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Image of the Day: Milky Way's Core Source of Monster Energy Outflows





"Monster" outflows of charged particles from the center of our Galaxy, stretching more than halfway across the sky, have been detected and mapped with Australia's CSIRO's 64-m Parkes radio telescope. The outflows were were detected by astronomers from Australia, the USA, Italy and The Netherlands. They report their finding in today's issue of Nature.

"These outflows contain an extraordinary amount of energy — about a million times the energy of an exploding star," Dr Ettore Carretti. But the outflows pose no danger to Earth or the Solar System. The speed of the outflow is supersonic, about 1000 kilometres a second. "That's fast, even for astronomers," Dr Carretti said. "They are not coming in our direction, but go up and down from the Galactic Plane. We are 30,000 light-years away from the Galactic Centre, in the Plane. They are no danger to us."

From top to bottom the outflows extend 50,000 light-years [five hundred thousand million million kilometres] out of the Galactic Plane. That's equal to half the diameter of our Galaxy (which is 100,000 light-years — a million million million kilometres — across). Seen from Earth, the outflows stretch about two-thirds across the sky from horizon to horizon.

The outflows correspond to a "haze" of microwave emission previously spotted by the WMAP and Planck space telescopes and regions of gamma-ray emission detected with NASA's Fermi space telescope in 2010, which were dubbed the "Fermi Bubbles". The WMAP, Planck and Fermi observations did not provide enough evidence to indicate definitively the source of the radiation they detected, but the new Parkes observations do.

"The options were a quasar-like outburst from the black hole at the Galactic Centre, or star-power — the hot winds from young stars, and exploding stars," said team member Dr Gianni Bernardi of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. "Our observations tell us it's star-power."

In fact, the outflows appear to have been driven by many generations of stars forming and exploding in the Galactic Center over the last hundred million years. The key to determining this was to measure the outflows' magnetic fields.

"We did this by measuring a key property of the radio waves from the outflows — their polarisation," said team member Dr Roland Crocker of the Max-Planck-Institut fuer Kernphysik in Heidelberg, Germany, and the Australian National University.

The new observations also help to answer one of astronomers' big questions about our Galaxy: how it generates and maintains its magnetic field. "The outflow from the Galactic Centre is carrying off not just gas and high-energy electrons, but also strong magnetic fields," said team member Dr Marijke Haverkorn of Radboud University Nijmegen in The Netherlands. "We suspect this must play a big part in generating the Galaxy's overall magnetic field." 

The Daily Galaxy via CISRO.com


That looks frightening and inriguing at the same time.

Nice to see The Dish still contributing to science!

Looks like an intergalactic wind is blowing around the galaxy.
Maybe there are also dark high and low pressures zones in the vacuum. Not strong to explain the expansion - the fabric of space is more likely generated by the black holes stretch.

Should it be called dark matter, or invisible non-matter.
Could it be what realigns by magnetic field lines.

"The speed of the outflow is supersonic, about 1000 kilometres a second"

I don't think "Supersonic" is the appropriate word when dealing with these speeds - and in a vacuum.

Kind of like saying - The surface of Europa consists of many pints of water. Editor's Note: good catch, Joe. "HyperSonic" might work better.

Looking at the picture, it kind of looks like propulsion for the entire milky way. Just maybe it has some affect on movement and if it did it may account for dark matter/energy? Just a thought.

More like if all or most galaxys had the same though. Not just ours.

"More like if all or most galaxys had the same though. Not just ours."

Are you an idiot? N.A.S.A is hidding this stuff they've spent servearl years studing mk's magnetic fields. They've seen it way before 2013. The outflows perfectly are aligned with the mk's plane, vertically. The interesting part is that the gamma radiation is doing a curvature. Quasar? What is it? The Magnetic energy is feeding the whole Galaxy. This totally is different from the previews quasars from neirghbor ABHs. Thank God that we're not neither too close the mk's center nor vertically positioned.

That outflow is impressive. Has WMAP, Planck and Fermidecided what was the source?

"One" million supernovae? Wrong, according to our physics and the observable hypernovaes, the original outflows' magnetic fields has at least three million supernovaes power. The 3mg image shows an outflow of 60 or 70 thousand of light years in extension. The Sun therefore our Solar System is not even visible in half of a pixel on this image.

Albert White
you are funny, you remind me of another 10 year old that post in here. Your post really has little to do with what I posted and of all the things NASA might hide, why in the hell would they hide this? Maybe when you hit 13 you will figure it out?

I didn't but I questioned your statement. That event didn't happen ten days ago but thirty thousand years ago, we just are having clues about it today. As far as we know, besides Black Holes, the max propagation speed in the nature is limited to C. The only kid here is you...

Ok.I just do two questions..
will it hit our Solar System?
Aren't we on a safe zone from our SuperMassive Black Hole in the Center and its Giant galactic interactions?? Looks perilously powerful oO

A biophysical professor on my college said that some revelations could shock the humanity. Disclosure of the actual facts is all I want to know. Taxes are feeding these Instituitions thus the facts shouldn't be hidden from taxpayers.

Many believed the galactic haze was dark matter. Now it's proven to be star formation driven, and not black hole driven outflows. The universe is electromagnetic phenomena.

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