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Clues to the Origin of Carbohydrates --The Building Blocks of DNA and RNA


In early 2012, organic chemists at the University of York made a significant advance towards establishing the origin of the carbohydrates (sugars) that form the building blocks of life.  A team led by Dr Paul Clarke in the Department of Chemistry at York re-created a process which could have occurred in the prebiotic world.  

"There are a lot of fundamental questions about the origins of life and many people think they are questions about biology. But for life to have evolved, you have to have a moment when non-living things become living -- everything up to that point is chemistry," Clarke said.

"We are trying to understand the chemical origins of life. One of the interesting questions is where carbohydrates come from because they are the building blocks of DNA and RNA. What we have achieved is the first step on that pathway to show how simple sugars –threose and erythrose—originated. We generated these sugars from a very simple set of materials that most scientists believe were around at the time that life began."

All biological molecules have an ability to exist as left-handed forms or right-handed forms. All sugars in biology are made up of the right-handed form of molecules and yet all the amino acids that make up the peptides and proteins are made up of the left-handed form.

The researchers found using simple left-handed amino acids to catalyse the formation of sugars resulted in the production of predominately right-handed form of sugars. It could explain how carbohydrates originated and why the right-handed form dominates in nature.

The Daily Galaxy via University of York


I found it a bit humorous that the scientists claim knowledge of materials that existed at the time when life began.

Who knows.. maybe carbs are the key to our existence. :)

The left handed spiralling of amino acids in liquid water is the result of cosmic radiation from space. This suggests that the code of life that is programmed in DNA comes from the universal umbilicus itself. The evolution of life is falsely assumed to be a result of only chance and survival of the fittest; it is likely that evolution is a process of development for a predetermined future state of the biosphere and all matter on earth and beyond. The ability of human beings to understand this and use their creative power to develop matter within its technological grasp will step the biosphere on to a higher more complex platform that would otherwise not be possible. We are a very important cog in the grand scheme of things.

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