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'Comment of the Day': "Life is Everywhere. Intelligence is Everywhere."





"Life is everywhere. Intelligence is everywhere. Why do we consider we are worth talking to? Do we consider the worms and grubs that feed in a pile of waste by a roadside to be worth communicating with? Do we send diplomatic expeditions to establish communications with krill? Alien intelligence will be so far beyond us as to be incomprehensible. It hurts our sense of self-importance to think this, but in the same way the worms in the garden or the fleas on our cats aren't aware of us and our great hopes and endeavours, nor are we even remotely aware of the dizzying intelligences which are probably all around us. Where are they? Wrong question. Better, ask how much more we have to evolve and develop before we can begin to detect them. We've not even been intelligent a million years yet. There's a long way to go..."

Sarah Newton

View Original Post: "Did Life First Appear on Alien Worlds 12-13 Billion Years Ago?" --Ask Leading Astrobiologists


Great website! I especially liked today's post. I have long thought that our trying to understand other forms of intelligence, including the Divine Intelligence, is like an ant trying to understand a main frame computer. So, we created the Divine in our own image, woefully short of the mark.

#SoMuchConjecture #Who'sOnFirst?

The whole ant hill analogy used by Dr Kaku and others doesn't really make much sense. Reason being is that an ant hill cannot possibly understand language or relate on a technological level to humans, where as given enough time we would eventually be able to communicate with other intelligent civilizations. Whether it was a pure language barrier or a technological one, we would eventually overcome it and communicate. I think other intelligent beings would be extremely interested in other intelligent life in the universe, just as we are fascinated by it. They would naturally search it out, just as we do.

And what if, by some miracle, we - humans - were the most intelligent species in our galaxy, or even the Universe? Would we pay attention to and respect an alien lifeform that was a microorganism or even a sea slug - simply because it was of extraterrestrial origin? Would we accord it civil rights? Would we try to communicate with it? Understand it? Pass laws to protect it? The point is, if humans don't accord respect to the hundreds of thousands of other species that right now co-inhabit the Earth with us, why would we be likely to accord any respect to ET species we consider to be sub-human? By that same measure, if WE are the sea slugs of the Universe, should we expect higher level ETs to accord any attention and respect to us?

Define "intelligence". Define "higher" and "lower" intelligence. Note that it needn't accompany technology; bats have sonar and ants have agriculture. What if bats had radar and ants had fire? Would they then be intelligent?

Pass the bong.

I think other intelligent beings would be extremely interested in other intelligent life in the universe, just as we are fascinated by it. They would naturally search it out, just as we do.

The human race will only respect alien life if it's clear that they are technologically more advanced, i.e. more powerful and capable to destroy our whole civilization without any effort...

Just my two cents

There comes a point where certain life has to be looked at as intelligent. We would definately fall under that category. We have created so much with out enviroment and resources that it is impossible to ignore. Sure, other animials use available resoures to thier advantage... but there is a huge difference between holding some rocks and sticks together with your spit and creating machinery to manufacure materials.

Theres also music. Other animals sing and go on. But not only do we sing, we have created instruments aid in that music. There is a certain point where you have to draw a line between intelligent and not and any other intelligent being is going to be able to recognise that.

By the way, we do try to communicate with certain "lesser" animals as you would have it. We have taught sign language to APEs and we are constantly trying to communicate better with cats, dogs. There are progams in place to better understand dolphins and sea mamals.

If another intelligent species has the drive a curiosity for them to head out to the stars, much as we have, no doubt they would also have similar curiosity to give us a second look if they discovered us and not write us off as ants in a hill.

edit : "with our enviroment..."

my apologies.

@ John Doe i think your missing a valuable aspect of technological advancement. There comes a point where you achieve a certain level of technology, that takes away the need to compete for resources. The reason we go to war with each other here on this planet, is because we are fighting for control of resources. If your advanced enough to travel the vast distances of space, you have infinite resources and therefore no longer need to fight with yourselves or other beings for control of those resources. Unless of course the need for higher level resources arrives, like control over a natural worm hole as in Star Trek DS9. Once humanity can overcome the need to compete for resources we will be on our way to becoming a valued part of the universe. I'm sure we have already been detected by advanced civilizations (how could they not notice our nuclear testing, we detonated thousands of bombs) they are likely watching us closely to study our development. To see if we are really dumb enough to destroy each other and our planet over religious viewpoints.

Addition to the ants on a hill.. We have studied ants extensively that is how we know what they do.. I guarantee that if we found ants in a hill on Mars we would do a lot more than " oh look, some ants... next planet please "

Maybe we are under "observation" as we speak but are not aware of it. What do we have to contribute to others, our values (or lack thereof) do not necessarily adhere to others. We are stuck in the material, do more evolved beings do the same, is more evolved better or farther than we, could they not have devolved over eons? We evolve to fit our living conditions and change these conditions according to our needs in the process, now and then messing things up. One cannot answer a question not even conceived by others if we don't even know their reasoning.

>Better, ask how much more we have to evolve and develop before we can begin to detect them.

Actually, we've been detecting them for over 65 years. They've been knocking on our door, waiting for us to acknowledge their presence and begin a conversation. They haven't forced the issue, because they know how difficult Contact is for a civilization, but rather are waiting for us to initiate the process. Here's an explanation, and if you have *any* doubt that UFOs and ETs are real, and are here now, then try asking the SETI folks, and NASA, et al., the simple question in this blog post:

(If you're really interested, also see "Would They Talk to Us?" on the same blog.)

Perhaps The Daily Galaxy would consider doing an article about this idea? At the very least, it's certain to generate a lot of interest and controversy...

I would wager that David Attenbourgh is a cult hero on many alien planets.

Thanks for your sharing. Hope you can contribute more quality posts to this page. Thank you!

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