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EcoAlert: Fracking North Dakota's Bakken Shale Formation from NASA's Earth Observatory





NASA Earth Observatory's Suomi Satellite captured the night time glow from hundreds of flares from rigs drilled into the Bakken shale oil formation of North Dakota, a 360-million-year-old tectonic plate, creating a light show the size of metropolitan Boston.

Fracking of the Bakken formation has liberated the oil that lies within it, propelling North Dakota to the second-largest oil producing state in the US, behind Texas. Flaring burns off excess natural gas during oil production. The controversial process effectively wastes a natural resource while simultaneously emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. As of 2011, more than 35 per cent of North Dakota's natural gas production was burnt off in flares, by far the highest in the nation, according to a study done by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Image credit Jesse Allen and Robert Simmon/VIIRS/Suomi NPP)


Flaring gas, in this particular case, IS wasteful and a shame, as one of the main reasons it is happening is because of a lack of gas pipelines, which are being delayed primarlly due to a bunch of red tape, usually due to environmental protests and regulations brought about by same. Natural gas is worth money and oil companies don't burn money unless they have no other economically viable choice.

Lets just keep on destroying our environment in the name of making money till there is nothing left to destroy. Sounds like a smart plan to me. The human race deserves every single plague and disease this planet can conjure up for us. Which is why i support war in all its forms. At the very least its a way to support some form of population control.

Lets just keep on destroying our environment in the name of making money

By that, I'm sure you mean using the resources at hand to buy the things humans need to live. Your description is, of course, much more colorful and irrational.

This is the beginning of the end. Pretty soon you will see the entire southwest lit up like that.

Once again the liberals strike! Can't build pipelines to transport the gas and oil because it might harm some little mouse or insect. So now all the oil has to be transported by tanker trucks to rail lines.

Reality and facts never seem to be a part of a liberal's delusions. Why does anyone with more than 2 brains cells even listen to these Luddites? In their ideal world, we should be all living in some stone age 'paradise' (but with an eco-friendly iphone, of course!).

Ah, the name calling and personal insults begin! Hmmm, seems that tells us a little about "The Man," doesn't it?

Interesting comments from the right wings lunatic fringe.
The question is why are we fracking to get that oil out at all?
Its ruining the water tables that exist below, which by my count
is a triple waste of resources. Just ask the people who's water
can burn coming straight out of the faucet. Instead taking just
one of their Billion's of dollars that they made last year and
investing in the future only 100% renewable energy sources,
wind, solar, and geothermal. No, instead they have to after oil
that is trapped under too much earth just to squeeze the last
dollar out of the ground. We need vision for the future, not
clinging to the past. Money is the disease, but what is the cure? What would the Aliens think of a culture that fights wars over oil/energy in a universe full of stars?

wow aint that fracking wonderful?...

Some little mouse or insect Pete? Here in Australia it has been thousands of wallabies, reptiles, frogs etc., many of which have been rescued but many not, during pipeline construction. Considering there are ways to prevent this, I have contacted the construction company commissioned to lay pipes in northern NSW and southeast Queensland four times now, asking how they are planning to mitigate the problem, and as a zoologist with many years of research experience I have been prepared to discuss options to minimise loss, but my attempts at correspondence have met with nothing but silence. Government departments I have contacted simply pass the buck. This does not give me any confidence that environmental considerations are being taken seriously, and I no longer wonder why so any others simply oppose the pipeline and turn to civil disobedience rather than negotiation.

People people people, what is the problem.. oh yeah too many people

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