Antarctica's 'South Pole Telescope' --"Seeking Clues to a New Physics of the Universe"
Kepler Mission Opens Window on a Galaxy Rife With Small Rocky Planets

Image of the Day: NASA Discover Supercomputer Shows Earth's Volcanic & Fossil Fuel Emission




The NASA's Discover supercomputer simulation shown above displays the aerosols - particles and liquid droplets - suspended in the Earth's atmosphere in vivid colors: Red dust swirls from the surface, blue sea salt is tossed within cyclones, green smoke rises from fires, and white sulphate particles stream from volcanoes and fossil fuel emissions. The image was created using the Goddard Earth Observing System Model, a global atmospheric simulation designed at the Goddard Space Flight Center created to study the climate system.

Credits: William Putman, NASA/Goddard


So are we saying that all of this is coming from the BP Gulf of Mexico spill as the picture shows?

Sadly, anything from Goddard/NASA is suspect now... since the Climategate emails have been released and the corruption of Al Gore and his pal Dr James Hansen have been exposed.

Why include "volcanic emmissions"? Oh, that's right, without volcanic emmissions there would be nothing to see.

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