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The 'Galaxy' Comment of the Day: Evolutionary Biologist Richard Dawkins: 'Life Exists Elsewhere in the Universe'




"It has been said that intelligence is of little long term use to sentient species. I believe that is wrong. Intelligence is a great way to get a species to spread to multiple worlds, furthering the survival of the species. Seeds of life spend a lot of time drifting in the wind, or floating on the sea, maybe even traveling randomly through space in a comet or other object. Intelligence is just another method of spreading the seed of life. Why do we try to learn things like quantum physics or cosmology? Nearly everything we do is rooted in the need to survive. Why do we have the instinct to explore the unknown? Because that is what intelligent life is programmed to do. Every urge, desire and need we have has a reason for being. We are a product of the universe. It makes sense that the universe made us as a way for the universe itself to be introspective."

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As Loren Eiseley observed "the riddle of why human beings alone among living creatures have brains capable of abstract thought and are far superior to their mere needs for survival" he believed this was the reason why there were no animals or Human like animals on other worlds.
Though life may well exist elswhere We are absolutely alone in the Cosmos in terms of conscious abstract thought.

It makes sense that the universe made us as a way for the universe itself to be introspective."

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