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"Discovery of Alien Life in Next 10 Years" --One of Five 'X Factors' According to World's Leaders




World leaders at at the 2013 World Economic Forum held in Davos, Swtizerland this January, asked the attending editors and journalists to identify five of the most potentially disruptive of the "unheralded" risks, which they dubbed ‘X factors'" according to*The report put together by Nature, titled "Global Risks 2013," came up with a list of five "X factors" that world leaders need to prepare for to avoid what it described as "systemic shocks and catastrophic events.

The "X factors" are described in the reports as factors that "no country alone can prevent," and illustrates the notion of an "X factor" as an "unheralded" event that may suddenly confront humanity.

Among the five  "X factors" identified was “Discovery of Alien Life."  "Given the pace of space exploration, it is increasingly conceivable that we may discover the existence of alien life or other planets that could support human life," said the WEF. "What would be the effects on science funding flows and humanity’s self-image?" observed that  "It was only in 1995 that we first found evidence that other stars also have planets orbiting them. Now thousands of 'exoplanets' revolving around distant stars have been detected. NASA’s Kepler mission to identify Earth-sized planets located in the 'Goldilocks zone' (not too hot, not too cold) of sun-like stars has been operating for only three years and has already turned up thousands of candidates, including one the size of Earth. The fact that Kepler has found so many planet candidates in such a tiny fraction of the sky suggests that there are countless Earth-like planets orbiting sun-like stars in our galaxy. In 10 years’ time we may have evidence not only that Earth is not unique but also that life exists elsewhere in the universe."




Among the other X Factors: "Neuroscientists, for instance, are avidly pursuing drugs and devices that could deliver real cognitive enhancement — not just sharpening our alertness and ability to focus, as certain drugs already do, but upping our intellectual firepower.

"Climatologists have more mixed feelings about schemes for geoengineering — deliberately altering the climate system to combat the effects of rising greenhouse-gas emissions. In one scenario, high-flying jets or balloons would release a haze of sulphate particles into the stratosphere, dimming the Sun’s rays and cooling the planet.

Other X factors that Nature staff identified included: the societal burden of the millions of people who, thanks to progress against killer diseases, will join the ranks of the disabled and those with dementia; catastrophic climate feedback such as the collapse of an ice sheet; and the possible social consequences of contact with alien life."

Image at the top of the page shows NASA artist rendering of the first rocky planet found by NASA's Kepler mission, named Kepler-10b. The planet measures 1.4 times the size of Earth and is the smallest planet ever discovered outside our solar system.

The Daily Galaxy via Nature and WEF

Image credits:  UPI/NASA


So they basically just admitted that all nations should work together in suppressing any knowledge about alien life... Too late, this model of our solar system proves Earth-like planets and intelligent life are a re-occurring theme.

10 years makes this an almost certain proposition, if, and only if, we keep getting the improvements in planet finding that we've had for the last decade, and we need to automate looking for an
oxygen rich atmosphere. At current rates we could have tens to hundreds of thousands of candidate planets. If we can't find it by then, then life is very rare.

Can we just agree to leave off the explanation of what the
"goldilocks zone" is? We get it already.

The time comes when finally earthlings will find extra-terrestrial life, I wonder how the Vatican will react to this when the times of ex-communications and burning on the stakes will not work anymore.

Entangled. Really? I am not personally a Roman Catholic, but the the vitrious bile from so many people about the church is out of control. I know how the Vatican will react to this, they are already on record:

Just like there is an abundance of creatures on earth, there could also be other beings, even intelligent ones, that were created by God. That doesn’t contradict our faith, because we cannot put boundaries to God’s creative freedom. As saint Francis would say, when we consider the earthly creatures to be our “brothers and sisters”, why couldn’t we also talk about a “extraterrestrial brother”? He would still be part of creation

Read more:

do some research and perhaps you can "un" entagle your brain.

No offense sparack but I really hope that as we discover life
elsewhere that we can put the superstitions aside and move on
to the future. The churches position smacks as a "just in case
we were wrong" kind of scenario. If you know what I'm saying.

The science is coming that will prove conclusively the
non-existence of gods of all kinds. The sensations of people
experiencing a near death experience have already been shown
to be misfiring neurons and can be duplicated. Let go the past. We can explain these things now.

Uh, John, maybe old science "proved" NDE are misfiring neurons and sometimes can be duplicated -- but it doesn't match up with current thinking, , for instance. Just because "science" by whatever definition can show how SOME examples of a phenomenon might be caused does not mean ALL examples of that can then be so readily dismissed. Intellectual shallowness is not what true science is.

"Among the other X Factors: "Neuroscientists, for instance, are avidly pursuing drugs and devices that could deliver real cognitive enhancement — not just sharpening our alertness and ability to focus, as certain drugs already do, but upping our intellectual firepower.""

Wow... really? I think this would be a boon to humanity rather than a threat. Imagine for a minute if some Detroit inner city welfare recipient, a nature loving electric car driving hippie or a redneck from the hill country of Texas got access to intelligence boosting treatment, these people might learn to actually agree with each other because they will finally be able to "take a walk in another person's shoes".

Mind-expanding drugs already exist. (Cannabis, LSD, Magic Mushrooms, DMT, Ayahuasca, Ibogaine, Peyote)

that's similar to what I thought, timmy; the last thing the established powers want is anyone thinking more clearly.
All the drugs they currently try to push on us tend to cloud and retard the thinking of those who don't like or do well in the current society, for instance.

hahah at all u religion bashers ... lmao at science is proving the total non existence of god ....hahah no science is proving the exact opposite is proving this is all a simulation ....if its true someones running the simulation .........not only that but research dmt ....marc marcel especially ,has an excellent account of his experience with the spirit molecule ..d.m.t is found in all living things and is secreted in the brain when u die .....when taken ....its the same experience of some one whos had a nde ..tell me ..why would a plant need this experience? why would a plant need its life to flash before its eyes all it has seen and become then enter the tunnel that people report ????//??/? again marc marcel search on tube gives a great on point explanation ..D.M.T & THE MEANING OF LIFE (a dialogue by marl marcel)or watch?v=QIW27ZKN9co

1995 since we first found evidence of other stars having planets orbiting them!! really, so i guess the earths still flat?? 10 years and alien life will be discovered!! really,so we are the most advanced beings in the universe?? i hope in my life time everyones eyes are opened, peacefully of course. other x factors are interesting. p.s nothing is wrong with religion, for the individual. the masses cause the problems and those at the head of the masses.

Pace of space exploration? We can barely get anywhere in space relatively speaking so far. I think our chances of finding life on a planet beyond a simple picture that still leaves doubt is very tiny. Its going to be centuries before we have ships that can move fast enough to travel any decent distance in terms of the universe. We mainly explore a few planets in our solar system that are extremely close in terms of distances.

I would argue finding any alien life on another planet directly contradicts religion, but I think arguments you could make today would also do that.

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