hateful things into a comment stream (especially Dawkins' comment about using the Quran as toilet paper)??

Ameen simply gave a suggestion that we could find some answers in the Quran if we wanted.

I simply ignored Ameen's comment, because I'm not really religious. But I have no urge or overwhelming inner anger raging against Ameen.

I'm having trouble visualizing a grown man, logging in, and gleefully rushing to post a comment that he knows will evoke great feelings of hurt in others.

Personally I can't stand radical religious fundamentalists... but I've noticed radical-atheists are exactly just as bad and off putting.

I've also noticed that both atheist-radicals and religious-radicals seem to be possessed with strong anger and hatred towards many others.

Is the path of anger and hatred really the path you want to choose?

Not to get overly psychologically analytical... but I was also genuinely wondering if perhaps your level of expressed hatred (especially Dawkins) might be due to past traumatic events in your childhood, experienced at the hands of a religious leader?

If so, that would certainly go a long way to expressing the level of anger you have... so I would certainly not judge you if that is true.

But wow... those comments really suck. :(

Too bad you felt an urge to post it...

I don´t belive in personalized gods or goddesses. I take the mythological and biblical "deities" as "different creative forces and qualities" - and also as symbols of celestial objects and movements.

Still, I also believe that the modern scientists could learn a lot from the many cultural tellings of Stories of Creation.

It seems to me that moderns scientists have gone far astray and lost with their unnatural speculations, failing to see and learn from the most obvious things in life on and above the Earth.

The Big Bang is one of these strange and unscientifical things where scientists claim that everything comes from nothing - and supposedly disappear into nothing again.

The Ancient World perception is without any doubts cyclical and eternal and for ever changing. Basically elements and formative forces have excisted all times and will continue to be there in cosmos.

Read more here:

A lot of people are asking "who cares? It's not for a trillion years." I initially thought the same thing. Does anybody really think humanity will survive for anywhere near that long?Whether you are devoutly religious, or an atheist, the notion of the entire universe ceasing to exist should be unsettling. There are spiritual, religious and scientific beliefs that we will somehow live on after our bodies die. Almost everyone on the planet believes in an after life of some kind. If energy cannot be destroyed, then we all live on forever in a way. The energy impulses that run through our minds, carried memories and everything that make us who we are, they live on forever. As long as there is a universe anyway. If this big nothing takes over, the laws of physics will no longer apply and that is the end of everything for us. The energy that could be our very souls will be destroyed. That's why we should care. We should motivate our children to care and to try to prove today's science to be wrong. Impossible? Fine. Then find a nice, habitable parallel universe. We've got plenty of time.

@Velocity Wave No I have never been around any religious leaders of any kind. I am tired of brainwashed people preaching any time they have the chance. I don't go around shouting about evolution unless I am on a website such as this or in the company of my zoology colleagues. I also have extreme hatred for Islamists and Muslims for their misogynistic views among many things.

As an atheist and a zoologist I also have hatred for religious people whom in general seem not to give a damn about the environment or biodiversity, because they think they will have a second life in the afterlife. They are too complacent to do anything to preserve nature for future generations.

@Dawkins for Pope,

Dont confuse the religious Stories of Creation, as we are dealing with her, with dogmatic interpretation and religious indoctrination in order to gain powers over people.

@Velocity Wave

This must be the best comment I read in years about this subject.

And though I am a religious and a physicist (and yes, personally I can manage both things at the same time), I also find a bit boring people giving their religious visions in a place like this, where we are dealing with pure science. But anyway... still dont understand why other should react with such anger. Well, I just ignore.

I react with anger because I'm sick and tired of the scientific community working so hard to find the answers to the biggest questions asked by our species, only to have ignorant religious people who understand nothing, inserting GOD wherever they see fit.

Standard theory is wrong though as it doesn't account for WIMPS , and if the Big bang was true why aren't all galaxies moving apart as they are supposed too why doe some collide ?

Well spotted contradiction with the "colliding galaxies in the Big Bang idea".

Regarding WIMPS: Some physics theories suggest that dark matter is made of WIMPS (weakly interacting massive particles).

AD: Isn´t this a scientifically contradiction of terms? How can massive particles interact weakly accordingly to the consensus gravity ideas?

" Well spotted contradiction with the "colliding galaxies in the Big Bang idea". " Perhaps two , three big bangs ! WIMPS as dark matter look soon to be proved though , and looks much more likely than MACHOS for dark matter

Shouldn´t cosmologists first prove "dark matter" before beginning fabulating of strange and also unseen particles and subparticles?

IMHO the Universe is infinite and contains everything so it`s impossible to talk about other Universe, especially if it could interfere with ours sometime in the future. Paralel Universes are just crap material for ScyFys, just like religions are. Another Universe delayed with 2 angstroms is possible only if you are born 2000 years ago and believe that atoms are indivisible and made of denying dark you could live inside a star and not notice it... Like light and radiations and gravity and subatomic particles could be dalayed too with 2 BS. Maybe in future an enormous Black Hole will explode and it will be much like a BigBang, but it will still be IN our Universe if it will interfere with ours. Are you so sure there is no such a thing as a critical mass for a Black Hole to have?

If the new Universe pop up and expanded at the speed of light, it would never fill and destroy our present Universe, just as there are parts of our Cosmos that are too far away for light to reach us now!

It's all

"The truth is out there."

“In the great debate that has raged for centuries about what, if anything, happens to you after death, be it heaven, hell, purgatory or extinction, one thing has never been in doubt - that you would at least know the answer when you were dead.”

Or you wouldn't.


Because you're DEAD!

@Yordan Yanakiev "The Quran also gives a vivid description about the end of the universe. Higg Boson scientists should have a look at what God says in the Quran." If quran is so mighty and insightful why on earth did you visited this site and ruined everything i mean quran has all the mighty answers acc. to you guys it predicted black holes,higgs boson and everything large but it didn't had simple recipe for pencillin or paracetamol that could save millions of lives and ease their suffering how pointless is this the only reason we see these futile claims because they feel threatened and insecure from the truth what is otherwise known as science.Any attempt to mix science and religion will only be as successful as the attempt to mix oil and water and in the long run religion will be eliminated just like gods of greece or egypt cause the choice between antibiotic and quran is simple.and one more thing if quran had all the major answers then quick just note them down and claim for nobel prize loser.

@Velocity Wave "The Big Bang is one of these strange and unscientific things where scientists claim that everything comes from nothing - and supposedly disappear into nothing again." right so you must be a renowned physicist and look you just belittled field medalist ed witten and alan guth an mit physicist with your petty comment have you even readed those theories properly i mean a universe can not appear from quantum tunneling from a "eternal scalar field(past and future eternal)" which is more than nothing. but a supernatural sentinent being can come out of nowhere and create the universe and wait billions of year and create a species and kill millions in the name of religion,wage war, and make them suffer using 10000 different diseases and subject them to suffering and abuse.I mean what kind of cruel god will give billions and more to handful of people and kill millions on the other hand without handful of food.

I really wonder about anyone making a remark like Dr. Lyken's, particularly a noted physicist. String theory and M-theory postulate ten or eleven dimensions to the cosmos, and he's worried that a new three-dimensional universe will consume ours.

In order for that to happen, the new universe's space would have to align precisely -- and I mean absolutely precisely -- with ours. That's certainly physically possible, but the probability of that happening is so tiny as to be negligible.

For illustration, imagine throwing a toothpick up in the air so that it spins along every axis. While it's in the air, you grab a camera and take a photograph. What would be the chances that the toothpick, at the exact moment you take the photo, would just happen to be pointing directly at the lens?

That's matching up just one dimension (the toothpick's long axis, vs. the direction the camera is pointing) out of three. The new-universe scenario would have to match up three (*all* three) out of ten or eleven.

@bob greenwade but what if the camera is actually a recording device and it only needs to catch the toothpick for a brief moment in perfect alignment? Over undisclosed time, it is statistically inevitable.

It may have already STARTED! Here's why! Correct me if i'm wromg, BUT, my limited knowledge of relativity theory indicates to me that events are perceived DIFFERENTLY from fifferent perspectives! WHICH MEANS: In the new universe, their Big Bang did not originate from any particular location, it happened everywhere at once, like our Big Bang did, BUT, from OUR perspective, it DID have a SPECIFIC start point, and I think I know where it is. The "DARK FLOW" of galaxies ALL MOVING IN THE SAME DIRECTION toward an undisclosed source of tremendous mass exerting tremendous gravity was always supposed to be another universe OUTSIDE of ours. This theory is quite CONTRIVED, because in that case, GRAVITY would have to be able to work in a nebulous region BETWEEN UNIVERSES! A more elegant solution would be a COMPACT massive source of gravity INSIDE our universe. If I am correct, there's also some GOOD news! Due to dark energy, the outermost, UNSEEABLE part of our universe is NOW travelling FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT with respect to the new universe, and the new universe, expanding ONLY AT the speed of light WILL NEVER CATCH UP! Thus, we may have a situation wihch I hereby dub, the MATRIOSHKA MULTIVERSE, where an infinite number of universes are ALL NESTED WITHIN EACH OTHER!

The mere fact that Yarply is making these type of comments in this type of publication show two things:
1. That his thinking is suspect.
2. That he is dangerous, just like any other seriously deluded person!

As far as I am concern,in some of the above published opinions, there are two groups: doctrinary scientist and doctrinary religious believers.

They believe there is book /yes one book/, which tells the holly truth, they read the same every day and look only for people who agree with them /100 %, 99 % not acceptable/.

Both are non-intellectual types and besides hating each other, they can not stand views of other scientists or religions !

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