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In early 2012, Jennifer G. Blank, Ph.D., and colleagues at the Bay Area Environmental Research Institute at the NASA/Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif., set out to check whether amino acids could remain intact after a comet's descent through Earth's atmosphere. Previous analyses of comet dust samples returned to Earth by a NASA spacecraft eliminated any doubt that amino acids do occur in comets.

The team created experiments with powerful laboratory "guns" and computer models that replicated the conditions that existed inside comets that hit Earth's atmosphere at almost 25,000 miles per hour and crashed down upon the surface. The research is part of a broader scientific effort to understand how amino acids and other ingredients for the first living things appeared on a planet that billions of years ago was barren and desolate. Amino acids make up proteins, which are the workhorses of all forms of life, ranging from microbes to people.

"Our research shows that the building blocks of life could, indeed, have remained intact despite the tremendous shock wave and other violent conditions in a comet impact," Blank said. "Comets really would have been the ideal packages for delivering ingredients for the chemical evolution thought to have resulted in life. We like the comet delivery scenario because it includes all of the ingredients for life — amino acids, water and energy."

Comets are chunks of frozen gases, water, ice, dust and rock that astronomers have termed "dirty snowballs." These snowballs, however, may be 10 miles or more in diameter. Comets orbit the sun in a belt located far beyond the most distant planets in the solar system. Periodically, comets break loose and hurtle inward, where they may become visible in the sky.

Billions of years ago, however, swarms of comets and asteroids bombarded Earth with the remnants still visible as craters on the moon. Scientific evidence suggests that life on Earth began at the end of a period 3.8 billion years ago called the "late heavy bombardment" that involved both comets and asteroids. 

Before that, Earth was too hot for living things to survive. The earliest known fossils with evidence of life date from 3.5 billion years ago. So how could life originate so quickly when there was little evidence of water or the amino-acid building blocks for making proteins?

In one set of experiments, Blank and colleagues they used gas guns to simulate the enormous temperatures and powerful shock waves that amino acids in comets would experience on upon entering Earth's atmosphere. The gas guns, devices that weigh thousands of pounds, hit objects with high-pressure blasts of gas moving at supersonic speeds. They shot the gas at capsules filled with amino acids, water and other materials.

The amino acids did not break down due to the heat and shock of the simulated crash. Indeed, they began forming the so-called "peptide bonds" that link amino acids together into proteins. The pressure from the impact of the crash apparently offset the intense heat and also supplied the energy needed to create the peptides, she explained. In other experiments, Blank's team used sophisticated computer models to simulate conditions as comets collided with Earth.

Blank suggested that there may well have been multiple deliveries of seedlings of life through the years from comets, asteroids and meteorites.

The team also used reactive molecular dynamics calculations to simulate the breaking and forming of chemical bonds behind a shock front. They focused on three amino acids (Gly, Pro, Lys) with very different side chain structures.

The Daily Galaxy via American Chemical Society

Image credit: physicsquest



Scientist can come up with a hundred different ways for the origin of life on Earth.

But, God only came up with ONE WAY, he created us.

God wasn't invented until long after life developed on Earth.

This website's comments section is not another kook religious forum. It is a platform for discussing new interesting research and discoveries related to astronomy and astrobiology, etc.

So sad to constantly hear or invoke a creating God.

Animal Hibernation seems like it could somehow be linked to the comet theory, as described above. After seeing how meteors turn into magnetized pieces of heavy iron once they hit earth, it makes alot of sense that comets may have brought water and life to Earth, instead of meteors. Would inexpensive unmanned Kuiper Belt missions be the "cheap" way to do some testing on Icy comets?! Could aliens exist in microbe form inside comets?! If so then they came from somewhere else!? would a comet shield the peptide bonds from a supernova or push it to the next starsystem?

•Where did the comet and the planet come from?
•Were all 20 types of amino acids needed for life created or just a few?
•Were left and right handed amino acids created? If so how would they get separated? (Only left handed amino acids are used for life)
•Amino acids have to be arranged perfectly by type? How could this perfect arrangement happen in an explosion?
•How long were the amino acids present? And how were the amino acids captured? Would this substance exist in a primordial environment?

It's crazy to think this is any proof of evolution, it is just wishful thinking. It's like saying the existence of clay is proof that a brick building happened by accident.

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